War Indonesian minister injured in stabbing by ISIS sympathiser - Good to know Islamic State defeated. This could have been worse


Well, that's all, folks
Indonesian minister injured in stabbing by ISIS sympathiser
A senior member of the Indonesian cabinet has been rushed to hospital after being stabbed twice with scissors by suspected Islamic State sympathisers.
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto, who has just one name, was attacked about lunch time on Thursday in the city of Pandeglang, in Banten province.
Two other people – the local police precinct chief Dariyanto and Wiranto's adjutant, Fuad – were also injured in the attack.
The two attackers have been identified a man named Syahril Alamsyah alias Abu Rara, 31, and a woman named Fitri Andriana binti Sunarto, 21.
Both have been taken into custody by Indonesian police.
National police spokesman Dedi Prasetyo said Wiranto was about to get into his car at the end of an event he had attended in the city, which is about an hour and a half from Jakarta, when the attack took place.
"The information we have so far from Banten police is that the male [attacker] has allegedly been exposed to the radical ideology of ISIS [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria], while the female [attacker], we're still digging up information," Dedi said.
"The minister was about to leave and as usual there were many people gathered. Suddenly there was an attack launched against the co-ordinating minister."
Dedi said standard security procedures had been followed for Wiranto's visit to the university in Pandeglang.
Wiranto's doctor told Kompas TV that he had suffered two stab wounds and had been treated at a local hospital. He was subsequently being transported to an army hospital.
The wounds were to his lower abdomen, the doctor said, and would likely require surgery.
Wiranto was awake when he arrived at the Berkah hospital in Pandeglang, the doctor said.
Indonesia, the world's largest majority Muslim country, hosts a number of home-grown terrorist cells sympathetic to Islamic State and other extremist groups and has suffered multiple incidents of Islamic terrorism.
An estimated 800 Indonesians have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State since 2014, and hundreds of them remain in the Middle East.
Wiranto, 72, has served as chief security minister in President Joko Widodo's cabinet since 2016.
His appointment drew criticism from rights groups for his involvement as chief of the armed forces in the bloody upheaval in East Timor.

So, who said IS had been defeated?
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Matt Jarbo is not the father.
ISIS sympathy is world wide. There was even this Chink on weibo saying that she thinks ISIS is cool, later getting ovened and probably sent to an education camp, lol. Should have just sent her to Syria instead, ISIS has a very progressive track record when it comes to women, surely.

Lou Wrong

Butthurt about Buddyloids
Oh, Wiranto is in government? I thought he was a member of a pro-military semi-fringe party. Guess times have changed.

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