Inside the ADL's Plans to Take on Gamergate, Hate in Gaming

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Feb 3, 2013
One may as well call it: you'll get some spergs like Homer bitching about ADL being infiltrated by SJW's to besmirch the name of GG. Meanwhile you'll have some anti-GG sperg use this as proof GG was all Nazis and not whining neckbeards.

I can't stress this enough no matter how many times I've said this over and over, but here goes....

Anyone who still cares about Gamergate in 2018 is a complete idiot, it's as simple as that.
All they'll really get if they still think GG is a thing are just some spergs using the hashtag on Twitter and maybe KiA and some Chan board.

Didn't gamergate die off four years ago? Who's left to take on at this point other than Mundane Matt?
Who else but Homer Beoulve?

Jesus fucking christ. Gamergate is 100% dead. The ADL is losing influence and is looking to new media. Hey assholes, gamers don't give a fuck about you. Nobody fucking cares. The only people who really hate Jews are muslims. White supremacists are so small in number it's ridiculous.

The ADL made a big deal about 'white supremacist propaganda' in colleges, but 90% of it was trolling. The ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center are both fucking jokes.
The only gamers that could even give a fuck about the ADL would either be some chan anons/pro-GG spergs who think GG is under attack like Homer and some anti-GG sperg that still thinks GG alive.


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Jun 27, 2018
Who else but Homer Beoulve?
I'd never heard of this dude before. Oof.

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Jun 20, 2018
Why do these morons keep rolling out gamergate's corpse? Don't they realize it worked out the best possible way it could for them, and any additional scrutiny runs the risk of spoiling the scam for all of them?

I'm probably just being a stupid optimist, but you'd think eventually someone with a bit of clout will say "Hold on a minute, this gamergate story isn't right at all"


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Mar 19, 2018
They act as if GamerGate burned down their homes, raped their women, made a pyramid of their friends' skulls, and stole their life savings. Gamers are harmless neckbeards not Vikings or Mongols.

Part of me wonders if they just want GG back so they could cry about oppression. Another part of me wonders if they really were traumatized. Most likely they are just hoping for cheap, easy clickbait.


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May 30, 2018
Gamergate was a godsend to SJWs in gaming wasn't it? It's a vague "menacing" thing that has no actual face or really any influence but they can use it to hand wave their agendas or backlash against shit liberal art games as THOSE EVIL GOOBERGATORS ARE AT IT AGAIN.

GG literally did nothing in the realm of harassment but I'll be damned if it didn't give every attention whore woman on the fringe of the games industry a golden ticket to pretend she was threatened by it and get a bunch of white knights to defend her honour.

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Feb 22, 2018
The ADL and SPLC are going to accidentally recreate the Nazi Party by declaring everything a hate group and thereby channeling real hate towards the Jews that run these organizations.
ACCIDENTALLY? Thats the intention! If you have no defined avasary, sometimes you need to make one so it gives your cause/organization/whatever purpose. This shit is nothing more then gas lighting to stir shit up so you have something to point and say "We need to stop THAT and you should give us money for the effort!"


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Apr 6, 2015
Part of me wonders if they just want GG back so they could cry about oppression.
pretty much, we're in a politcal climate where any criticism can be thrown away by screaming NAZI, RACISM, SEXIST over and over and watch as the media and soyboys run in to save M'lady

i'm just hoping sooner rather than later everyone gets burned out, wises up and realizes "hey, this trash is still trash, even if you staple a vagina or dark skin to it."

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Oct 28, 2017
At this rate, the ADL, their friends and the media, and the idiots like Brianna Wu may resurrect Gamergate by sheer force of will and repetition of their name. It reminds me of that tabletop RPG Paranoia, where the massive insane supercomputer that runs the in-game setting kept sending agents to locate a secret society (the Wobblies), only to constantly execute its agents because they couldn't locate said society (because it didn't exist, having long ceased to exist by the time of the setting). Eventually, the last group of agents realized what was happening and simply created the society themselves just so they would have something to report back with. Thus, they created an entire organization of double agents just so they can tell their master they were fighting it. In other words, they created their own non-existent enemy simply to "fight" it, because without it, they knew they would be rendered obsolete and destroyed.