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What fucking disabilities all you need is a sketch book and some pens just to start that stuff only about 10 dollars and that is only using cheap art supplies I wouldn't be surprised its because they can't let go the undo button on must software or sacre they can't cover up there short comings yeah disabilities my ass.
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That seems like a perfectly reasonable reason why ink is the chosen medium, and I fully agree that it's a great way to improve. It's not surprising that the attention-starved tumblrites cry foul that they should cooperate when their chosen tool is crying until shit changes to their liking.

I didn't know there were themes to Inktober so my image themes are as follows (hopefully in order) I know Inktober is about inking obviously but I just don't have the time for much more than this unfortunately. :(--I'm still open to any critique!
Swampthing Alec with Abby
Broken Doll
Space Mermaid
Pumpkin witch
Butterfly Biker (inspired by Akira)
Kitten dressed as a Tiger


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Welp, a double-post:

I like coming up with new costume designs for Sakura--although I dunno what I was going for here, came up on the fly. I'm pretending this is when she came across the Libra Card since that's one of the few Clow Cards she was never shown to catch on-screen.
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