Incorporating parties in government - The exact opposite of what the founding fathers of the US wanted

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Penis Drager

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It's been understood since the 18th century that partisan politics has the ability to fuck up a democratic or republican system (or any mixture of the two). But it seems apparent that such parties aren't going away. But since governments around the world have made it a point to basically act as if they don't exist in their constitutions, it may be worth wondering how things would turn out if they just decided that each party would be a de-facto wing of the government. Let's say it works something like this:
Any party with any more than X% of the electorate gets a guaranteed seat in congress (or parliament or whatever the fuck) . Only party members may hold said seat. Obviously, any party which holds a greater number of the electorate should hold more power than a bunch of retards who decided to start a party, but anyone could start their own party with their own particular interest and achieve some semblance of political power.
An example would be INLD in India. They are an agricultural party that supports farmers above all else. They throw their hat in with Congress party or BJP depending on who they think will support farmers the most. They have a lot of supporters in India but lack political clout because India is very familiar with the "spoiler effect." Now picture a set of similar single-issue parties all forming and obtaining a seat in the governing body of the nation. A few (or more) shitflinging fights would ensue, sure. But our governing body would end up with a diverse cast of interested individuals fighting for whatever their pet cause is. Lolbergs would have seats next to the greens while agrarian parties fight against industrial interests.

There may be some awkward or even misleading phrasing here since my ass is about to hit the sack after a long night of drinking. But if you take the best possible interpretation of what I'm saying rather than the worst, I hope it makes sense...

Penis Drager

Pronouns: Fee/Fi/Fo/Fum
Even if that were the case, which it wouldn't because at that point it wouldn't be fully democratic, If you are not a democrat you will not have this problem
How many countries are "fully democratic?" Part of the point of the electoral college is to protect minority interests. The idea I'm floating is just another compromise with democracy like the million that most countries have already made.
The way this would ideally work out ( :optimistic: ) is that parties would form on the basis of their niche interests rather than some vague ideas about what "left and right" stand for.