"I’m not ‘too fat’ to be a doll" Bullied as a teen, she describes herself as a 'living art doll -

Bunny Tracks

Nothing equals the splendor
I don't think she looks too bad. Her makeup looks good for what she's going for, but they should not be taking anywhere near twelve hours to complete. She could probably do a lot better in the industry if she learned to speed up her skills, and didn't post whining articles on the internet.
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Still looks fat to me. I guess it’s art, really fucking bad, useless art, but art. Fat artS, FARTS. Wow
most art is really bad and fucking useless. That is the default base state for art. Somehow we have been brainwashed and conditioned to think art in and of itself is something special, without any examination for quality. And from that flawed premise we get shit like “performance art” and such. Which really should be an embarrassment to all involved.

Android raptor

50% android, 50% raptor, 100% autistic
I'm not sure how she's different than any of the other millions of living doll/creepy cute instathots but at least it's a pretty harmless creative outlet.
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