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True & Honest Fan

A capsule toy vending machine in Japan dispenses love letters from your “little sister” and the results can either be sweet, confusing, or just simply psycho depending on your luck.

The vending machine, which can be found in the Capsule House in Osu, Nagoya, contains several hand-written letters that seemingly come from your “little sister” that cost 200 yen ($1.80). While some of these letters can come off as sweet, others can be quite scary.

The letter that the Twitter user posted, as translated by SoraNews24, reads:

“To Onii-chan, who I love so much,

Onii-chan, I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s time for us to start over with our relationship. I will always love you, as I should. But we can’t spend our adult lives together forever like this. Even my friend Manami told me we can’t hide this forever.

You might say that doesn’t matter, but we can’t have a proper marriage, and people will think we’re strange. I’ve always loved you since we were little kids, and I still do. But…even if we “love” each other, the relationship we should have is one where we “like” each other. Yes, that’s how things should be.

My feelings of love for you will never change. But let’s find people we can have a relationship of love with, not just like. I’m rooting for you!

So…as of today…it’s…it’s over…right?

I’ll always love you.”

Of course, there are also letters that are not meant to be read by Onii-chan (“brother” in Japanese). The Twitter user also shared the other letter he got from the vending machine which appears to be addressed to the brother’s supposed love interest and reads:


This is Onii-chan’s little sister Hotaru. We met the other day. There’s something I wanted to tell you, but I can’t when you’re always with my brother, so I wrote this letter instead.

I’ll get straight to the point. Can you back off? You and my brother aren’t a couple, so don’t you think it’s annoying how you’re always trying to act all flirty and clinging to him? It’s a huge nuisance to me!!

To be honest, my brother doesn’t care about you at all. He won’t fall in love with any girl other than me. Can you please put that in your head? And stop sending him text messages on Line every night. It’s so annoying! You’ll probably say I have a brother complex, but the bond between Onii-chan and me isn’t anything so shallow as that.

And don’t tell my brother about this letter.”

However, there’s apparently an unsettling letter inside the machine that almost looks like it came straight out of the psychological visual novel game “Doki Doki Literature Club.” Twitter user @TadashiOrisbc3 shared the letter on social media which reads:

“Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan

Only look at me Only look at me Only look at me Only look at me.

Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan

Don’t spend time with other girls Don’t spend time with other girls Don’t spend time with other girls

Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan

You belong to me You belong to me You belong to me

Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan

Who was that girl I say you with? Who was that girl I say you with? Who was that girl I say you with? Who was that girl I say you with? Who was that girl I say you with?

Onii-chan Onii-chan KILL Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan

What did the two of you do together? What did the two of you do together? What did the two of you do together?

I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you

I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you I won’t forgive you.”

In case you missed it, there’s a subtly placed hint of murder in one of the “Onii-chan” lines.


THE FUCKIN NIPPS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!:story::story::story: I swear today on the farms its the asian invasion. Also the pedo/incest shit is gross Japan!!!🤮

But who is putting money into this vending machine?
Sis-cons probably or anime otakus.

I bet it's not even a real vending machine, but a hollow box with a guy inside who quickly types these up on a mini-printer whenever someone puts some yen into the slot.
They have used underwear machines there nothing surprises me at this point. They are like clockwork with this shit.
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Syaoran Li

Totally Radical Dude
I remember browsing a sex shop in Kyoto and seeing a lady just casually walk her kid past the hardcore porno and the used panties with pictures of their previous owners stapled to them. This is probably considered low tier degeneracy over there.
What kind of mother takes her kid into a sex shop in Kyoto? Even by Japan standards, that's fucked up.

Better yet, what the hell were YOU doing in a sex shop in Kyoto?

Please tell us all about your experience and don't be afraid to get graphic...I'm going to need every detail I can get while I check to see if Chris Hansen's phone number is still working.

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