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I am receiving an error uploading images. Just a few minutes ago I uploaded one just fine, but the second gives errors, even with "ignore warnings" checked.

Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory

Error code: 127
MediaWiki does in fact create the File: page , and does upload the actual image itself.

File page with error -
Actual image -

While fiddling, I noticed that sometimes when I "Choose image...", a thumbnail will not be created before I submit. I presume that is where the error is happening. If I make sure it creates the thumbnail, an image uploads fine, of course. Scratch that. Sometimes it fails anyway.

Re-uploading the same image over the broken one, even if I allow the thumbnail to load, doesn't fix the problem. Deleting the busted image I uploaded would work as a temporary fix, but I don't have access to do so.

Correcting this error might fix some of the other thumbnail errors that are happening on various pages.
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