'Injustice: Zero Year' Reminds Readers What the Joker Really Thinks of Nazis - Read the 1997 Captain America and Batman crossover for more of the Joker's take.

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Didn't we get the whole five fucking years before "Gods Among Us" already? What the fuck is this a prequel to? And why in God's name is that fucking faggot Taylor at the helm?! Hasn't DC had enough flaming shitpiles with him penning it? He pretty much single handedly tanked everything they did well with Rebirth!

Swear to fucking Christ...

Tom Taylor with his arm jammed up the Joker's arse said:
"I'm American, I [fucking] hate Nazis. I'm a homicidal maniac, not a traitorous bigot."
Well, zippity doo, la-de-da-de-fucking-dah! The mass murdering terrorist who gaslights, routinely abuses, tortures, and rapes a psych major into being his psychostic sidekick and cocksleeve doesn't like teh Nathzees!!

I guess he's not that bad~! :cunningpepe:

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There's plenty to imply it in The Killing Joke. There aren't a whole lot of reasons a criminal would undress a victim.
Last post about this but what applies to a common criminal doesnt apply to Joker.

In the comic picture Jim Gordon is undressed and made to wear a dog collar and leather harness. He wasn't raped. There are reasons other than rape for the Joker to undress Barbara(especially for what his end goal was) that aren't rape. Not saying it wasn't rape, am saying it doesn't have to be and it feels like that has been added over the years for w/e reason.


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Joker doesn't give a shit about anything, he wouldn't necessarily buy into Nazi ideology but he wouldn't be offended by it either, literally everything is just a joke to him.
And that's how I imagined he'd be, a much more violent (and less into scat and watersports) GG Allin.

Listen to him on this interview.

Imagine people trying to cancel GG if he were alive today, he'd tell them all to fuck right off.


Absolutely epic! Take that PMURT!

There are reasons other than rape for the Joker to undress Barbara(especially for what his end goal was) that aren't rape
This doesn't make it canon, but it was also implied in one of the Arkham videogames (I think it was Knight) that he raped her (one of the sequences where an imaginary Joker taunts Batman has him joking about raping her iirc). It seems to be the general consensus that he did sexually assault her.


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Does this mean this vol of the injustice comic sucks because the writers a living soy wojack? Be a damn shame considering the first injustice comic was so good the omnibus is on my shopping list *sigh*
this is the same writer of the original injustice comics.

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you mean an edgy anarchist comic book character doesn't like an authoritatian, high social cohesion ideology? whoa... this changes everything
Not to go to bat for the anarchists, but The Joker isn't really an anarchist though, he just uses that talk to manipulate people.
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I'm not a comics person, but you'd think the Joker would be anti-Nazi because the Nazis were self-serious and demanded conformity, not because liking Nazis is "traitorous"/"bigoted."
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Then he apparently had a team of jannies keeping him in line along with Ed Boon's leash.

> Looks up original Injustice release date
> 2013

... oooohhh, that explains it. :story:
I've read a lot of Tom Taylors work, and aside from his obsession with Harley Quinn, I genuinely think he's a good writer.

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I'm not a comics person, but you'd think the Joker would be anti-Nazi because the Nazis were self-serious and demanded conformity, not because liking Nazis is "traitorous"/"bigoted."
If you really need to justify it, you can say he's posturing as a patriotic American/egalitarian because he thinks it's funny. Maybe even a dig at the possible hypocrisy of those outlooks.

As other people said though, it really was just a way to sneak a little propaganda into the books.
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And people only talk about her with Joker or Ivy. No one mentions that time she was with Booster Gold which seems like it actually would make sense. They're both losers and butt monkeys that still remain pretty chipper most of the time.
I am like 20 years behind in DC, when did this happen? Cause sounds pretty interesting and potentially cute for me.

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the 90s era ww2 joker depiction was the old fashioned 1st of the three Jokers. Just wait till they finish that crossover with the other 2.

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it's not so much that they did it, it's that they want a round of applause and they're totally devoid of self-awareness. it's the poster boy of empty statements-a fictional character opposes a real evil? meaningless.

As a side note the Jokers body count is calculated at 650 minimal and more genrally in the 2000 mark, this of coarse excludes torture, gaslighting and that alternate timeless where the body count wracks up to Billions which in universe makes joker worse than Nazi's. In fact this specific joker saying is the one who detonated a nuclear weapon in metropolis which wracks up around 11 million and made superman a facist obligarch ruler of earth so this joker is potentially worse than Hitler in terms of mass murder and fascism
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They're still doing the whole censoring bad words as "@?&*!$*" shit? Either swear or don't, its like they want to be edgy but their mom is in the room.

Do kids even read comic books anymore?

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I don't have an opinion on whether not Joker raped Batgirl in The Killing Joke, but the way I read it it was unmasking writ large. And it was also done to communicate the obvious threat of rape to her father and it doesn't really require actual rape to get the point across. Joker was taunting Jim/Batman and saying that they couldn't protect Batgirl from anything Joker wanted to do.