I’m So Mad At Myself | Day 4 (5/11/2020) - Operation Curvycaloriies Continues (Poorly)


Save yourself the 16 minutes.

- Blames her very recent overeating on "triggering" foods like Hot Cheetos.
- Updated her weight in WW to get the "proper" number of points, which is now 66 a day.
- Weigh-in for May 1st = 498.0. (Still has goals, which don't matter because there's no way in hell this'll continue much longer.)
- 7.6 pounds down in April
- Fuck you if you have a problem with her talking about food so much, it's HER channel and now it's...

- Gardein Italian Saus'age and Pasta Bowl - 10 points
- Brown Rice Cakes with Chive-n-Onion Cream Cheese and Buffalo Chicken slices - 9 points
("I know how to tare THAT scale, I don't know how to tare a NORMAL scale" - Sure, Jan.)

- Waddlyn the Dog. "I forgot I have tennis shoes."
- Changed outfits because DaintyLynn was "SUPER REVEALED", but apparently didn't mind during two food seshes.
- HamberLynn proves she can touch her toes (despite not being able to see them, nor does it matter since she can't reach her ass for wipin')

- Two beef-n-bean burritos - 17 points

JUMP CUT to ANGRY-AT-SELF admission that she got Dairy Queen and overate and feels SO BAD YOU GUISE.
- Dairy Queen - unknown points

Requests shelf-ass-pats for being HONEST!

Future installments of Operation Curvycaloriies may contain "multiple days in one video". But who knows with TimeLordLynn at the wheel almost two weeks ago.


Yeah, once again we have almost 2 week old content.
Since this we've had Pizza Hut binges, alcohol, hangovers, McDonalds and a weigh-in she refused to disclose.
So, she's likely a lot fatter that 498... Girl can gain a lot in 2 weeks.

Why can't she just admit she's failed and give up already? At this point it'd be so much easier to eat herself to death.


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Future installments of Operation Curvycaloriies may contain "multiple days in one video". But who knows with TimeLordLynn at the wheel almost two weeks ago.
So will this be a repeat of last year's "100 days of weighing in" where she would lump a bunch of weigh ins into one video and we got to spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling?

Also that is the fakest "mad at myself" I've ever seen. Her fake crying is more believable. She should have tried that instead.


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Lets think about the dairy queen scene-
So Ambers at home like always:

Either Becky went to her mom's and called amber on the way home
Amber sent her to get it. (The correct answer)

3rd option which isn't likely is E&R were out and got it for her.

Now if you are becky and ur 500+ gf who "has lost 70lbs" asks for fast food for absolutely no reason at that point you say no. I'm also confused because I thought amber said her and becky had a serious talk where Becky is supposed to stand up to her about getting her food.

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Do you know what kind of train this is?
It looks like she removed some highly liked comments calling her out and mentioning her streams/timeline manipulation. I have a feeling that its only a matter of time before she sets up an autofilter or forces thumby to moniter comments for her. Amber has said/done alot of things in those streams that she'd rather have people not know of.


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her ankle balls were the highlight of the video
Yeah, those ankleballs are insane...my brain just cannot process what I'm seeing. Big Al would make more money if she just went ahead and joined the circus, taking her proper place as Queen Fat Lady.

PS-I know the ankleballs aren't gonna cut it for the "show yer laggghhhs" folks, but they're more than enough for me. Yuck

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All I heard was a lot of bullshit excuses:

There are triggering foods in the house & foods she shouldn't have but in "these times" it would be wrong to waste them. Riiight.

BUT - she wants to learn to eat them in moderation. How about saving that for when you have any kind of a grip on your eating?

Guilt isn't fun. Odd - she doesn't strike me as too bothered.

I still think she's giving herself way too many points & they're not a target to aim for but an upper limit.

Scary times. Yeah, she really looks & acts terrified about CoVD, doesn't she? She should be. WHEN she catches it, she's toast. If by some miracle she pulls through, she'll owe her shrivelled soul to whatever hospital is stuck treating her. None of those interventions for CoVD come cheap.

3-4 days of cooking for herself is a lot of cooking? Please!

There's a bad aura around TV dinners for good reasons. They're loaded with sugar, sodium, preservatives & other crap.

Wonder how Becky feels about sitting like a ventriloquist's dummy & having makeup put on? Did she ask her? I would have laughed if Becky kept loudly objecting, forcing Amber to try & film that bit, over & over.
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Proof she's lying about her weight, assuming this website is accurate. She should actually be getting ten points less than she claims to be allowed. Of course, I tried calculating what her actual weight would have to be to be allowed 66 points a day but the site won't let me go over 500 pounds.