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I mean this honestly,

if you want to keep this site as is split it off from A&H. Just make the link on this site to A&H go off site. that will get people to move. Give the polotics somewhere else to go.

If you are getting too tired, take a goddam break. Get more people.

Get out more, meet people. Do things. Exercise. Get another hobby. Don’t spend all your time on the net. Make a routine. Stick to it.

If you want a family make one!

Listen and follow what @Agricola said to do,
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I don't even get why they would want that. If Twitter was sent down, then we no longer have Twitter-spergs to make fun of, or even a place to do it. Just a complete loss.
Because the people that were happy to let the site burn if section 230 got repealed don't actually give a shit about poking fun at lolcows in this space. They'd have their own place, probably in a small discord (or Gab, if they're really adventurous).

This is part of what null was saying when he mentioned politics is actively killing the site. You have a sizable amount of the population who are far more concerned with "sticking it to the liberals" (specifically in whatever constantly changing, nebulous agenda Trump qualifies it under) than pointing at, and laughing at any idiot here, acting incredibly self-important on the internet. Any collateral is negligible to them, including the forum.


I totally understand Null. You are moving into a different stage of life and your values are changing! I suggest we shut it all down except maybe for CWC, Amberlynn and the beauty parlor. Maybe one or two more really long term prevailing interest cows. And let it get smaller! And get more help with it and maybe even step out completely and let others take it on. Or take it down and those who want to can start a Kiwilynn forum and a Sonichu Farms forum on their own and we will all know where to go for our fix!
Its admireable to be able to admit what is going on internally for you and how things have changed. Go for it buddy! Life is here to be lived and do what fulfills us and our loved ones. Maybe set a deadline before we burn it down in a Fat Fag Lives matter protest and move to our new little homes. Maybe July 4th will be a good time to burn this bitch to the ground! Lol go for it! There is no creation without destruction and no destruction without creation! That’s some Hindi bullshit that sounds good and true. Go forth and prosper and climb over that nuclear family hill #because of Amber Lynn

edit to add: I see and fucking admire what you’ve done here, I would never burn it down unless it was what you wanted lol and it has to be a burning kiwi type deal to honor all of THIS tard cum!


As I see it, there are three types of cows once they become thread-aware.

1. the attention cow: they join the farms, shit up their threads, play the victim about their threads on social media, enjoy any attention they can get, troll us back, and ruin the fun. This type is the worst, pure narcissists that can't be shamed.

2. the terrified cow: they immediately lock all their accounts and delete everything. Their threads die because there's no new content. We rarely find their new alts. This type happens because of the sheer size and popularity of the farms, which only continues to grow. The doxing, while amusing, doesn't help here.

3. the self-aware cow: they realize how exceptional they're behaving, and immediately stop producing fresh milk. Their threads dry up because all their new content is boring. This is probably an act because they meltdown over criticism, but it has the same effect of ruining future amusement.

In all three cases, cows becoming aware of their threads here, either through Google or being tipped off, fundamentally changes their nature and makes them less fun to observe. There's a dozen ways to go about it, but keep cows unaware they're being observed, and the era of the lolcow might return.

None of the above should apply to horror cows that are a danger to society.


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A lot of people seem to fail to understand that A&H is a symptom of the larger culture, not the other way around. Everyone is talking politics more than a few years ago, it's expected that as diverse an online space as KF would have people wanting to get into heated political exchanges- it's happening everywhere else, too. Spinning off A&H will not solve the problem.

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I used to run a website that was moderately popular in the 2000s, and I started it in my late teens. In the beginning, it was a lot of struggling due to my lack of expertise, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Getting new users, seeing new posts and threads, seeing what people were talking about, seeing communities form, I loved it. After a few years, I had become friends with the people I made into moderators, a lot of the community knew me and I knew almost all the active users on some level. It was honestly probably the most fun I've had online in my life. Eventually, the website got too big for me, and it escaped me. As time went on, the old guard started to leave one by one, and they were replaced with people I had very little interest in catering to. I got older and I started to get on the website less and less, and the frequency of stupid shit being posted by idiots on the site pissed me off more and more. It was growing, but not on a scale that made me happy. Business was booming, but it felt hollow and unfulfilling.

I ran my website for 7 years until I started seriously thinking about it in the long term. "Is this something I want to be doing when I'm in my 30s?" "Do I really want to have to deal with this when I've got a family?" "Do I get any enjoyment out of this anymore?" and the more and more I thought about it, the answer was overwhelmingly no. The breaking point for me came when my last "old guard" moderator told me he had to quit, and that his sentiments echoed mine. It wasn't fun anymore. We were getting old, and the community we loved had been largely replaced with one that we couldn't relate to anymore. All of the people I considered my friends, the people who were apart of "my community" were gone. and I feel like when something you run is no longer fun to you, it's time to end it.
At some point in time, I had these lofty ideals that I'd keep it running forever. I was big on the "I'll always provide people with a place where their dipshit opinions won't be censored!" I prided myself in the fact that I never needed to take money, my ads had never been intrusive, etc, but in the end it doesn't matter. A majority of the users don't give a shit, they don't give a shit how hard you work, the sleepless nights you spend logged into the server trying to fix things, adding features, or how you never sold out, you stuck to your guns, keept the website up at a monetary detriment to yourself, whatever. They don't care. The website is just a distraction to them, and if it goes away, they'll find a new distraction. Most people on the internet don't see internet community building as something worth their time and something they should protect and enjoy; they just see websites as a free place to shitpost and call people niggers.

