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Elwood P. Dowd

I am the lizard king. I can do ... anything.
Video at link

"Child with Autism" Signs Wanted, Village of Hamburg to consider
By Fadia Patterson Hamburg
PUBLISHED 11:40 PM ET Aug. 03, 2019 UPDATED 7:49 AM ET Aug. 04, 2019

In the town of Hamburg, applications for the diamond-shaped signs that read 'Child with Autism Area' are rolling in.

"It is a unique danger and parents of those children suffer a great deal of anxiety in caring for the kids with autism," said Town Supervisor James Shaw.

He says a resolution was passed to allow the posting of such signs following a process that began 18 months ago.
Signs for the blind, deaf and handicap already exist to curb injury, but many parents of autistic children are frustrated that the austism signs are not sanctioned by the state Department of Transportation.

"The State Department of Transportation has issued an advisory opinion to towns and villages throughout the state of New York that such a sign is not appropriate because it does not alert motorist specifically to what kind of danger is posed by autistic children," said Shaw.
Debbie Cordone is the founder of the Fantastic Friends of Western New York. Many members are raising autistic children.

"The risk is these kids can be very quick and unpredictable," said Cordone, of Cheektowaga. "They can dart quickly into the street! They don't understand danger."

The town of Hamburg became the fourth municipality in Erie County to adopt the autistic signs. The village of Hamburg will have its own discussion on how they plan to tackle the issue next.

Mayor Moses said the village will discuss it during a meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m.


The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
A short lesson on language and slurs:

Chinese refer to China as "Zhongguo" and chinese people as "Zhongruoren". Koreans refer to Korea as "Hangook" and koreans as "Hangookin". These terms share some of the same underlying characters for "country" and "people (nationality)".

Chinese: 中国人
Korean: 韓国人 (in hangul, 한국인)

国 = country
人 = person, people

"Gook" as a slur derives from the "Hangook"/"Hangookin". If the term was a broader asian slur, it would more likely be one of the following:

1. take a chinese pronunciation due to the historical relationship between chinese language and other east asian languages (japanese kanji/korean hangja)
2. take a japanese pronunciation because of america's longer and deeper cultural relationship with japan

Ie, if a term/slur/etc is korean in nature it is very likely to be targeted specifically at koreans.
I used to think that was the historical etymology of the "gook" slur as well, but I have since changed my mind after reading some first-person accounts written and published in the mid-1920s which define and use "gook" as a US Marine slang term for Nicaraguan rebels during the interwar American occupation of that country, long predating the Korean conflict. From there, its use was expanded by US Marines to refer to all foreign inhabitants during the various banana republic interventions, and I suspect the Marines took it with them to the Pacific to refer to the Japanese, as the term crops up again here and there in the Pacific War literature. Then naturally, the Marines took it along with them to Korea a few short years later.

Though where the Marines in 1920s Nicaragua derived "gook" is still a mystery to me.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.

