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Let's face it, you'll never be as rich as me.
(EDIT: Thanks for the merge, didn't know this is where it belonged)

The pornography (porn) industry is worth almost $100 billion. Laws that banned porn were struck down more than 50 years ago, so in all 50 states, you can download adult content all you want. Or consume porn the old-fashioned way by reading dirty magazines.

Companies that distribute pornography, of course, already pay taxes on their profits. But legislators in at least 18 states are anxious to ensure they’re getting their “fair share” of the financial bonanza.

One recent effort is in my home state of Arizona. Republican state senator Gail Griffin has introduced HB 2444, the "Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act." The bill would require any manufacturer or supplier of any product that provides access to the Internet to block residents of Arizona from accessing adult content. The filters would need to block all forms of porn and “any hub that facilitates prostitution.”

The only way that those living in our fair state could have uncensored Internet access would be to prove they are at least 18 years old and pay a $20 unblocking fee to the state. Revenues from fees would go into a fund called the John McCain Human Trafficking Fund. The fund would make grants for projects that "uphold community standards of decency." The highest-priority grant would be to help pay for construction costs in Arizona of President Trump’s proposed wall along the US-Mexico border. This seems odd, since McCain criticized the border wall.

Approximately 5.2 million of the residents of Arizona are over 18 and could legally watch porn under Griffin’s bill. If every one of us were to buy a “porn license,” the state would raise around $104 million. This won’t go far to fund the border wall, which is estimated to cost more than $25 billion. It’s unlikely, though, that all 5.2 million residents would pay the fee.

Of course, if Griffin amended her proposal to require a $20 annual license fee, the state could create a significant continuing revenue stream.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has tracked similar proposals in several states. They appear to all be the brainchild of disbarred attorney Mark Christopher Sevier, who has filed numerous lawsuits against technology companies (blaming them for his porn addiction) and several states (seeking permission to marry his laptop to protest same-sex marriage).

Proponents of porn licensing compare it to excise taxes on cigarettes or alcohol – so-called sin taxes. If the government wants to both raise revenues and reduce the frequency of a certain behavior, it can impose an excise tax on it. And in fact, excise taxes on cigarettes have raised immense revenues for states and reduced demand for tobacco products.

To date, none of the states in which legislation requiring porn viewers to obtain a license has been proposed have enacted it. And that’s a good thing, because imposing porn filters on consumers is a terrible idea.

One reason it’s a terrible idea is that it forces consumers to purchase technology they don’t necessarily want. And manufacturers and suppliers are likely to over-censor content for fear of accidentally failing to identify adult content. Even then, these companies would need to employ an army of human censors to troll through borderline websites.

What’s more, the filters would need to block virtual private networks (VPNs), since they can be used to evade Internet censorship. Anyone concerned about hackers or online identity theft would need to pay the porn tax merely to maintain Internet security.

But the biggest problem with these proposals is they put us on a slippery slope for further Internet censorship. If our Internet connections are censored by default for porn, what’s next? For a preview of what could develop, look no further than the sophisticated Internet filtering system in China.

China’s government now employs an estimated two million people to monitor and censor the Internet. They’re called “Internet public opinion analysts.” Their job is to identify and remove objectionable web postings, such as any critique of the government, and to insert hundreds of millions of favorable comments about the Communist Party. The Chinese government has also banned most VPNs.

Is that the future we want to emulate in the US? I think not. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one or two states enact a porn tax along the lines suggested by Sevier. But I hope they don’t. States shouldn’t use porn as an excuse to quash free choice, free speech, and impose an impossible burden on manufacturers and suppliers of products that connect people to the Internet.
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The internet is for porn. Enact a bill like this to see a whirlwind demonstration of how pornography can be obtained for free, with no transactions to tax. Goddamn ten year olds know how to find free porn.

So, lol good luck with that, champ!

Also, it's a stroke of genius to put John McCain's name on it and earmark its funds to help build the border wall. That's some genuinely funny shit right there.


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Virgin would-be mass murderer vs Chad prosecutor:


A man has pleaded guilty to a felony terroristic threat charge after authorities said he threatened to target women in a mass shooting because he couldn’t get a girlfriend.

