I’m So Mad At Myself | Day 4 (5/11/2020) - Operation Curvycaloriies Continues (Poorly)


Haven't stabbed anyone all day
- Gardein Italian Saus'age and Pasta Bowl - 10 points
- Brown Rice Cakes with Chive-n-Onion Cream Cheese and Buffalo Chicken slices - 9 points

- Two beef-n-bean burritos - 17 points

JUMP CUT to ANGRY-AT-SELF admission that she got Dairy Queen and overate and feels SO BAD YOU GUISE.
- Dairy Queen - unknown points
She is eating unhealthy foods if they are that many points in WW. Usually , that means it either has a ton of fat (Looking at you, Gardein) or a lot of sugar. People can eat entire meals for 5-7 points. I also have a hard time believing that is ALL she ate in a day. LAHS!

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
while trying the vegan pasta and meatballs: "it tastes like that sausage you get on pizza"

she doesn't even like pizza but our gorl just learned what italian seasoning is!! good job amber!!

while saying she's so mad at herself for overeating and getting dairy queen she's all smiles which is totally normal

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.55.43 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.56.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.56.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.57.49 AM.png
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My other name was Maggot
Proof she's lying about her weight, assuming this website is accurate. She should actually be getting ten points less than she claims to be allowed. Of course, I tried calculating what her actual weight would have to be to be allowed 66 points a day but the site won't let me go over 500 pounds.
It looks like every ten pounds equals a point. If she is claiming she 'needs' 66 points, then she must actually be somewhere at or above 560, otherwise eating at 66 points rather then what it says for what weight she is claiming (497 pounds being 56 points) will only cause her to gain.


A Dispeckful Piece of Shit
If she does have BED like she claims, she needs to see an ED specialist therapist, not just a random hick doctor from Nowhere, Kentucky. Eating disorders are extremely complicated and often times regular therapists who mostly treat people with depression or anxiety aren't fully capable of helping someone in a state as bad as hers. But finding someone like that takes effort and we all know our gorl doesn't like doing anything that requires mildly going out of her way

Turd Fergusson

She complains about "triggering food" in the house, but why did she buy them in the first place. If you know that some food will make you overeat and you are trying to diet, you would think that you would not purchase them. Unfortunately, Amber does not accept to be restricted in any way, so there is no way she would not buy them. The DQ, the pizza and alcopop and whatever else she did not tell us about were not purchased during her grocery haul.

Captain Ahab

She’s gonna have loose skin on her legs hanging down to the floor. Bitch gonna be stepping on her loose skin when she walks. Congrats on setting yourself up for years of weightloss followed by endless attempts by plastic surgeons to fix your body, only for you to end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster. Hope them orange chickens were worth it.