LISTEN &/OR BELIEVE IMPORTANT: Social Autopsy versus Randi Lee Harper and Zoe Quinn -


  • Zoe Quinn & Randi Lee Harper

    Votes: 20 18.7%
  • Social Autopsy

    Votes: 87 81.3%

  • Total voters


Gamers, there is internet drama you need to know about.

Randi "Meth Whale" Lee "Child Abuser" Harper wrote a big long cry on Medium about Social Autopsy.

Zoe "FIVE GUYS" Quinn apparently reported Social Autopsy to Kickstarter's campaign and got them kicked off instead of kick started.

Now, Social Autopsy is crying that Zoe Quinn misrepresented them to the CBC and they want :cans: PUNITIVE DAMAGES :cans:

So.. the question is..

Who do we side with as the one true face of Gamergate?

Mashed Potato Grenade

I wonder who the real autists are
The irony of it all is so rich, it's giving me diabeetus.

Before launching the kickstarter, Owens had an interview where she painted herself as a complete victim and how unfair is that some high-schoolers were not suspended after saying racial slurs and death threats to her -- which is the reason she's launching the project.

Now kickstarter suspended the project and there are dozens of threads with racial slurs and death threats.
Reactions: Dork Of Ages


Cole Blooded
I dunno about you autismo's but I'm a laff at both groups.

This shit is pretty funny. thinks this Social Auto reeeeks of troll. Well done troll but troll never the less.
The screenshot from above makes me think it is a troll op but if it is that's the only real hint. More likely someone just grabbed anything with "cyber bully" in it.

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