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Free, White, and 21
Decision to nix Pledge of Allegiance spurs 'USA!' chant at Minnesota city council meeting
https://www.foxnews.com/us/protesters-chant-usa-minnesota-city-councils-nix-pledge-allegiance (http://archive.fo/2YBf4)
Protesters were out in force in a Minnesota city this week, upset over the city council's decision to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings.

The decision was announced by the St. Louis Park City Council after a unanimous vote on June 17. The amendment to the council's rules was characterized as an effort to serve a more “diverse community."

“We concluded that in order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community we’re going to forgo saying the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting,” Council Member Tim Brausen said ahead of the vote.

Council member Anne Mavity, who sponsored the rules change, told KARE 11 that she didn’t feel saying the pledge was necessary, especially for non-citizens.

"Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen," she said. “They certainly don't need to come into city council chambers and pledge their allegiance to our country in order to tell us what their input is about a sidewalk in front of their home.”

The council's meeting to reconsider the controversial change was held on Monday, as nearly 100 citizens waved American flags and chanted "USA!" in a bid to convince the council to reverse course before the change goes into effect next week.

Mayor Jake Spano reportedly proposed that the decision be reversed, arguing it should have been reviewed more thoroughly before a vote was held, while Mavity proposed further meetings on the subject. No decision was reached at the meeting on reinstating the pledge.

St. Louis Park is a suburb of Minneapolis and is represented in Congress by Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Responding on "Fox & Friends First" Wednesday, Minnesota GOP chairperson Jennifer Carnahan said she attended the meeting Monday night and heard "disturbing" statements from the council members.

"One of the gentlemen, Tim Brausen, said evidently Minnesotans are upset because we are playing with their hallowed traditions. So it was just this air of superiority and very disturbing all around," she recalled.

Carnahan said she hopes the council will see "the error of their ways" soon and reinstate the pledge.
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An Ghost

Do you know who I am?
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Christians vandalize Pensacola park adopted by Satanists
Satanic Temple's park sign vandalized, Pensacola says group needs to adopt different park

Jim Little | Pensacola News Journal
7:20 p.m. EDT July 8, 2019
Satan Temple's adopt a park sign vandalized and then removed in Pensacola

Red spray paint on Monday marred the front of the adopt-a park sign that displayed the name of a local group that wanted to give back by adopting a park to clean.

Under the paint, the group's name was barely visible: Satanic Temple - West FL.

The West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple celebrated the official "adoption" of Hitzman-Optimist Park after the sign went up in the park last week.

The sign didn't last a week.

Red spray paint covers the "Adopt A Spot" sign at Hitzman Optimist Park that stated the park had been adopted by the West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple.
Red spray paint covers the "Adopt A Spot" sign at Hitzman Optimist Park that stated the park had been adopted by the West Florida Chapter

Jes Smith, chapter head of the West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple, went by the park around noon Monday and discovered the sign had been covered in red spray paint.

Along with paint covering the sign, someone had painted on the fence near the sign "Jesus God will crush your hidden Temple, county owes answers."

Smith said he was disappointed to see the sign had been vandalized, but was more disappointed the public property was also vandalized.

"I could see someone's motivations for vandalizing our sign, the part of the sign that says The Satanic Temple, because people are just afraid of the word Satan," Smith said. "But I do not understand the motivation to destroy the public property, the part of the park that belongs to all of us. The part that we share."

The "Adopt A Spot" and "Satan Temple West FL" signs have been vandalized and graffiti saying "Jesus God will crush...your hidden temple...county owes answers" has been spray painted on the adjacent fence at James W. Hitzman Optimist Park in Pensacola.
A fence at Hitzman Optimist Park in Pensacola reads "Jesus God will crush your hidden Temple, county owes answers."

Smith said the group has held several community picnics at the park and wanted to give back.

"The adopt-a-park was simply a continuation of our efforts to better our community and participate in community outreach," Smith said.

Although called The Satanic Temple, the group does not actually worship Satan or even believe that Satan exists, instead saying that it promotes rational thought and elimination of superstition. The Satanic Temple was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service in May.

More Satan: Pensacola Satanists aren't all pitchforks and red tails

Suhor acquitted: Pensacola Satanist acquitted of trespassing after praying at ECUA meeting

Invocation policies: Satanist disturbed by City of Pensacola invocation policy

But before anyone had learned the sign had been vandalized, Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson said the group would have to adopt a different park.

The city used to run its own adopt-a-park program but transitioned last year to let Keep Pensacola Beautiful manage the program. As part of the transition, all of the regional, athletic and community center parks were removed from the list, leaving more than 50 open to adoption, but Hitzman Park was not meant to be among the list, according to Parks and Recreation Director Brian Cooper.

"Keep Pensacola Beautiful accidentally gave them a park that wasn't on the list," Cooper said. "It's too big of a park for one small group to manage."