Game of Thrones’ San Diego Comic-Con panel was meant as a celebration of a series loved by an unprecedented number of fans. But with an army of that loyal following left disappointed by the series’ grand finale, showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss pulled out of their scheduled appearance at the SDCC event. Speculation has been rife as to why that actually was. With the women of the show (Arya actress, Maisie Williams, aside) also notably absent from theGame of Thrones San Diego Comic-Con panel — and following some discussion at the event about the backlash — we take a timely look back at what went wrong, as we examine one of the show’s biggest mistakes…
Women, know your place. That’s the ultimate message conveyed come the end of Game of Thrones. A bitter aftertaste made even sourer when you consider what the show seemed to be setting up: an overthrowing of the patriarchy.
From the start, the series depicted and treated women in distasteful ways. And as some of the women characters grew wise to the workings of their medieval world, they looked to use their wiles, in the only ways they were able under the regime. They enacted their own brand of resistance against the patriarchy, with some actively fighting back. As the series progressed, it began to look like it had been showcasing women, and the heinous treatment of women, the way it did for a reason – to highlight the abhorrence of patriarchal rule within Westeros, and to set up an insurgence designed to overhaul the ideology.
Daenerys Season 1
Dany was denied the outcome the show set up for her.
If you baulked at the show’s repeated insistence on female nudity versus male, and grimaced as women were abused, you became aware that this was perhaps designed in order for the coming coup to have maximum impact. In highlighting the sexualisation of women – through lasciviously shot, lingering close-ups of nude female bodies – and contrasting this with shooting and showcasing the male nude in entirely different ways (fleeting, distant, or obscured shots of a small handful of nude(ish) male bodies that are never objectified), the show was clearly deliberately enraging us, right? In order to later denounce the objectification of women.
Despite a dodgy seventh season, I persevered with a much-criticised Season 8 because I expected the series to redeem itself and follow through on its promise. But that didn’t happen. Plenty of other fans were also disappointed in a show that drew criticism for character shifts that seemed to come out of nowhere. Dany, in particular, was a shoo-in for saviour of Westeros. Instead, she went full Mad Queen – as furious women, especially those scorned by a lover, are wont to do, of course.
Indeed, Daenerys, Cersei, Arya, Sansa and Brienne – the five main women characters we’ll be examining here – all went to battle against the patriarchy, and every one of them was beaten into submission, forced to play by the rules, put back in their box, or compelled to forever remain an outsider.

Daenerys’s entry into the series was as a timid, young innocent, under the control of her vile brother, Viserys. Sold, essentially, into sex slavery by the brother who abused her both sexually and emotionally, she turned the situation to her advantage, teaching her new husband, Khal Drogo, how to love and be loved. Their marriage became a partnership, and Dany achieved her first blow against the system.
Over the course of the next few seasons, we would see Dany make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes, as she learned what it takes to wield power responsibly, and ultimately govern a kingdom, or seven. Some of those mistakes were big ones – incinerating Sam Tarly’s father and brother alive, and executing the masters, to name two — and in hindsight served as a red flag prefiguring the Dany we would see in Season 8. But at the time, it seemed like she was operating within the rules as defined by the world she lived in. She had to be tough to succeed, sometimes making difficult decisions in order to inspire both loyalty and respect, and show that she could be ruthless when required.
Instead, driven to the brink by the prospect of losing out in a leadership battle with Jon Snow – revealed to be her nephew, a Targaryen with a stronger claim to the throne than she – and also by his rejection of her as his lover, she is finally pushed over the edge when her friend and advisor Missandei is killed. (Yes, the show’s only woman of colour was used as a plot device).
In place of emerging as the woman to upend the patriarchy, the show’s creators decided to send her full ‘Mad Queen’, following in her father’s footsteps, turning tyrant and literally ‘burning them all’ with dragonfire. Goodbye, King’s Landing and all its innocent men, women and children. And goodbye, Dany, who perished at the hands of her nephew ex-lover.
cersei lannister jaime lannister game of thrones
Cersei Lannister is a victim.
Cersei is far from the show’s villain, despite the hideous things she did throughout its run. Rather, she is a victim, and arguably the series’ most tragic character. Of course, it’s easy to see her as a two-dimensional villainess-type figure because we’re used to patriarchal (small ‘p’) narratives. In fact, Cersei is another downtrodden and abused woman getting a really raw deal from the patriarchy, and mustering everything she can to fight back.
Forced into a marriage with Robert Baratheon – one in which he was an unwilling participant due to his affection for another woman (Lyanna Stark) – she suffered abuse by her husband. A forbidden love affair with her twin brother Jaime and a sexual relationship with her cousin, Lancel, saw Cersei face trial by the High Sparrow and his court. Made to carry out a walk of shame, fully naked, outdoors in the city (from the Septto the Red Keep) while pelted with excrement and other foul stuff, while her brother Jaime managed to evade any form of punishment for his ‘transgressions’, it’s clear that the show treats women differently to men.

