IN couple flees from sociopathic Ukrainian dwarf they adopted -


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Remember when the U.S. got banned from adopting children from Russia because one couple accidentally left a baby on a plane?

Someone needs to fake that in Ukraine.
Mostly it was cases like the Mark Newton and Peter Truong case. Other countries did not have sufficient safeguards to prevent Russian children being adopted by child molesters.

Lissamine Green

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Dwarf-abusing dad has turned himself in. Autist-exploiting mom hasn't yet done the same.

Stephanie Santiago shared a link.
September 17 at 8:33 PM
Just received word : DONATION LINK BELOW
URGENT: We are seeking to immediately raise funds for a retainer fee in order to obtain a lawyer for Kristine Barnett. She currently has a warrant out for her arrest and is in desperate need of a lawyer in order to fight these allegations. Kristine has tirelessly advocated for the rights of all children. She has spent her life specifically focused on ensuring safety, education, acceptance, and recognition of the talents of individuals with autism spectrum. In early 2019 she began to travel the country to meet with families and communities where abuse of ASD children was occurring. She began to advocate and raise awareness of the abuse, restraint, and seclusion of these children. Kristine spoke out in person and spread her message via My Voice for Their Voice. In the spring, she began receiving threats, warning her to stop. As of Thursday, The State of Indiana as well as the media have claimed that Kristine adopted a child, abandoned the child, and fled the country. This as well as news of her arrest, before a warrant was served have been spreading through out the world via news. Long before allegations arose Kristine had explained what occurred. She and her (now former) husband had been scammed by an adoption agency. An individual who was brought here by the agency in 2008 was adopted to the Barnett family in 2010, after having spent time with other families. She had dwarfism and severe mental health issues, including psychosis. She posed as an 8 yr old child at the time. After drs. evaluations it was determined that the individual was actually an adult. Kristine has submitted the drs report to the media. As well as at the time, the Barnetts had submitted this information to the state. At the time the state accepted the documents as valid. Kristine even reports that the state conducted thorough investigations and also came to the same conclusion. Through appeal to the courts, her age was legally changed to that of an adult. The Barnetts helped the individual while she was in and out of mental health institutions. After sometime it was decided that she was able to live independently, as long as she remained under a drs supervision. The Barnetts helped her obtain housing, as they could no longer have her in the home. They had endured physical attack and feared for their safety. They did not flee the country, to escape any legal issues or wrongdoing, as the media has alleged. Kristine and her family moved to Canada after Jacob, the oldest son, a young physics prodigy, was offered a fellowship at a prestigious university there. Kristine still has two boys at home, who need their mom. So many special needs families greatly rely on her experience and knowledge in implementing the Spark. Without proper legal counsel she is in danger of being arrested and imprisoned for these false allegations. Please consider donating right away.
Please follow this link to donate. You can find Donate to the case at the bottom of the product page


  • Andrea Ashton The attack is so blatant.....I woke up this morning to Trolls posting links of these false allegations on all my posts where Kristine was tagged. I was shocked. I see you Kristine, and know that the truth will prevail.
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  • Mandy Nash
    Mandy Nash
    We all know the kind, gentle, true heart of this woman. She goes above and beyond for all our children, believing in them and showing us exactly what they are capable of when "professionals" fill us with all they will NEVER be able to do! She has given us hope, love & encouragement when we couldn't find it anywhere else & her faith in our children has been proven true, time and time again. Just look at all our kids are accomplishing after learning their Spark!
    They are happily progressing Without the harmful things pushed on us by those that diagnose and "treat'! Without the harms of ABA! Without tons of anti-psychotic meds!
    Anything she has ever earned, she has put right back into our children, into our community!
    We need to stand up and speak up for her!!
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  • Bianca Smith
    Bianca Smith
    What awful news to read. I don’t know Kristine personally but her life seems to be an open book and complete testament of how much of herself, her life and her soul she has put into helping others over all the years. It’s terrible that people set out to try and destroy her goodness 😢😢


liar. obviously
has photos of the kid

edit to avoid double post: i kind of believe that the parents believe that she is a psycho and an adult. any adoption coming out of that region of the world is immediately suspect that the kid is broken beyond repair in one manner or another.

the kid may not be old but could be enough of a psycho that one could convince oneself that no child could be that irretrievably broken.
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Lissamine Green

