India 2021 Farming Riots - Tractor-Sword Warfare

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Modi wants to change the tax laws so smaller farmers aren't as favored as big ones. Obviously with so many farmers this has pissed off and challenged the livelihood of many Indians. A large part of why this event is so significant is because it goes down on India's republic day, which is suppose to be the day people celebrate being Indian. Apparently this has been going on peacefully since September, but only now got violent.

Indian farmers are now beating riot police and they are running away.

Protestors breached the Red Fort


This is how the Delhi Police was attacked at Red Fort. Look at the cops jumping to save their lives. At least 41 Delhi cops injured.

100k tractors headed towards the capital

Violence continues at ITO in central Delhi, tractors being driven by protestors deliberately try to run over police personnel

Farmers break a pivotal barrier

Farmers break police barricades at Peeragarhi Chowk and move towards Punjab Bagh in Delhi.

A sikh on a horse with a shield mounted on his back swinging his sword towards police.

Farmers fight back, with swords :jaceknife::jaceknife::jaceknife:

Things turn violent, communist party tractors running over people

Amid tear gas shelling, farmers capture a crane from police

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I've may have made some mistakes...
Ive been reading alot about Indian politics lately. In short there is alot of problems.

There have full on commie owned areas. Theyre dealing Muslim and Christian conversions. They have multiple sub idenities (clan, caste, region, langauge, linenage) corruption you wouldnt believe and on and on the list goes.

Im surprised its still together as a nation.

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I'm actually surprised it took this long for this to show up here. This shit's been going on for months, and not just peacefully as the OP claims.
Anyway, for added context: the main point of contention on Modi's reforms actually revolves around mandatory minimum prices for certain crops. As things stand, the government guarantees X amount of money for X tonnes of potatoes, for example. What Modi's doing is getting rid of that policy.

Make of that what you will.

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All I think of when I see demonstrations and riots around the world from the United States to India is how the pathetic obedient Chinese remain in their houses unable to do anything about their corrupt government. Good on you, India. Farm on.
Probably they don't watch American television so all they see is the unrivaled prosperity and stability.

I see the collective brain trust with the Biden Riden’ers are so tired of #WINNING after a week of invading Syria, fucking over union workers, raising drug prices for diabetics, and blowing off the corporate media that they’ve decided to troll us with... Indian farm protests.
The burn hurts. How ever will we live down the E-shame?
Can we get back to cringe posting the First Dog’s press releases now?

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