Cersei was punished for her ‘sins of the flesh’ and ultimately female desire, while her brother escaped any penance — and was even ultimately redeemed. And in fact, Jaime lost a hand ultimately because he had the nerve to protect a woman (Brienne) from rape. How’s that for a sign of what the show thinks about women? All understood if Game of Thrones culminates in a win for womankind at the finish line – though Cersei would likely always have been tragic – but instead, with the outcome being what it was, once again women are put in their place.

Game of Thrones Littlefinger Sansa
Sansa, with Littlefinger.
Sansa is another extremely problematic character, underserved, at best, by the series denouement. At worst, she was woefully — and unforgivably — made to bow to the harmful narrative that violent rape made her the person she became, and forced to acknowledge that she’s thankful for it. Yes, that’s right. Game of Thrones writers penned this line for Sansa actress Sophie Turner to say:
“Without Littlefinger and Ramsey and the rest, I would have stayed a little bird all my life.”
To recap, Sansa was self-servingly and heartlessly manipulated by Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, horrendously abused by Joffrey, and violently raped on a nightly basis by Ramsey Bolton. She got first-hand revenge on two of those – crowdpleasing moments that will remain among the show’s major highlights — and she witnessed the loathsome Joffrey die a painful death too. As the show progressed, we watched Sansa grow into a remarkable woman. And then this. SMH.

Let’s go back to that Jaime redemption, shall we? Brienne was instrumental in his rehabilitation. Their relationship drew out the best in him, and the audience grew to like Jaime immensely, even seeing a noble side to him. And when he eventually seduced Brienne and declared feelings for her, it’s actually outrageous, and out-of-character, for her to submit.
Set up as a strong woman – albeit one who falls loyally and royally in love (with Renly) – Jaime gave her the one thing she’d always wanted in Season 8: a knighthood. And then swiftly undid the good the show did by shagging her, then leaving her to return to his one true love, his sister, to meet his fate in her arms beneath a pile of rubble. We’ll never forget the sight of a weeping Brienne in a dressing gown. How to destroy one of the show’s greatest women characters in one fell swoop.
Get back in your box, Brienne.
Arya doing the business.
And finally, we come to Arya. Certainly a fan favourite, and a woman allowed to vanquish the encroaching darkness in her slaying of the Night King – the Princess Who Was Promised to all intents and purposes – she had to do so by becoming a man. Literally disguising herself as a boy (remember Arry?) during her escape from King’s Landing, it’s in posing as a boy that she picked up friends and skills that helped her along the way. She was literally not allowed to be a girl, and in re-adopting her female identity, but insisting on playing by her own rules, she was then forced to forever live as an outsider. The final episode sees her sail off into actual and metaphorical uncharted waters.
But the show really let Arya down during that low-key calm-before-the-storm episode in Season 8, when she seduced Gendry. It kind came out of nowhere, but okay, we get it, you want to have sex before you die. Well done on taking the lead on that. But when the show’s creative team just had to get that full-length nude shot with a bit of side boob showing for us all to salivate over, you knew it was just an excuse to get a shot of her female form now that Arya has come of age. Did we see Gendry’s male form shot in such a way during their liaison? Hell, no. Meaning that as well as finding no space for a woman playing by her own rules in GoT society, she also gets objectified before getting shipped off.
In the game of thrones, it’s women that were always pegged to lose.
I'm fairly certain that the greater point of Game of Thrones is that life sucks.

Elwood P. Dowd

I am the lizard king. I can do ... anything.
Kind of an interesting follow up. Apparently "Child with Autism" equals "Person of Color," and "Autistic Child" equals "Colored Person?" Who knew? I guess its okay for the kid to get run over as long as the signage is worded properly? :geek: (The sign as amended is harder to see.)

Sign warning drivers about child with autism vandalized over controversial wording

Elise Solé
Yahoo LifestyleMay 30, 2019

A Michigan mother posted street signs to warn drivers that her son with autism, may be outside. Someone changed her grammar, ruining her sign. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon).