It's been a while since I shut down my website. I'll occasionally think about something funny that people posted, something that became a meme on the website, or a user who pissed people off a lot, the list goes on. While there are times I wish I could go back to being 20 and chatting with my mods and the well known users on IRC about dumb shit, I don't regret shutting it down. It was a product of its time, and everyone moved on. Sometimes it's best to let good things remain in the past.

I'm by no means a poweruser on the Farms, I mostly just use the site to occasionally talk shit about Ethan Ralph, Metokur, or some other niche internet retards and occasionally lurk in some choice cow threads. If the Farms were to go offline forever, I'd be bummed about it for a bit, but I'd go about my life and very little to nothing would change. As would it for everyone on here. Maybe it's time you went about doing the same. It's not selfish to put yourself first for once. Nobody would blame you, and if they do, fuck them. You've provided them with free entertainment for years, and you owe them nothing. The internet is a hell of a lot of fun, but not once has shitposting ever been worth more than a fulfilling real life.

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Find someone that cares about ya, you’ve earned it and it will help with the cloud over your head.

I would say, from my limited life experience, to just bring on a few mods, even if only for a temporary period so you can take vacations. That might be just the thing you need to do in order to get some breathing room.

For what it is worth the A&H section was the only hit I had on Google when looking up what the hell was going on with impeachment that had something other than “Trump bad” (with document links to boot!). Don’t spin it off, you’ll only make things harder for yourself. If you start doing that, any section or topic suddenly becomes a temptation to spin off into a different site once it becomes filled with whatever mainstream idiocy takes hold in the public.

I wouldn’t gladly throw the site under the bus just to own the libs, or for any reason for that matter. I know what I said about Trump’s EO on Section 230 looking more on the investigative side imo so let me make this clear: If things looked like they were gonna go south for free speech I would be right there with ya, even if only to flip off the bastards one last time before the end. Don’t drop the free speech flag. If you need help carrying it, there are hands willing to help.

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Hey Null, I just wanted to say I understand your points completely and that to not stress about KF so much. I know you've husbanded this site from the very beginning - it ain't easy to keep a ship like this afloat for so long, especially when every troon and cow documented here wants to ALLAHU ACKBAR you and the site to kingdom come. It's changed your life and with age, adjusting to that kind of change is hard work.

But you know what comes with hard work? The reward of knowing that the Farms - no matter how maligned its name - stands solidly against the redditards, the twitter sperg brigade and the social media zombies who would drown out our world in irrelevance. The Farms is the refuge that keeps us sane against the tide of cheap faggotry out there.

So Null, I know another voice isn't worth much now, but I just want you to know: you done good, son, you done good.

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1. You can shut down the farms and another community will raise. Its not that big of deal. Shut it down, legally change your name and get a job.
2. You're broke, unlikable and socially challenged. Good luck finding your mate.
3. As for your "mood": someone recommended that you should seek God, I think you should try ayahuasca.
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is it time to give Null his own lolcow thread as he descents into full blown retardation? how can he have a family when he's on record saying he cant cum and gets no feeling out of sex? LOL
he would have to adopt or take a woman that has a child already making him a complete cuck
I can already picture Null begging his wife's husband to stop taking the chicken tendies from the freezer while her half wife is giving birth to her fourth African-decendant son
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Since I lurk far more than I post, and in specific areas of the site, I'm not sure what to say but this site has been a place where I could witness more widespread discussions about controversies in areas like video games that I couldn't so easily talk about elsewhere BESIDES private circles of friends. I feel like if it was completely shut down it would be a shame. But, everyone has a life. I can only say, if you want to have fun, there are many ways to do it. Personally I set goals for myself, like getting older videogames I never played but wanted to out of the way, or just kicking back and watching old movies. Fun is what you make of it.
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Unfortunately, the clock is ticking
If you want to leave then do so but leave the site as is. I'm sure that there are some competent people that could maintain farms while you chase your ideal life.


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Let's be honest, boyfriend-free girls & boys. You'd fuck the shit out of this.
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Look at those beautiful blue eyes. LOOK AT THEM.
He's the same guy who went on a rant in chat about how a female user made him so frustrated he wanted to impregnate her and then personally give her an abortion. I gotta be honest, that's enough to turn off most women right there.
Or just prune down the Kiwifarms and just have threads on celebrity cows. These cows are the best because the milk never stops with them.
your threads not coming down ken
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