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Plagued Incels.is (Previously known as /r/incels)Subreddit's banned, entitled Manchildren whine about why they can't get laid.

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Steve Mayers, Jul 8, 2016.


If you really had to who would you sex?

  1. An incel

  2. A friendzone candidate

  3. A hooker

  4. Chad

  5. Stacy

  6. Tyrone

  7. Blackops2cel

  8. Lysol

  1. dmp.png

    Oh Pedro, Pedro, Pedro... stop worrying so much about "success" and just enjoy life.
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    #6181 Fangsofjeff, Aug 9, 2018
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    Fangsofjeff ♡ chromosomally enhanced ♡

  2. looksmaxxing is sooo 2013 puahate bullshit nonsense, the 2020s are going to be all about cuckmaxxing

    I honestly think it'd be better for the incels to go the other direction and start trying to be more cucky if they want want long-term relationships, it would work much better. I think chads are reseverved for high-estrogen periods.

    I think they even did a study on this, they showed women a series of couples and asked them to choose the ones they liked better. When women's hormones peaked they thought that couple where the man was much larger and had much broader shoulders looked better, however the rest of the time women preferred couple where the man was much closer in size to the woman.

    Incels are going the wrong way entirely, cuckmaxxing seriously, unironically is the future.
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  3. While many women do prefer "cucky" looking guys, for some reason they tend not to get as much attention as the "Chads". It could just be a supply and demand thing; if "cucks" are plentiful and "Chads" are not, the women who want "cucks" will find happy relationships easily and women who want "Chads" will often be left thirsting and browsing dating sites.

    What would cuckmaxxing even entail?
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  4. those two groups are basically the same women at different periods of time, male and female preferences both change slightly depending on circumstance, sexuality isn't quite written in stone

    studies have found that men who are hungry are more likely to find overweight women attractive, look it up

    women's preference for masculinity peaks during high estrogen periods and mellows out during periods of lower estrogen

    opening your mouth really wide while getting pictures taken seems to help
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  5. The fat girl is realistic. 1/10 is such a low standard even an incel could make it.
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  6. inceel.png
    Seriously, what's up with this trend of larpers pretending to be edgy incels? Pedro had a cute girlfriend before and he has rejected girls for being too ugly. He's like Nathan: just a nutter who wants to hurt people and realized that the incel community is pretty accepting of that. Here's an old pic of Pedro and his ex gf.
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  7. Someone posted this on Reddit and the comments contain this incredible thread:

    Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.34.43 PM 2.jpg
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  8. Wait, what? That's a pretty regular looking guy with a pretty regular looking girl.

    What the shit HAPPENED?
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    Lord of the Large Pants

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  9. They missed the point of the meme. It's actually this.
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"

  10. I think you might be mistaking the motivations of incels. Contrary to what the media presents, they aren't just angry they aren't getting laid, they're angry they aren't getting laid within ideal relationships.

    That doesn't mean some 33 year old who has "hit the wall" and is willing to settle with them. They want a 8/10, mid teens to early 20s girl who will put them at the centre of their world, who will do what they want them to do, and will have sex when and however he likes it. Kind of like mixing a romance high school anime and a hardcore pornographic film together.

    Therefore, assuming they understand what you're saying about hormones, they will still be angry because they want her to love them like she loves Chad every day of the goddamn month. They don't want to be seen as the "Beta Bux" guy she settles with. Mr. Good Enough. Marriage Material. They'd rather tear her heart of her chest Temple of Doom Style than be that. They want to be Chad and since they believe they can't be Chad, they're going to just give up on life.

    And to be fair, I can't blame them too much for not wanting to "cuckmax" as you say. Who'd want to act like a soyboy and show off their 80k a year job to have an older woman go "I guess you're good enough to meet my security needs." For 80K a year, you can act like a man and just hire hookers and have plenty of money left over.
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    #6190 FightenGnome, Aug 10, 2018
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    FightenGnome Amateur Christorian

  11. This is the actual problem though. Not only do incels have extremely low levels of self-confidence and self-respect, but they also have incredibly high standards. If a girl ain't an 18-year-old 9/10 submissive virgin they won't even touch her, even though they are perfectly aware that those women are a very small minority and that they are way out of their league.
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    Peeno Noir

    Peeno Noir a filthy penis fetishist

  12. There are women who try "cuckmaxxing" as it seems to have been put but funnily enough it don't work on guys either.

    Not many people want to be a trophy. There's more to a relationship than seeking money or looks or sex which is what incels don't get.

    I don't think they'd touch her even then. They'd probably still think she's lying about being a virgin because they're so up their own asses with the stupid idea everyone is getting laid but them. That or they're just afraid of women but can't admit it.
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    redcent Doesn't make much

  13. I don't suppose this has been posted yet?

    those comments though lol "women r dum"
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  14. I am still convinced that a good portion of them are actually gay men struggling with their sexuality. Average men being jealous of conventionally attractive men is normal, but incels' expression of "jealousy" is closer to worship or a crush. Then there is the aversion to female anatomy, especially vaginas...
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    Peeno Noir

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    Alpha Loves You

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  15. I wonder if there is any link with the whole "trap" thing that came up in the last 2 years or so. The whole "traps aren't gay" and "feminine penis" "traps are superior" etc etc.

    Like it seemed to come out of nowhere.
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  16. Yeah, I think so, too. We've seen a couple posts here about incels going gay.
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    MormonofID Let's go Mavs!

  17. inf.png


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    #6198 Fangsofjeff, Aug 10, 2018
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  18. Being a cuck is seriously underrated, especially in modern times.

    Nowadays what percent of millennial girls are on libido-lowering birth control? I think 90-something percent of young american women have been on it at some point. What about SSRIs and other stuff like that?

    I think women like betas for stuff other than money, a lot of "beta bux" guys aren't even rich.

    Incels would be better off trying to be the "safe" guy like anthony burch. That's the foundation of the majority of relationships these days.

    I don't see chads with gfs IRL, women almost never want threatening, intimidating, masculine jocks for long-term.

    I seriously think anti-cuck propaganda is misguided, alot of cucks get LTRs easy. The only place cucks really fall short is when when are at their peak fertility, and if she's on birth control that probably won't be an issue.

    Just drink soy and get soy lattes and be a male feminist who voted for obama twice.
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  19. How do they know we don't already have accounts on the inside‽


    Prepare your ani, incels
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    ConcernedAnon Concerned and hopefully anonymous

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