Important: Do not donate money to Phil

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Aug 5, 2019

Donate money now.

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Feb 23, 2019
I feel like this thread is one sided, so I'm bringing some positivity in DSP's defense. Look at his Twitch bans track record, all of them swiftly reversed by the leading platform for streamers and gamers. Could this mean that this man's favourite motto, "I did nothing wrong", was correct all along?

Do the average, that is lightning speed reaction from Twitch, and don't forget that this doesn't even count the latest ban since he was unpartnered. Pretty impressive in comparison with other renowned content creators:




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Jan 10, 2018
Honestly who gives a fuck if these idiots donate to Phil. If you think about it, deep down they want to donate to Phil because they truly believe in him and hope he does well. They hide it with insults because they are like a school boy hitting a girl and laughing, but then back at home saying to themselves they like the girl. Now what I don't condone is charging back or other gay-ops because it makes all detractors look villainous (some of us are) and sad fucks trying to ruin his life. Now if that happens then oh well, and it gives me a good laugh seeing these people failing at trolling Phil with losing chargebacks or gay-ops. But seriously telling people not to donate is like telling a kid not to put their finger in the light socket. The kid will put their finger in the light socket just to spite you. But those idiots who are donating and reading this, just think what you could have bought with your money instead of trolling Phil, some weed, beer, a candy bar, or dare I say a Wolverine figure,


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Mar 2, 2020
The replies have been interesting for this that's for sure. Context to my joke, every time troll tipping comes along people throw shitfits in Reddit, YouTube comments, and even our dear Kiwi Farms. I personally think it's stupid to get upset at what other people do with their money, though I don't condone giving it to DSP I understand the weenish allure of maybe one day wearing the pig down or seeing if you can get him to say nigger live.

The problem is unless you are the owner of the platform he's making his money off of, there isn't anything you can do to him that won't be a mere moments worth of annoyance. Tevin is lightning in a bottle to be able to get under DSP's skin, and only then because DSP understands that he benefits off of hatewatchers donating to fuck with him just as much as he makes off his speds. Tevin and other channels are doing what DSP can't seem to work the math out on, is how to make his content palatable to people who hate him, and it keeps him up at night that he's bleeding out revenue.

That said, if you're here hoping for some righteous vengeance to come down and strike the Goutlord down midstream and those troll tippers salt your biscuits because they keep Phil from getting his comeuppance, you're just as bad ethically as the troll tippers. Would I invite DSP out for a beer? No, he's obnoxious and entitled. Is he bad? Yeah, but essentially he's not hurting anyone. His wheelchairs aren't starving themselves to death to keep DSP going, they are just giving him their disposable income much in the same vein as anybody on the internet who funds an internet personality with just the added context that DSP is spouting half truths about how dire his financial situation is. He's a lying asshole yes, but he's so transparent with his lying that even his retards are in on the running gag that DSP claims to be a clusterfuck of a human who can barely make ends meet on $120k a year and nobody takes what he says seriously anymore. It's like being mad at a homeless drunk man and the people that give him money, they know he's going to spend it on booze but continuing to give someone a chance to fix themselves makes them feel like a good person even if the drunkard will never get his life together, and the drunk isn't living this amazing life for all the money coming in he's still living on the same sidewalk covered in his own piss.

TL : DR Stop weening and A-logging and worrying about if people are weening and A-logging. Just enjoy the sights and sounds of the ruse cruise of watching the un-emptiable wallet vs the unfillable bank account and watch a human cockroach scurry on the internet from platform to platform as people finally notice and try to step on him.

Apr 23, 2018
definitely dont go to my twitch and donate more money to me than phil makes. cause thatll piss him off so much guys >.> <.< >.>