IN couple flees from sociopathic Ukrainian dwarf they adopted -

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Here's the episode:

Interesting. Natalia does seem believable here. The Barnett’s have always seemed off to me (especially Christina).

As far as her living alone for a year, it’s not completely implausible. I’ve seen plenty of kids from dysfunctional homes that have had to cook, clean, etc. on their own due to absentee parents.

I realize the story sounds iffy on both sides, but we will probably never know the truth. I’m hoping the woman claiming to be the bio mother is DNA tested, even though it won’t prove anything if she’s not the mother because she will just be labeled a fame seeker.


has photos of the kid

edit to avoid double post: i kind of believe that the parents believe that she is a psycho and an adult. any adoption coming out of that region of the world is immediately suspect that the kid is broken beyond repair in one manner or another.

the kid may not be old but could be enough of a psycho that one could convince oneself that no child could be that irretrievably broken.
Not sure if its because I've worked with dwarfism, but I would put that child as a teenager in the pictures shown.
They state in some news articles she may have a form of dwarfism known as spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita .

Adult height is 3 to a little over 4 feet so fits the size of the age she was thought to be.

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