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interesting articles and shit

Discussion in 'Cryptoshekels' started by neger psykolog, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Yes because they were ruining opecs market share. Fracing completly changed the oil game but even with this it only cut into less then 20 percent of the world oil output. The saudis drowned the market in oil to shut down north american oil production because overhead for fracing and s.a.g.d work has way higher overhead then work in the middle east. They also didnt beg they warned them but we didnt listen because greed is such an amazing thing isnt it?

    America isnt even to be expected to be a net oil exporter until the mid 2020's from what i remember reading anyways, they are not considered one now.

    Getting off topic anyways but the crypto currency venezuela is trying to market for petro dollars isnt going to work anyways for the reason i explained earlier; the usd is tied to petro they dont need some shitcoin getting in the way of american interests.
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  2. that's not off topic, i'd say that's on topic
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  3. Fake news, I don't know what metric they're using for "biggest". I guess the idea that such "wide" reaching websites (gov sites? lol). I'm assuming CoinHive just got tipped off and they invalidated the account as per their procedure, pocketing the hackers share.

    I guarantee you there have been single minable addresses that have made $1000s in USD equivelant XMR, no problem. I'm sure Null made more than $24 over a relatively short period of time, and there are a lot of not-properly-administrated servers that get hacked and have to go through bureaucratic hell before anyone even looks at it.
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  4. @Null Salon is trying to get in on the coinhive action: https://www.cyberscoop.com/salon-monero-coinhive-ad-blocker/ (https://archive.fo/eQXYt) (non-archive is javascript cancer)

    Searching for new revenue in the cash-strapped and ad-blocked world of media, the blog Salon.com is turning to the new hotness: Cryptocurrency mining.
    Hotness is very literal in this case, by the way, because any time you visit Salon from now on, your CPU will be used to mine cryptocurrency on their behalf. Your processor will heat up as more than half of your CPU power is dedicated to the task while the computer’s fans fire up to keep the temperature under control.
    It’s not clear what the limit on Salon’s CPU usage is and Salon did not respond to questions.
    “Recently, with the increasing popularity of ad-blocking technology, there is even more of a disintegration of this already-tenuous relationship; like most media sites, ad-blockers cut deeply into our revenue and create a more one-sided relationship between reader and publisher,” Salon’s website explained.
    Salon says about 25 percent of its audience blocks ads.
    When a person visits Salon with an ad blocker, a pop up appears asking the person to either remove the ad blocker or allow cryptocurrency mining to occur. A third paid app option is listed as coming soon. If you click “learn more” to find out about the cryptocurrency mining, your computer immediately begins working for Salon before anyone can knowledgeably opt-in.
    Cryptocurrency is “mined” when computer processors complete a series of complex math problems. The more processing power put to the task, the more cryptocurrency is created. Salon is mining the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero.
    Salon uses Coinhive, a piece of software often thought of as malware because it’s regularly used by hackers to push cryptocurrency mining into hapless victims without asking permission. Of course, Salon is up front with its consent, but this is still a big step that no other major media company has taken so far.
    Salon’s FAQ page addresses questions like “Why are my fans turning on?” and “How does Salon make money by using my processing power?”
    To end the explanation, Salon makes a pitch that the “possibilities for [cryptocurrency] are limitless” including secure online voting, predicting the impact of climate change and finding alien life.
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  5. I dunno exactly, I didnt actually read the article to be honest. I just assumed it to be the browsealoud javascript hosting that got hacked.
    'Biggest' might only mean as 'most far reaching'. But I doubt that .gov sites have the highest user retention if that is what you mean. Not to speak of computer resources available to the average user. Either way its all monopoly money in the end. ;)

    I reckon that there might've been a lot more fun to be had with the sites in question had they not tried to make a quick buck.