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has photos of the kid

edit to avoid double post: i kind of believe that the parents believe that she is a psycho and an adult. any adoption coming out of that region of the world is immediately suspect that the kid is broken beyond repair in one manner or another.

the kid may not be old but could be enough of a psycho that one could convince oneself that no child could be that irretrievably broken.
On the other hand, the mom is so obviously a narcissistic twat. I am torn. Maybe it could be both.


liar. obviously
I am going to deep power level here BUT I have a point. I was in foster care and I was very emotionally disturbed. the foster care system runs the gamet from 'in it for the check, forcing the females to bath in front of me is just icing on the cake' to fairly well intentioned but yes, ego driven, idiots like this. they took the freshly abandoned, can't walk kid directly to Disneyland (or something).

kids (like rescue dogs) need time to decompress. most foster kids will NEVER accept a foster as 'family' and that is a GOOD thing because family means danger and pain to kids in the system. treat them like this family did, showering them with expensive shit will immediately a: make them distrust you (what will you do to make the kid pay for it) and b: turn you into a mark for a kid that's savvy enough to have not died so far. they likely do do really well with autistic kids.

When I was reading it, I believed them. I may eat these words later and it may have to do with rooming with literal fucking psychopaths but, i believe them. I also feel sorry for the kid being a midget and being from a country that's only hope for many children is to be basically sold to other countries. what other options are there for the kid really?

Bunny Tracks

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I honestly don't know who to believe in this situation. Maybe it's just me, but something seems off with this kid's face. Sometimes she looks like this.

And then sometimes she looks like this.

To me, in the first picture her face just looks too old to be that of a child's, but in the second one she looks just fine. She does look rather small, though, but that could be explained by her just being malnourished and having her growth stunted, or she could just be naturally short.

I don't know. I feel like this one could go either way.


"They also claimed she tried to seduce the husband."

That's a huge red flag for molestation. That's exactly how Humbert Humbert justifies his kiddy diddling, and he's fictional, but based on reality. And successfully getting a child's legal age adjusted upwards would make it regular rape instead of child rape... Am I going too dark here? These people seem SUPER FUCKING NUTS
That's literally the fucking plot of the movie Orphan.
Holy unbelievable, Batman

Oskar Dirlewanger

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Ukrainians are the caucasian equivalent of hindus, only their mutations seem to be less extravagant.
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Bunny Tracks

Nothing equals the splendor
She clearly has a form of deforming dwarfism even if she's not a child.
According to this, she does have a form of dwarfism, and going by the doctor's finding, is not a child, and was diagnosed with a sociopathic personality disorder. Also no one can seem to find her now.

Scary to say, but I think the parents were right in this case, and this is the real life version of the movie Orphan.
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I also feel sorry for the kid being a midget and being from a country that's only hope for many children is to be basically sold to other countries. what other options are there for the kid really?
Not trying to be funny: Circuses or carnivals used to be real options for people like this girl/woman. Now they're basically just screwed. It's depressing.
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liar. obviously
apparently,, somewhere in the article comments, someone claims dwarf girl is on Facebook, with another family and looks much older. I don't even know how one would find tuat profile of hers but damn, I hope it's found before she nukes it


"He who dies with the most stories, wins."
Along with the movie Orphan, this reminds me of a 1936 story by horror-author Arthur Machen: "Bright Boy."

An Edwardian-English slacker scores a dream job as personal live-in tutor to a precocious little boy, whose parents have vaguely sinister backgrounds. He goes to live with them in a Welsh-borders estate, where he marvels at the child's ability to learn quickly and use knowledge creatively. But the tutor notices that something isn't right about the household, and is alarmed when a local girl is raped by an unknown assailant. He figures that the slimy Dad is responsible, and although he loves the brilliant little boy and doesn't want to abandon him to the family, he fears what might happen to him if Pops catches on to his suspicions. So he flees.
Many years later, he notices a news story about the family in the papers. It seems all three of them are on trial for some grievous crime, and that investigators have determined the trio isn't a "family" at all, but three sociopathic, degenerate criminals who've committed outrages across the globe for decades under the guise of being a "typical English family" -- sometimes employing "tutors" to provide cover and enhance the ruse. The "little boy" is actually a childlike dwarf of 60 or so who's their ringleader and most evil member; they've been found out because the "mom," who's actually the dwarf's lover, got tired of his endless sexual escapades -- voluntary and otherwise -- with other women, started talking, and got them all busted.

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