View photos
A Michigan mother posted street signs to warn drivers that her son with autism, may be outside. Someone changed her grammar, ruining her sign. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon).
A neighborhood sign warning drivers to avoid a child with autism were tampered with over a mother’s controversial wordage.
Six-year-old Austin Sharon of Garden City, Mich., was diagnosed with autism as a toddler and even with behavioral therapy, he’s started running out his front door without his parents’ approval.
“You can imagine that even using quickly the bathroom is stressful,” mother Maggie Sharon tells Yahoo Lifestyle.
Worried that Austin could get hit by a car, the family added extra locks and an alarm system to their home. Last year, they also installed two signs on either end of their block that read, “Autistic Child In Area” purchased by a local charity called Taking Action for Friends Family and Youth.
Six-year-old Austin Sharon has autism and tends to run outside without permission. His family installed street signs to warn drivers, one of which was defaced by a stranger. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon)

View photos
Six-year-old Austin Sharon has autism and tends to run outside without permission. His family installed street signs to warn drivers, one of which was defaced by a stranger. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon)
The signs afforded a small peace of mind until Monday when Maggie saw that one was covered up with yellow tape and the edit, “Child with Autism In Area.”
Maggie only wanted to be concise, but she touched upon a larger debate over how to refer to diagnosed people: Autistic person or person with autism?
According to a blog post re-published by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, some favor the term “autistic” to recognize autism as “an inherent part of an individual’s identity” similar to descriptives like “Muslim” or “African-American.”
The post reads, “On the other hand, many parents of autistic people and professionals who work with autistic people prefer terminology such as ‘person with autism,’ ‘people with autism,’ or ‘individual with ASD; because they do not consider autism to be part of an individual’s identity…They want ‘person-first language,’ that puts ‘person’ before any identifier such as “autism,” in order to emphasize the humanity of their children.”
A stranger in Michigan changed the wording on a safety sign to protect a child with autism. Now, the boy's mother is upset. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon).

View photos
A stranger in Michigan changed the wording on a safety sign to protect a child with autism. Now, the boy's mother is upset. (Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Sharon).
Altered, the sign is wordy and less readable. The vandalism is also a new distraction. And because the sign is made with reflective material, the words on the tape are completely blacked out in the evening.
Maggie ripped the tape off her sign and hopes the stranger stays away.
“My instincts say whoever changed the sign doesn’t have a child with autism,” Maggie says. “But it could also be a parent dealing with a new diagnosis — which is a scary and touchy time. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it and I respect the person’s opinion.”

break these cuffs

The weak should fear the strong
Kind of an interesting follow up. Apparently "Child with Autism" equals "Person of Color," and "Autistic Child" equals "Colored Person?" Who knew? I guess its okay for the kid to get run over as long as the signage is worded properly? :geek: (The sign as amended is harder to see.)

God with newspeak word manipulation shit is autistic.
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One of Hollywood's best-known villains, Danny Trejo, came to the rescue of a baby that was trapped in an overturned vehicle in Los Angeles.

It wasn't a stunt for an upcoming movie. It happened in real life on Wednesday.

The actor jumped into action after witnessing two vehicles crash causing one to rollover. The overturned vehicle that was sitting on its roof still had a baby strapped into a car seat inside.

Trejo said he tried crawling in through a broken window but couldn't get the seat belt unhooked. With the help of another bystander, Monica Jackson, they were able to free the child.

"The only thing that saved the little kid was his car seat," Trejo told a photographer on the scene.

The Los Angeles Fire Department told CNN affiliate KABC that three people were taken to a hospital. Their injuries were not life threatening.

"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else," Trejo told CNN affiliate KABC. "Everything."


True & Honest Fan

Founded by Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro in 2015 with funding from fracking magnate and former Ted Cruz donor Farris Wilks, the Daily Wire was intended to be a profit-generating outlet mixing conservative opinion and news.

The site regularly advocates positions and rhetoric that are racist, sexist, and disparaging of the LGBTQ community. While much of this comes from Shapiro or Ryan Saavedra, the daily podcasts hosted by Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan also regularly employ ugly rhetoric about minority and oppressed groups.