Utah prosecutor Chad Grunander tells the Deseret News that 27-year-old Christopher W. Cleary of Denver was in court on Thursday.

Police said Cleary wrote on Facebook he was planning to become a mass shooter because he was still a virgin and wanted to kill as many women as possible.

He was arrested during a trip to Provo, Utah, on January 19, the same day women’s marches were held around the country. Colorado authorities have said he was on probation after stalking and threatening women there.

His attorney Dustin Parmley did not immediately return a message seeking comment.




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Greta Thunberg is literally Jesus now :roll: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/varlden/tysk-biskop-jamfor-greta-thunberg-med-jesus/
Potato English said:
German bishop compares Greta Thunberg to Jesus

Politicians and other powerful people have not been able to avoid showing their admiration for Greta Thunberg's climate commitment and the movement formed in her footsteps.

Now, Berlin's Archbishop Heiner Koch has also spoken about the 16-year-old activist, at an appearance in German radio.

- Friday's demonstrations remind me a little about the biblical episode of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, he says according to Die Welt.

This is due to the fact that young people around the world left school benches in order to instead demonstrate climate demonstrations on streets and squares on Fridays.

Heiner Koch's parable comes appropriately enough for the Palm Sunday, when, according to the Bible, Jesus rode onto a donkey in Jerusalem where he received tribute to the people. According to Koch, it is possible to discern similarities with the heroic status that Greta Thunberg achieved in certain circles. At the same time he does not want to go so far as to call her a new Messiah.

- I would like to remind you, however, that our society and our church sometimes need true prophets who point out unwanted development and suggest solutions, says Heiner Koch.


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Is there any stereotype that leftists like to push more than that all Republicans are racist? Or neo-Nazis? What better way than to do that than through a bunch of rural white supremacists driving pick-up trucks suppressing black voters?

In the April 11 episode of the CBS All-Access show The Good Fight, titled “The One where a Nazi Gets Punched,” Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) and Jay Di Persia (Nyambi Nyambi), two black law clerks travel to a rural community outside Chicago to be Democrat poll watchers on voting day for a special election.

The tone is set when two white Republican poll watchers, one male and one female, arrive and begin to interact with Lucca and Jay. The white Republican woman asks Lucca if they are supposed to be enemies and strikes up a conversation by asking, “So, let’s talk about Black Lives Matter.” Really?

Not long after that, a man arrives in a t-shirt advocating for marijuana use. The Republicans lodge a complaint to the election judge over electioneering over the objections of the Democrats and the man is told he can't wear the shirt to vote. He removes his shirt and there is a swastika tattoo on his back. The Democrats thought they had a voter but then Lucca turns to the Republicans and says, “Congratulations.” The Republican woman says that is offensive and, “A swastika doesn’t mean a Republican voter.”

Next, white men, called the Red Jackets, arrive in pick-up trucks to monitor against voter fraud. Their ringleader is Lance, a white nationalist. Cars of black voters are seen turning around and leaving the polling place. Lucca and Jay declare it voter suppression.

Lucca calls Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) for advice. Diane tells Lucca to take photos of the men and then she calls her friend, an opposition researcher, who proceeds to dox the Red Jackets. Meanwhile, Jay calls a friend who is a local television reporter. The reporter comes to film two men who are discovered to be sex offenders being hauled off by the local police.

Afterward, in the restroom, Jay ends up punching Lance and the male Republican poll watcher comes out of a stall and backs Jay up. Then, back out in the parking lot, a fight breaks out and the female Republican poll watcher comes to the aid of Lucca. Surprise! Republicans aren’t monsters, after all.

The end of the episode has Jay addressing the camera with a riot around him. He says he was taught to never throw the first punch, not to be an instigator, but then he saw a video of white supremacist Richard Spencer being punched. Because Spencer was being interviewed and treated like Neo-Nazism was just another political view, Jay goes full ANTIFA and decides that, "There's no better way to show some speech is not equal, some speech requires a more visceral response." He concludes, “It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

I have no doubt that this show’s liberal audience will enjoy the episode. They believe that Republicans must be dehumanized and these stereotypes play perfectly into that narrative.

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This will all end in tears, I just know it.