When asked for a copy of the agreement, Cooper said he couldn't remember if a written agreement existed. He said the list of parks allowed for adoption was discussed in a chain of emails.

The Satanic Temple - West Florida Chapter recently posted this photo of their "Adopt A Spot" / "Satan Temple - West FL" signs at James W. Hitzman Optimist Park in Pensacola. (Photo courtesy of The Satanic Temple - West Florida Chapter)
The West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple recently posted this photo of their "Adopt A Spot" sign at Hitzman Optimist Park in Pensacola.

Smith said The Satanic Temple signed paperwork to adopt the park back in May and has already held one cleanup. He said Keep Pensacola Beautiful never indicated the park wasn't up for adoption.

Sigrid Solgard, executive director of Keep Pensacola Beautiful, said the group takes credit for the mix-up.

"We take credit for that mistake, unfortunately," Solgard said. "This park was not on our list of approved parks in the city, however, we have a firm policy of non-discrimination. We want everyone to be as equally able to care for our community."

A graffiti "Jesus" remains on the entranceway pavement, while the vandalized "Adopt A Spot" and "Satan Temple - West FL" signs have been removed and graffiti on the adjacent fence saying "Jesus God will crush...your hidden temple...county owes answers" has been whitewashed at James W. Hitzman Optimist Park in Pensacola on Monday, July 8, 2019.
The West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple celebrated the official "adoption" of Hitzman-Optimist Park last week. The sign, as well as a nearby fence.

During his press conference Monday, Robinson took aim at David Suhor, a member of The Satanic Temple, who is also a plaintiff in the Bayview Park cross lawsuit.

"At this particular time, we're waiting to see what happens with the cross case," Robinson said. "I just find it interesting that he takes one position, and then takes another position on the other. Some people don't have to be very consistent, the city has to be consistent. … We think it only strengthens our position that we're not trying to establish a religion in any way."

Smith said The Satanic Temple has nothing to do with the Bayview Park cross lawsuit, and Suhor does not speak for the West Florida Satanic Temple.

"TST has never been a plaintiff on this case," Smith said. "We've never been involved in this case. In fact, David (Suhor) started this along with the other plaintiffs on the case with FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) before TST West Florida was even a chapter."

For his part, Suhor told the News Journal that the Bayview Park cross has nothing to do with cleaning up a park.

"The Bayview cross has no secular purpose," Suhor said. "That's the legal issue, and clearly cleaning up a public park has a secular purpose."
Tl;dr they’re not even satanists and weren’t in charge of the park when it was vandalized due to paperwork error.

Muncie Anderson

Minnesota Fighting Pike
Former New York Yankees pitcher and "Ball Four" author Jim Bouton dies at 80.

Bouton was never the greatest pitcher (62-63, with an ERA of 3.57), but his real claim to fame was his diary of the 1969 season he spent with the then-Seattle Pilots (who would go bankrupt and relocate to Milwaukee the following season) and Houston Astros. Among other topics, Bouton would write about Mickey Mantle's alcoholism, which was kept out of the media before then, his teammates experimenting with amphetamines and cheating on their wives or girlfriends on road trips, how team owners and general managers would use the reserve clause to their advantage to keep player salaries down (most players at the time had troubles making ends meet only making between nine and twelve grand a season), and even suggesting most clubs, notably the Detroit Tigers, had unwritten racial quotas for their team rosters.

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn tried to force Bouton to sign a statement that said the book was a work of fiction; Bouton refused. Many sportswriters were also upset at Bouton for allegedly exposing all those dirty secrets that only they and the players they covered really knew.
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Legitimate story in local news these days, folks. Not an OP piece. Not an april fools.

They legit put a story up covering a shitposting facebook meme page and described Naruto running.

LINCOLN COUNTY, Nev. - More than 250,000 people have signed up to attend a Facebook event planning a raid on Area 51 in southern Nevada to “see them aliens.”

According to the event, titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us,” a group of alien hunters will meet at 3 a.m. on Sept. 20 near the top-secret U.S. Air Force Base to coordinate a plan of attack to reveal the truth behind the curtain.

From there, the group will “Naruto run” with their arms stretched behind them like Naruto Uzumaki in the Japanese anime series “Naruto,” and therefore “move faster than their bullets.”

The joke event is hosted by “S***posting cause im in shambles,” a page that posts memes, and SmyleeKun, a guy who streams video games on Twitch.

Another 283,000 people said they were “interested” in attending.

“Let’s see them aliens,” the event hosts wrote in an apparent effort to rally the troops.

Area 51, also known as Homey Airport, is a remote outpost of the Edwards Air Force Base located about 125 miles from Las Vegas. The base’s current primary purpose remains classified.

In 1955, the mysterious area was chosen by the Central Intelligence Agency as a testing site for the super-secret Lockheed U-2, a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. In 2013, the CIA officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51 by declassifying documents detailing the history of both the U-2 and OXCART projects.

