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if they didn't have pics i'd have called fake.
Is it normal in elder-revering countries like japan for grandmas to just grab socks that aren't their's and wear them?
Maybe the poor old lady's senile.


it just goes on and on and on and on...
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Goddammit, now I'm trying to remember the website of the guy who does onahole reviews. Some of them were fucking hilarious.

Edit: Infernal Monkey! That's it!



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Marijuana ‘munchies’ tick up US snack sales
By Gill Hyslop
12-Jul-2019 - Last updated on 12-Jul-2019 at 08:59 GMT
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The increasing approval of recreational marijuana use for adults is boosting snack sales. Pic: ©GettyImages/Francisco Carta fotographo
Related tags: Cbd, marijuana, Nielsen, Us, Mondelez, Pillsbury company, Nabisco

Nielsen has reported there has been a notable pick-up in the consumption of the so-called ‘munchies’ in US states where marijuana is legal, which has boosted the sales of snacks.

The market research firm has reported that ‘munchies’ are creating ‘big opportunities for the American food and beverage market, particularly for the snack and confectionery category.’
Overall, salty snacks had sales of $29.9bn and sweet snacks had sales of $6.5bn for the year ending April 27, 2019.
More tellingly though, the categories’ CAGRs have grown faster in US states where recreational marijuana is legal than those where it is still illegal.
According to Nielsen, sales of salty grew 7.2% in states where CBD has been legalized, compared to 6% in other states.
Likewise, sweet snacks grew by 2% in the former states versus 1.3% in states where it is illegal.
Nielsen noted ‘the increase in sales starts at the time the legislation becomes effective.’
Marijuana is legal for recreational use in 11 states and Washington DC, and a number of others – including New York, Connecticut and New Jersey – are considering the same move. Illinois is the latest to join the pond, with sales of cannabis products containing the psychoactive element, THC, anticipated to start in January 2020.
‘Edible hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products – which include the cannabinoid compound found in marijuana with little to no THC – present a $6bn opportunity for the food and beverage industry,’ said Nielsen.
Cultured cannabinoids at commercial scale
Meanwhile, Canadian cannabis giant Cronos Group is expecting a boost from the acquisition of a state-of-the-art fermentation and manufacturing facility in Winnipeg.
The facility is equipped with laboratories that cover microbiology, chemistry, quality control and method development and two large fermentation production areas, which Cronos said will increase its ability to produce ‘cultured cannabinoids at commercial scale with high-quality and high-purity.’

The move comes shortly after the company hired Mondelēz veteran Dr Todd Abraham to be its chief innovation officer.
Dr Abraham’s extensive career in traditional packaged foods also includes stints at Nabisco Foods and General Mills' Pillsbury Company.



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why is this news, it's been a well established fact for hundreds of years now weed makes you hungry.
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break these cuffs

You must attack the word bastards
US Coastguard leaps onto moving submarine full of drugs in Pacific
Video embedded in article.
The semisubmersible filled with tonnes of cocaine tore through deep Pacific waters, ultimately bound for the United States, tracked by a Coast Guard surveillance aircraft.

Infamously elusive boats dubbed narco-submarines - cartel-funded ships built in the jungle to haul massive amounts of drugs - have bedeviled Coast Guardsmen tasked with stemming the flow of contraband. Most are never spotted.

But on June 18, there was a positive hit on a narco-submarine hundreds of miles off the Colombian and Ecuadoran coast in waters patrolled by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro. The ship deployed a boarding team on two small boats with a helicopter watching overhead.

Guardsmen, trained in boarding ships, wore helmet camera videos recording the moment they ran down the vessel. "Stop your boat! Now!" one roars in Spanish as waves crash against the hull. "That's going to be hard to get on," he says. The boarders wore holstered pistols and night-vision goggles to prepare to peer inside the dark hull.

Three Guardsmen slip off the side of their boat onto the 12m narco-sub as one boarder pounds on the hatch with his fist. Then, a suspected trafficker emerges and puts his hands up as the Coast Guardsmen scream commands. Then the video ends.

Inside was more than 7 tonnes of cocaine, estimated to be worth US$232 million ($347m), said Lt. Commander Stephen Brickey, a spokesman for U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area.

"They're like the White Whale," Brickey told The Washington Post on Thursday, describing narco-subs. "They're pretty rare. For us to get one, it's a significant event." The Pacific region monitored by the Coast Guard is about the size of the continental U.S., Brickey said, likening the mission to a pair of police cars patrolling the country.

Brickey said patrols may encounter a narco-sub once a year or so. Boarding them can be "hairy," he said - smugglers can be armed, and when caught, they typically open a valve to quickly fill the vessel with water, sending all the drugs and evidence to the ocean floor.

Boarders have one to two minutes to assess whether they are on a drug-laced vessel about to sink, Brickey said.

This particular semisubmersible - a ship partially submerged that cannot fully dive like a submarine - was sunk by the Coast Guard, Brickey said. The alleged smugglers were taken for prosecution by the DEA.

