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Insane Parents of "Transgender" KidsParents who push a transgender identity on their children

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Fangsofjeff, May 17, 2017.

  1. On the internet, there is a growing movement of parents who treat their prepubescent children as transgender. As many have pointed out in other threads, most people don't get a proper understanding of sexuality until their teens or even later. Yet many of these transgender kids have supposedly "come out of the closet" at two or three years old, an age when most people can barely form coherent sentences. In many places there are few restrictions against minors undergoing risky procedures such as hormone treatments and even surgery. Young teens are often told by the trans community to get on puberty blockers if they question their gender because going through natural puberty could ruin them; very rarely are the side effects of the medication discussed. See how this could go wrong? Anyways, let's discuss the transgender children phenomenon.

    Here's an article about a woman who really wants her four year old son to be trans:

    A good article about transgender kids. It mentions a doctor performing vaginoplasties on minors and a family suspecting their five month old boy was trans because he wanted his sister's pink blanket: https://transgenderreality.com/2015/06/23/pink-blankets-and-salivating-doctors/

    Here's the story of Jacq Kai Tchoryk, a seven year old kid who started identifying as trans at the tender age of two: http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2016/04/family_of_transgender_child_sp.html

    Articles about a seven year old being forced to live as trans by his abusive mom until his dad sued for custody:

    The story of David Reimer, a boy who was raised as a girl because he had a botched circumcision. He was extremely depressed and as an adult ended up blowing his brains out:
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    Fangsofjeff (=ↀωↀ=)

  2. Yeah... no child can possibly "come out" as trans at age fucking three. The most coherent thing they can say is, "Ooh! Go poo poo! Waaaaah!"
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  3. You forgot the one that was the experiment of a doctor, because the child's penis got mutilated during circumcision.
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  4. I dont think there's anything wrong with letting your kids experiment. If yourn son wants a Barbie, or your daughter wants to wear boy clothes whatever. This is a whole new level and seriously needs to be classified as child abuse. The thing is, though. This is not a new phenomenon.

    This has existed for a long time, movies have existed about parents like this (sleep away camp). Its just socially acceptable now.
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  5. It's great to let your kid express themselves in any way they want so long as it isn't hurting anyone, but why do these people jump straight to 'my kid's totally trans!' as soon as the kid does something that doesn't fit their gender role?
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  6. For attention, so that their friends can say to them, "ooh, look at how progressive and accepting and open that family is".
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    giga weeb trash

  7. Yeah, which one is it? Is gender a spectrum and there is fluidity between masculinity and femininity or are we gonna put little Billy on hormones and cut his dick off because he likes dolls?
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  8. Because they're evil fucks who are willing to wreck the health of their children for life for Internet asspats.
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  9. I notice that it's always transgirls that these mothers have- almost as if they resent the fact that they gave birth to a boy because they wanted a girl instead.

    Said it once and I'll say it again: in the next few years we're gonna see a whole slew of teens and adults with identity disorders brought on by this form of psychological abuse. The sooner society stops glamorizing this shit, the better.
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    Sinners Sandwich

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  10. That's something I never got. Either you have to put up with months, if not years, of hormone therapy and potentially sex reassignment surgery because your head rejects what your body is that hard, or it's a slider you can pull from one side to another on merely a whim, with nothing in between.
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  11. I'm starting to understand why pedophilia tends to turn up every time you round a corner while reading about these kinds of people.

    No, really. If a child can consent to sexual reassignment at 6 years old, they can consent to sexual activity at the same age too, right? Sounds like a great movement for you to jump on board if you happen to want to have sex with 6 year olds and call it a good thing.
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    Alec Benson Leary

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  12. I'm sorry but what fucking doctor would do this on someone under 18!?
    Even then your brain is still developing!
    This shit is horrifying and I don't understand how it is legal.
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  13. I think also that it's more acceptable for a girl to be a Tomboy than for a boy to be a sissy. In the BBC documentary "Transgender Kids: Who Knows best?" the father of a transitioned boy basically came right out and said he's relieved now that he has a daughter who runs like a girl instead of a son who runs like a girl.
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  14. I've never seen them in person, but my mother is a special-ed teacher, so she's worked with a handful of transgender students who range from being on the autism spectrum to just having some anxiety disorder (mostly emotional, of course). The biggest issue she has are the parents of these kids who are borderline helicopter parents, and they're never polite, they get pissy if their special snowflake is misgendered or called by their "dead" name (which is always listed on the IEP and records, but these also tend to be the parents who don't know how these documentations work in benefiting the child and think online schools means more "freedoms" than in the brick and mortar). The kids she met in person just didn't give a shit about what they were called and were cooperative in working with her, but the parents would always be one slip away from becoming shrieking harpies (I've never heard her mention these kids' fathers, interestingly enough).

    I feel really bad for these children whose mothers are parading them around like that. I don't see them having bright futures simply because they live with someone who only sees them as oppression brownie points and usurped themselves as unneeded mouthpieces, and they're not going to be independent. Like for fuck's sake, these children can talk, and can have opinions, let them speak their minds about what's going on with them. If it was the kids who came out as transgender all by themselves, as in they weren't goaded into coming out as trans and its not them being "trendy" or seeking for attention, then fine, whatever, but don't be an attention whore about it.

    But unfortunately, that's what all of this is. Only sane parents of trans kids don't go on social media to brag about it.
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  15. They have a child gender clinic? Are the tinfoils right that they're the final boss?
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    Sinners Sandwich

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  16. I think a lot of parents just want to be supportive -- and that's a good thing. But with really young kids, you can't just automatically jump the gun. Let the kid play dress up, (boy or girl), or play with whatever toys. There's plenty of time for them to figure things out.

    And later on when they're teens, if they decide they're trans, let them know you stand by them, but go by THEIR lead. Don't take over for them. You know? (Same with any other major issue, really)

    But so many people are just too eater to show how cool and hip they are, and how they're so NOT bigoted. Just...chill.
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  17. It doesn't help they have jerks like Riley Dennis telling them that things like hormone blockers are perfectly safe and everything will be fine if you get off them at any time.
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