Im scared (major cry warning) 05/03/20 -


She is a risky patient for anesthesia, and conscious sedation is probably more appropriate. An interesting aside, some people think of CT, MRI, interventional procedures are just like having a chest X-ray or a dental x-ray. When the procedure is explained, some decide that they do not want it anymore and cancel.
i’m sure she’d end up backing out and come up with some excuse about why she can’t have her tumah diagnosed

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Not common, but it is done on young children or adult with learning disabilities who can’t stand still for that long. Some adults may need it if they can lie still for the procedure.
People like that can't help it... I wouldn't laugh at them for that when it's necessary

But its noones fault but amberlynn's that she's like this!
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If we assume that Amber could fit on an MRI, then can she stay still, flat on her back for 45-60 minutes during the scan? If she can't there is always anesthesia, but I am not sure if they would do it on her. Would she accept to have contrast media (Gadolinium) injected through an IV after being read the possible side effects? Would she sign the consent form? Finally, pay over $2-3k for the pleasure.
I wonder when the last time she actually laid on her back was. Or her stomach. Can't imagine being upright 24/7.

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A 1500 calorie diet is difficult for a normal person with a normal appetite to keep. No way she succeeds in this.
We're about the same height, and we have about the same activity level. If she got to a healthy weight she probably would be eating around that as a calorie budget since she's short. R.I.P. Amberlynn lol
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