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I stumbled across some radio talk-show host reading this while preaching about the evils of marijuana. It was pretty pathetic.

But hilariously, people started calling in and mocking the shit out of it.


The Last of the Famous International Goodboys
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I'm Just a Middle-Aged House Dad Addicted to Pot

Cannabis should be legal, just as alcohol should be legal. But marijuana addiction exists, and it almost wrecked my life.

By Neal Pollack | Oct. 6, 2018

Mr. Pollack is a writer.

AUSTIN, Tex. — My name is Neal, and I’m a marijuana addict.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you wake up at 2:30am to find yourself on your living room couch, TV tuned to Adult Swim, empty junk food wrapper on your coffee table, while your wife and kids are asleep in their beds. Damn marijuana junkies.

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Verne Troyer's dead? Shit didn't know that, and from depression too.

Ya know people make very little of serious mental conditions, and a tiny bit of effort does a lot more to help than just stepping over people who need it most. This world is too small to ignore a fellow man, I'll stop making midget jokes...

Bet you he's a cherub.


Ice cream and apple pie

PHUKET (AFP) - As burning incense fills the air, devotees in trances force skewers and swords through their cheeks in ritualistic acts underpinning southern Thailand's colourful - and seemingly painful - vegetarian festival.

The Taoist "Nine Emperor Gods" event held on the holiday island of Phuket began on Oct 9 and coincides with observances of Chinese communities across the region who refrain from meat and other indulgences such as drinking and gambling.

Participants on the island - which has a sizeable Chinese population - go above and beyond, piercing cheeks and tongues with an assortment of blades, spikes, skewers and other, more exotic items - including petrol pumps.

The festival did not take place last year because of a lengthy mourning period following the death of the Thai king in October 2016.

But on Friday (Oct 12), it was back in full swing.

One man stuck two wrenches through his right cheek, while another shook his head side to side and cut his tongue with an axe blade, blood dripping down his chest.

A fishing rod, anchor and part of a palm leaf were also put to use, as festival-goers marched in processions with the items poking out of their mouths.

"The pierced men are the deities who descend down to Earth to show their miracles, and the piercing means that the deities suffer so that people's sins are cleansed," said Mr Pathompong Reanthong, 24, one of the organisers.

"The key to this festival is for the people to observe the religious precepts, and rid themselves of meat consumption. It's actually a festival to ward off bad luck," he added.

Many work themselves into a trance before piercing, which is said to numb the pain.

Participants are expected not to eat meat during the festival.

The celebration dates back to 1825, according to local folklore, when a visiting Chinese opera troupe fell ill.

They are believed to have adopted a vegetarian diet and carried out Taoist rituals in an effort to improve their health.

Walking across hot coals is also incorporated into the final stages of the event, which is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people.
The worlds of veganism and BDSM collide! Wow!

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Teresa Sue Klein was waiting in line at the local bodega when she felt what every woman dreads in a public place. Some MAN had grabbed her ass. It's 2018 and this still happens? Is there no relief from the constant sexual assault? It was the last straw. Teresa- soon to be known as "Cornerstore Caroline"- was going to DO something. She would no longer be silent. So she turned and screamed at the almost-rapist that had grabbed her nether regions. Then- because #IbelieveHer #Ford #metoo #stillshepersisted Teresa continued screaming at the boy's mother and called the cops (not for reals tho).

Oh, right, the boy's mother. Because the sexual criminal in question that she was screaming at was a 9 year old black boy that accidentally brushed up against her with his backpack as he walked by in the store.
And part of her response:
"Cornerstore Caroline" claimed to be a cop and then lied and said that the boy's mother made the claim instead.(see below) She apparently was only pretending (see below) to call the police (which seems to be a thing white woman do against black children) to intimidate the family who had just been trying to buy groceries when the unemployed, self-described Buddhist feminist humanist decided that she had been sexually assaulted by a 9 year old boy walking near her.

Some media reports:
Neighbors said it was a common occurrence. “People moved out of the building because of her. She’s terrorizing the building,” said Hazel Freeman, 52, a pastor who lives above Klein. “She would call me up and tell me my son is smoking weed in the hallway. He’s married and he lives in Canarsie.”
The self-described unemployed “feminist and a humanist” variously insisted she was groped in the bodega and acknowledged the boy had only touched her accidentally — and accused his mom of pretending to be a cop, then later leaving a threatening message for her.

“I would like to apologize to her daughter and her son but not to her. She could have walked away, but she didn’t. I’m also a Buddhist, [but] I let my temper show,” Klein said.

“I’ve been called racist before, and I’m not.”

But neighbors disagreed, claiming Klein has written “racial slurs” in chalk outside the building.
“I have no idea what they’re talking about,” she told The Post.
From: https://nypost.com/2018/10/12/cornerstore-caroline-says-shes-not-racist-apologizes-to-kids/

"Another white woman arrives on the scene and the crowd begs the newly-arrived onlooker to see if she can speak to the woman in their native tongue. Although they appear to be from different tribes (as a professional wypipologist, I should warn readers to never approach a white person who attaches their keys to their belt loop—those are the most dangerous kind), the bystander tries to speak to the woman in Caucasianese.

“Now, go upload that to World Star!” yells Bootyless Becky, paying the woman no attention.

Brenda the Good White Woman tries to intervene, weirdly informing the evil lady, “I’m calling you out!” After giving Taylor Not-So-Swift a formal notification of grievance, the good white woman added: “Did you seriously just call the police on a child?”

Amidst all the hullabaloo comes the funniest part, as the two oxymorons stand face-to-face calling each other the worst name they could think of: “White lady.”

In fact, just hours earlier, Klein had doubled down on her accusations to Pix11.
“I was standing at the counter, and I was sexually assaulted,” Klein told Pix11 on Friday afternoon. “I understand how it looks but [the boy’s mother] escalated and then I lost my temper at her not at that child.”
When Klein tried to spin her story to say her fake 911 call was really about the mother’s reaction, the reporter reminded her that she had called 911 to report a sexual assault.

“As far as I could tell from the way it felt on my butt, that’s what had happened,” Klein responded, adding, “It’s not the first time I’ve been grabbed on the ass by a kid.
When a reporter told Klein she was the one who claimed to be a cop, Klein replied, “I did not say that, if I did say that I would be surprised.”

At one point, a small group of Klein’s neighbors, clearly fed up with her bullshit, interrupted her Pix11 interview, telling the reporter that Klein has a history of calling the cops on people. That seemed to be verified not only by Klein herself, who says she’s called 911 several times on people harassing her since the video came out, but by Pix11 reporter Andrew Ramos, who shared video of Klein calling the cops on him and another reporter when they first attempted to get an interview.

Edit: another source relating why her social media appears to be missing and some of her background:
Klein has deleted her social media profiles after being called out by viewers of the viral video, some of whom have shared her personal information on Twitter and Facebook. It is not clear if she has filed a police report over the incident. She did not return requests for comment from Heavy to her phone number and email address.

Klein is a Missouri native who went to the University of Missouri to study sociology. Klein, originally from Farmington, Missouri, graduated from the college in 1987. She has also been a performer and actress. Klein returned to the University of Missouri around 2008 to complete her Ph.D in biochemistry.

Klein told The New York Post she is an unemployed “feminist and humanist.” Her neighbors told The Post that Klein has a history of racist incidents, including calling 911. Some said she has written “racial slurs” on the sidewalk.

Additionally there was apparently some incorrect info in the Post report. From what I'm reading she didn't actually say she was a cop but was repeating what she thought the other mother said. And apparently she DID actually call 911 but they had no "report" of it because by the time officers arrived, she had left.
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