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Can we include cows that never had a thread on the Farms?

When I first joined this place, I was surprised their were no threads on either Spax3 or Sonmanic. They're antics do predate Kiwi Farms, but both of them were legendary cows back in the day.

From what I can tell, both of them became bronies, and they sort of fucked off. Spax3 still has Deviant Art and Youtube accounts that he's fairly active on, and he even got himself an autistic girlfriend. Sonmanic has a Youtube account where he occasionally posts, but his videos are nothing interesting or about the Sonic Movie he tried for years to make. Both of them stopped being funny though, and everybody stopped following them.


All right time for me to drop some classic 'cows here!

tinaecmusic / Kristina "Tina" Elizabeth Chen

Known for making really horrible videos of her tone-deaf singing (over regular CD quality tracks so she just sings over the regular singer, similar to what CWC does). Appears to be a downie of some sort, obviously some kinda retard. Perez Hilton would constantly troll her (he has his own thread already). She'd make angry reply videos to anyone who hated on her, also infamously had a dating video, a video flashing her tits, then an apology video for that. And even some original songs, which she had on her MySpace.

She seems to have disappeared completely off the internet. Some of her videos got saved and reuploaded, but some are seemingly gone forever, such as her "talk show" where she'd talk about music and video games she liked, as well as her video about the Swine Flu which was hilarious.

Some channels that reuploaded her content:



Osama bin Ladkin
Hayden Black (the Gen Zed guy)...pulled a successful exit scam and rode off into the sunset. He got away with it probably because he doesn't crave attention on the same level other grifter cows do. I don't lose sleep over it or think he needs to be "brought to justice" somehow either, considering his marks were loathsome shitheads who deserved to be parted with their money.