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Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

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They flagged it because the bot imagined a female nipple that wasn't in the frame. I'm laughing my ass off because of the hard time i was having getting both tits in the frame without any nipple . i appealed the decision and created a life event.

Facebook Flagged Me For Exposed Female Nipples

I am not a "female" by it's strictest definition. More properly, I am a "woman" with "male" reproductive organs. Shit happens. A person's biological sex doesn't always match their biological gender identity. It's one of nature's little jokes.

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Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

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I'm sure your feminine presenting nipples felt very validated.
Especially since I know a lot of people who identify as male whose aureoles and nipples are at least twice the size of mine.

It was validating to my female identity big time, that's for sure.
The Facebook algorithm is only 16 years old, you sick fuck.
What does that have to do with anything, incel sped?
I dedicate this to your feminine spirit

cool, thanks. I dedicate this to your toxic masculinity


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Well, gee, thanks a lot for showing us this, especially without a spoiler tag. This is horrifying anti-boner fuel, whatever a woman feels when reading incel forum posts, this is the male equivalent.

Didn't Facebook get shit for their algorithm identifying black people as gorillas or something?
So machines truly are smarter than humans, after all.

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Rusty Tombone is desperate. An autistic male having to lean over and scrunch his shoulders together to make his moobs slightly more presentable. No one will ever see you as female, Tom. No one.
I think it's odd that you don't take a photograph of your entire chest and abdomen. I'm very sure that's the most flattering angle that makes you look like less of a fat, entitled rapist, hobo.
I'm sure you had those deflated pecks before you began killing yourself with HRT. Joke is on you. Soon, they'll probably take you off of it because you're too old.

Quick question. How long does it take to shave your entire body? We've seen the photos. You're quite hairy.

I can't believe you called those things nice, I believe the word you were looking for is "failure".
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Nah, computers can be easily fooled. We have reasoning ability and can figure out that you're just a disgusting old pedophile and dog fucker.
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