The haul from the June seizure was set to be offloaded Thursday during an event with Vice President Mike Pence in attendance, part of 14 separate seizures of drugs worth a combined US$569m ($850m), the Coast Guard said. The seizures occurred off the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

About 80 per cent of drugs that enter the U.S. come from the Pacific corridor, Brickey said, and authorities stop about 11 per cent of semisubmersibles. In 2009, The Washington Post reported that more than a third of Colombian cocaine that ultimately arrived in the U.S. was smuggled into submersibles bound for Central America and Mexico.
Some background and history on narco subs with lots of pictures.
http://www.hisutton.com/Narco Subs 101.html



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airy Queen employee fired after mistaking 'Moana' for 'marijuana' on birthday cake
Dairy Queen employee fired after mistaking 'Moana' for 'marijuana' on birthday cake
A Dairy Queen employee was fired this week after mistakenly hearing “marijuana” instead of “Moana” when she took an order for a themed birthday cake.
Cassandra Walker, an employee at the fast-food chain, said her manager misheard a request from a customer who wanted a movie-themed cake to celebrate her daughter’s 25th birthday.
The customer, the mother of Kensli Daivs, called the local branch of the restaurant to request a “Moana”-themed birthday cake — a reference to her daughter’s favorite Disney movie — but the employee heard “marijuana” instead, CNN reported.

Davis posted a photo on Facebook showing the green-and-white cake, which features a marijuana leaf and a green “My Little Pony” character smoking and with bloodshot eyes.
“My mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana. (Because I really do),” the Facebook post reads. “Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana That ice cream cake was still good though.”
The post, made on July 2, has since gone viral on social media.

Walker, who worked at the Dairy Queen for about a year, was fired on Monday and said the mix-up wasn’t her fault and that her manager approved the design.

“The manager stood behind me while I pulled the images off the internet,” Walker told USA Today. “She walked by as I decorated the cake. As I boxed the cake up, she was the one who walked it up to the front.”
By Thursday afternoon, another store manager called Walker to offer to reinstate her, but she declined because of how she’d been treated, USA Today reports.

“It’s not funny to me,” she said


it just goes on and on and on and on...
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Deputies: Florida man stashed cocaine, heroin, pills in butt
18 grams of drugs found, according to report
By Adrienne Cutway - Web Editor
Posted: 1:28 PM, July 12, 2019Updated: 1:28 PM, July 12, 2019

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - Heroin, cocaine, pills, crack and marijuana were found hidden inside a man's butt after a traffic stop, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.
Deputies said they pulled over Derick McKay, 36, around 9 a.m. Thursday for speeding and not wearing a seat belt. He appeared to be nervous and smelled of marijuana so he was ordered out of the vehicle as deputies investigated further, the affidavit said.

A search revealed McKay's license was suspended for the fifth time since 2008, according to the report.

During a pat-down, deputies said they felt a bulge on McKay's rear and he seemed to be clenching and refused to release, even when warned he could face a charge of introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

McKay said he was out on bond for a sale of narcotics charge and would only remove the drugs from his body if he could be assured his bond wouldn't be revoked, according to the affidavit.

Authorities said it wasn't until McKay was about to be booked into jail that he agreed to remove the drugs.

The large bag contained smaller bags filled with 12 Lortab pills, 12 oxycodone pills, 3.5 grams of heroin, 9.1 grams of cocaine, 1.1 grams of crack cocaine, 2.4 grams of marijuana and 1.9 grams of molly, records show.

He also had $400 in his front pocket.

“This was a routine traffic stop that ended with a serious poison peddler behind bars,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said. “This dealer is not new to Flagler County and despite many chances, he just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson and get a real job. I hope the courts deal harshly with him and get him off our streets for good before he sells to someone who overdoses or dies.”

He was arrested on charges of driving with a suspended license and multiple drug possession with intent to sell charges.

Copyright 2019 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.

Link: https://www.clickorlando.com/strange-florida/deputies-florida-man-stashed-cocaine-heroin-pills-in-butt
Archive: http://archive.li/YhXeP


A Florida woman who allegedly could not get sex from her boyfriend turned a blade on him. Jennifer Lee Chapman, 37, of Dunedin — a suburb of Tampa — was arrested Wednesday on felony aggravated battery charges.

When the live-in boyfriend said he was too tired for sex, Chapman allegedly grabbed a serrated kitchen knife and cut her own arm.

Police say the boyfriend tried to stop Chapman, resulting in a physical confrontation between the couple. Both hit the floor during their struggle, according to the complaint filed by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. The report states that when the two briefly separated on the floor, Chapman grabbed the knife and cut her boyfriend multiple times in his arm and shoulder.

The report further alleges that Chapman head-butted her boyfriend and punched hm in the face. The victim was bleeding from stab wounds and showed injuries to his face.

Jennifer Lee Chapman

Jennifer Lee Chapman, 37, was arrested Wednesday on aggravated battery charges, which are a felony in Florida.PHOTO COURTESY OF PINELLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
Chapman reportedly fled the scene on foot. Neither alcohol nor drugs played a role in the incident, and there were no witnesses, according to the report. The incident occurred last Friday, but Chapman was not arrested until Wednesday.

In addition to these charges, Chapman could be in trouble for violating her probation. Last October she was sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to illegally possessing crystal meth, marijuana and Xanax, according to thesmokinggun.com.

The arrest comes just two days after a woman in West Virginia admitted to the 2017 stabbing death of her husband during rough sexual "foreplay."

On Monday, Jennifer Lynn Via, 49, was sentenced to 15 years for the stabbing death of her husband, Thomas Via.

Jennifer initially told authorities her husband had slipped and fell on the 14-inch dagger that went through his heart. She later confessed that the couple had been watching "kung fu" movies, and that led to violent foreplay by using weapons, according to ABC News.

She told Cabell Circuit Judge Gregory Howard she stabbed her husband in the back with a decorative dagger on Nov. 4, 2017, in Huntington at their home, according to the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

She said she placed the knife against his back and penetrated it about seven inches into his back, which eventually struck his heart. He bled to death internally.

Link: https://www.newsweek.com/disabled-florida-woman-arrested-after-stabbing-boyfriend-who-was-too-tired-sex-1448863
Archive: http://archive.li/nsji6
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