“Although the commonly preferred official name for the facility today is the Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake, both the names Watertown and Area 51 were used as official names for the facility,” a brief history by the CIA explains.

Still, the secrecy surrounding the base has made Area 51 the subject of many conspiracy theories for decades — including the storage of crashed alien spacecraft, meetings with extraterrestrials or the development of time travel.

Will anyone take the “Storm Area 51” Facebook event seriously and actually show up at the heavily-guarded site with 24-hour surveillance?

That remains to be seen, but the truth is out there.

Elwood P. Dowd

Gone Daddy Gone
The Nordic Model May Be the Best Cushion Against Capitalism. Can It Survive Immigration?

Well over a thousand words, so I'll not bother posting the full text. All those neurologists and chemical engineers moving to Sweden, though. You'd think their economy would be booming. :\

Over the last two decades, the share of foreign-born people has risen from 11 percent of the Swedish population to 19 percent. Many of the refugees have little education and do not speak Swedish, making them difficult to employ.
And you know it is higher than that at this point. Probably much higher if you use "Muslims unwilling to assimilate" instead of "foreign-born."


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After Watching Chernobyl, My Boyfriend And I Designed Our Apartment In Soviet Style And Listed It In On Airbnb

There’s a famous line in HBO’s Chernobyl: “Comrades, we are so focused on our search for truth we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it”. And the truth is that “Chernobyl” was filmed in Vilnius. This apartment is located in the heart of the neighborhood that acted as Pripyat. Not only the location is unique but the apartment itself is an ode to Soviet life – from the plates you eat from to the bedding you sleep in, it’s as authentic and unique as it was back in the USSR!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were watching Chernobyl and realized that the house we live in keeps appearing on the screen. We were able to see our own balcony! The flat belonged to my boyfriend’s grandparents and since they passed away, nothing has changed. Everything in this flat: the interior, cutlery, even the bedding are all exactly the same as shown in the TV series. It was so surreal to watch the show in this flat. The experience was so immersive, we felt like we traveled back in time.

So we swapped our brand new fridge with a super old Russian one, took some photos and uploaded them on Airbnb. I also shared some stories on Instagram and a journalist from the national TV saw it and asked for an interview. Since then, it has exploded and people started gifting us the Soviet stuff they no longer need – curtains, cups, books and even furniture!

Now the apartment is a mix of old and new, keeping the original planning and encompassing Soviet design elements, magazines, vinyls and appliances, such as Lithuanian potato grating machine (which won design award back in the USSR and was exhibited in the national gallery!). By the way, it works, so you are welcome to give it a go and make traditional Cepelinai or Potato pancakes. Recipes provided.

The bathroom was recently refurbished and modern technology, like wifi router or kitchen appliances, were installed. They are hidden out of sight for you to experience the life of the Soviet citizen with Western comfort. Still, you’d have to wash your clothes in an old-school Russian washing machine and store your food in a Soviet fridge!

If you’re planning to come to Vilnius and check out Chernobyl filming locations, you can stay at the flat for the full experience!


Such a nice way to show respect to a natural disaster. Maybe next someone will turn their apartment in to a cozy gulag.

Cat Menagerie

Typical day in Logan County, Oklahoma.

GUTHRIE, Okla. - Two people were arrested after a traffic stop of a stolen car revealed the two had a rattlesnake, radioactive uranium, and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe.

Stephen Jennings is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and failure to carry security verification form. Rachael Rivera is charged with possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.

The traffic stop was made at 11 a.m. in a Guthrie neighborhood because the tag was expired. Jennings was in the driver's seat, Rivera in the passenger seat, and in the backseat, a pet Timber rattlesnake in a terrarium.

At about the same time Jennings told officers he had a gun in console, police learned the Ford they were driving was reported stolen.

"So now he's got a rattlesnake, a stolen vehicle, firearm, and somebody under arrest," said Guthrie Police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

Police also found an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe next to the gun. To top it all off, a search of the vehicle revealed a canister of radioactive powdered uranium.

"When that happens of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically and it`s taken safely into possession," Sgt. Gibbs said. "The uranium is the wild card in that situation."

The uranium hasn't resulted in charges. Guthrie police are still trying to figure out exactly what the suspects were going to use it for. There are no charges from the rattlesnake either.

"It happens to be rattlesnake season at the time, so he can be in possession of this rattlesnake because he has a valid lifetime hunting and fishing license," Sgt. Gibbs said.



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if they didn't have pics i'd have called fake.
Is it normal in elder-revering countries like japan for grandmas to just grab socks that aren't their's and wear them?
Maybe the poor old lady's senile.


it just goes on and on and on and on...
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Goddammit, now I'm trying to remember the website of the guy who does onahole reviews. Some of them were fucking hilarious.

Edit: Infernal Monkey! That's it!



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