Beth Baumann
Beth Baumann

Posted: Apr 13, 2019 2:25 PM

Dems' Hypocrisy Soars To New Highs When They Refuse To Say 9/11 Was Committed By Terrorists

Source: AP Photo/Jim Mone
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been in Congress a little over four months. During that time period she has made a splash...and not in a good way. She's made numerous anti-Semitic comments and the Left has continually gone to bat for her. They've made excuse after excuse about how how Omar "speaks her truth," when she questions other people's allegiances to Israel. During a recent event Omar was caught saying "some people" were responsible for September 11th.
That's right.
"Some people."
Not terrorists.
Not extremists.
"Some people."
President Donald Trump tweeted a video with footage from 9/11, along with Omar repeatedly saying "some people" to point out the truly disgusting logic.
And, once again, the Left went after President Trump, saying he was inciting violence against Omar.
Somehow, Trump is responsible for Omar's disgusting comments?
The Left will do anything in their power to tear down Trump, even when he did nothing wrong.
Now, #IStandWithIlhanOmar is trending on Twitter. And it's being used to condemn Trump's video.
The Left is "exhausted" with the daily comments made about Omar and the threats being made against her. They say conservatives are silent about the danger Omar is being put in.
Let's get something straight: Omar puts herself in these situations when she makes really dumb, unthoughtful comments.
"Some people" committed the attacks on September 11th?
Extremist Muslim terrorists who wanted to commit mass carnage committed these heinous actions. Not calling them terrorists is a way of downplaying what took place. Omar is verbally stomping on the graves of roughly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives on that tragic day...simply because they're American.
Conservatives were quick to remind people who are using the hashtag of the disgust:
Democrats need to do some soul searching.
Why Should Anyone Obey the Law Anymore?
Wayne Allyn Root
Since when is it a bad thing to call out terrorists for killing innocent people? Since when are we such a triggered society that we're constantly thinking about how other people feel when we say it's wrong for innocent people to die because others hate their race, religion and nationality?
Democrats need to stand up and answer the question: what is a terrorist? And when will they call someone a terrorist? How many people have to die before their actions are considered "terrorist acts?" 100? 1,000? 10,00? What is their threshold.
It's sad that the one thing that brought every American together – the idea that we will NEVER forget the innocent lives taken on September 11th – is now something that is dividing us.
This isn't a right vs. left issue. This is a right vs. wrong issue. But clearly morality is out the window.

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1:00 minute in, Bush also called them "people". Argument invalid and Republicans aren't self aware to realize they're hypocrites too.

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I'm not sure if I should praise or slap the author who titled an article about 9/11 with "soars to new highs".

The Dems were okay with allowing a mosque to be built near (if not on) ground zero, so of course they're trying to avoid saying the "T" word when describing their favorite goat fuckers, except they'll happily call right-wingers Nazis in the same breath because they legitimately believe they're the same thing. Politicians can't keep track of their hypocrisy and propaganda anymore, haven't for years as they recycle the same shit over and over.

Just a fag

the AGP of it all
this is the same shit that happened with Trump saying both sides of the Charlottesville protests had "fine people" and the Dems flipping their lids over it. some fuck journalist capitalizes and sensationalizes a few words and dresses it up to make it appear the speaker is downplaying the actual events, when anyone with a decent grasp on reality knows that's not it at all. fuck journalism.


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1:00 minute in, Bush also called them "people". Argument invalid and Republicans aren't self aware to realize they're hypocrites too.
This is a presidential speech at Ground Zero which as far as i am aware appears to have been taken in 2001 "days after 9/11", did you expect him to rant about Islam?

That particular example is useful as nothing more than a showpiece in PR.


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Feline Darkmage

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This is a presidential speech at Ground Zero which as far as i am aware appears to have been taken in 2001 "days after 9/11", did you expect him to rant about Islam?

That particular example is useful as nothing more than a showpiece in PR.
No I expect people to hold standards.

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Lol. The tab for this website literally says "Conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary-Townhall" This is just like a Huffington Post article discussing how icky Republicans except in reverse. Anybody, whether they're Republican or Democrat, who writes something this blatantly biased and partisan should be shot out of a cannon.

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