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Francis E. Dec Esc.


MARCH 8--A drive-thru customer enraged by the paucity of meat on his Mexican pizza stormed a Taco Bell in South Carolina and “walked into the kitchen area and began making his own food,” police report.

According to cops, the suspect entered the Taco Bell in Spartanburg Wednesday afternoon complaining that “there was not enough meat on his Mexican pizza.”
A store employee told cops that she “re-made the suspect’s food.”

The man, however, was equally displeased with his second pizza and demanded a refund. When told that was not possible since a manager was not on the premises, the suspect became “enraged,” declaring that he “would show the employees how to make his food the appropriate way,” according to a police report.

The man then “walked behind the counter into the kitchen area and began making his own food.” A Taco Bell worker noted that the suspect “did not follow proper health/safety guidelines” by not wearing “protective gloves while making his food.”

The Taco Bell employee said the suspect “made himself another Mexican pizza and subsequently left the store and premises.” The man, the worker said, “was angry and upset throughout his time in the facility” and used foul language in response to her repeated demands to leave the Taco Bell.

Investigators described the Mexican pizza enthusiast as a black man with “braids/dreadlocks” in his late-20s or early-30s. The man, dressed in a a dark sweatshirt and gray pants, left the restaurant in a late-model Dodge Challenger driven by a woman who never entered the restaurant.

Police expect to retrieve video surveillance footage recorded by Taco Bell security cameras. If apprehended, the suspect faces possible misdemeanor larceny and trespass charges. (1 page)


confirmed hairless and stable

“So many people still don’t understand that this is not something we need for trivial or cosmetic reasons,” Good said. “It’s medical care a doctor is recommending for someone who has a medical need for it."
Almost no dental or orafacial medical care is covered, but elective mutilation surgery to treat mental illness is totally cool. Priorities straightened!



Almost no dental or orafacial medical care is covered, but elective mutilation surgery to treat mental illness is totally cool. Priorities straightened!
meanwhile the only form of birth control is the pill, but hey it's more important men in dresses can chop their weiners off, huh?


confirmed hairless and stable

‘Media on a government dole’ raises questions about independence and more

Vox Media, the new media company that owns progressive news outlets Vox and Polygon, has accepted taxpayer-funded business subsidies from the state of New York.

The subsidies were authorized under something known as the Excelsior Jobs Program. Payments to a firm can extend for up to 10 years, and companies must meet specified job and investment thresholds. Once a company meets the threshold, it can claim refundable tax credits equal to 6.85 percent of the wages paid for each new job created.

To qualify, a company must be deemed by state economic development officials to be a strategic business that is located in or plans to locate to New York state. According to a quarterly report from the program, Vox was offered $120,000 in refundable tax credits, which generally amount to cash handouts, for 80 net new jobs in the 2016 tax year.

That Vox accepted government largesse is ironic given that the left-leaning outlet has a history of challenging and questioning business subsidies elsewhere. Last year, Vox and its subsidiary news site The Verge questioned subsidies approved by the state of Wisconsin for Foxconn, a Taiwan-based company. Another Verge story from February 2019 was titled, “Google is reportedly hiding behind shell companies to scoop up tax breaks and land.” A subhead read: “Stealthier than Amazon, but similarly disquieting.”

Whether Vox continues to receive its own subsidies may be in doubt following substantial job cuts it made early in 2018. Around 50 employees, or 5 percent of the company’s workforce, received termination notices. At the time, Vox CEO Jim Bankoff blamed the pink slips on “industry changes over the past few months,” according to Variety.

Vox’s New York subsidies have raised questions about whether government should offer financial support to media operations and whether those that accept the money can maintain their independence.

“Putting the media on a government dole threatens both the integrity and freedom of the press,” writes Cato Institute senior fellow Doug Bandow in an email. “In general, such subsidies are bad economics. In this case, the undermine our democratic system.”

Other voices have noted that direct and indirect government support for media is nothing new. This history was described in a 2010 study from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. A report on the study from a Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard listed some of the various types of government support, which include “tax breaks, postal subsidies and public notice requirements,” valued at billions of dollars.


The Charles Dickens of Disco
True & Honest Fan

Alyssa Milano said:
I’m trans. I’m a person of color. I’m an immigrant. I’m a lesbian. I’m a gay man. I’m the disabled. I’m everything.


Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know or understand. No one wants to hurt you. We are all just looking for our happily ever after.
Just... there it is, folks.


Internet Segregationist
Says quite a bit that between the main actors from Charmed, Shannon fucking Doherty appears to be the most level-headed.

Cactus Wings

Coughing for Cash
The comedian behind the satirical character 'Titania McGrath' has been unmasked

"I better tell my boyfriend", that's a good one.

But can you misgender someone if she claims she's already a man, woman and trans at the same time?
That's basically the issue going around currently in my country. The stick figure on lights for paths and crossings isn't "gender neutral" enough, but it literally lacks hair and clothing. It's a bald figure, yet it's not neutral enough. Being bald is clearly a masculine trait, despite women doing it quite often these days, while women can also wear jeans and not strictly dresses, yet they want a dress on the figure, making it exclusively feminine with no masculine traits.

Nothing is gender neutral unless it's 51% female, because the world is dominated by disgusting featureless male symbolism.

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