Media Matters looked at their podcasts released on the Daily Wire site since the beginning of 2019 and found that the site is a platform grounded in hatred and bigotry. Below are the podcasters and examples of their sexist, racist, bigoted commentary.

Andrew Klavan
Andrew Klavan is a crime and suspense novelist who has written essays and op-eds for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Like Knowles, Klavan is a consistent supporter of Trump and subscribes to religious conservatism that is sometimes more moderate than Walsh’s.
Klavan argued that the female body is “made to attract men,” and women should sympathize with the “powerful sense of attraction” that men feel. “If women are asking us to respect them, as we should,” Klavan asked, “shouldn’t they have a little bit of understanding of our experiences?” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 4/2/19]
Klavan said that “the video game industry” is “already” the “battleground for culture wars” and that Gamergate -- a sexist attack on women gamers that Vice described as “a massive, coordinated harassment campaign masquerading as a pseudo-political movement” -- was “people trying to defend their right to play whatever games they wanted.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 3/6/19, Vice.com, 9/14/17]
Klavan said, “Feminism has created this generation of women who think they matter because they are women, who think their ideas matter because they are women, who think their ideas are protected because they are women. They’re not.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/11/19]
Klavan claimed that “the future is always male” and warns that “demonizing men causes mass shootings. [The Andrew Klavan Show, 8/5/19]
Klavan claimed conservatives have always said that all minorities are welcome into the country, but “there is a price of admission that you pay.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 1/07/19]
Klavan said “we should thank Christian white men” for creating our civilization. [The Andrew Klavan Show, 1/5/19]
Klavan claimed that birtherism wasn’t racist. It was based only on the fact that Obama “didn’t feel like he was one of us -- not because of the color of his skin but because of the color of his patriotism.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 2/4/19]
Klavan claimed that blackface isn’t “insulting per se” but is a “hurtful idea.” He said there should be acceptable forms of blackface, such as if a child wants to dress up as Black Panther for Halloween. [The Andrew Klavan Show, 2/7/19]
Klavan said the actions and manifesto of the white supremacist shooter who killed over 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand, don’t “necessarily condemn anything that he was trying to represent.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 3/18/19; NBC News, 5/2/19]
Klavan claimed that the outrage white suburbanites felt when Black kids were bused into their neighborhoods was understandable. “Isn’t there a difference,” Klavan asked, between “standing up for the right of Black people to move into a community once they can afford it, once they’ve worked their self way up a ladder,” and “a busload of kids who haven’t been brought up the way your kids have brought up?” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 3/20/19]
Klavan said that “you can disagree with [Trump’s] policies,” but “you cannot say is that he’s a racist or that he’s acted in a racist way. You could say Obama was a racist.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 5/21/19]
Klavan said the U.S. should not allow immigrants into this country who don’t share our “Western values.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/11/19]
Klavan speculated that Omar may believe in Sharia, saying, “Does she support Sharia law, which I think is the dividing line between Muslims we can live with [and] Muslims we can’t live with?” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/16/19]
Klavan said his “joke about” Omar is that she was “so angry she almost exploded, but the TSA took the belt off her.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/17/19]
Klavan again said that Obama used his birth certificate to “troll the right, and it worked. And Trump trolled him back.” He claimed that birtherism was not racist because Obama did not sound like a “typical” American president. [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/22/19]
Anti-LGBTQ bigotry:
Klavan said, “Transgender women aren’t women ... and the only way you can maintain that fallacy is if you silence people who disagree.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 1/31/19]
According to Klavan, “Leftism basically implants its newspeak, its white lies, into our language by insisting that it’s impolite and hurtful” to not address people by the gender and name they identify with. Klavan also said, “You can cut your body into 17 different pieces, you still will not change your gender. Every cell you have is of a specific gender.” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 4/12/19]
Klavan argued that “if gay people are going to come on board, they have to subscribe … to the founding ideas” by accepting the fundamental principles of religious liberty. [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/3/19]
Klavan warned that “these gay activists are out there prowling like lions” to corrupt Christian children with their “terrible, terrible culture” [The Andrew Klavan Show, 7/19/19]
Michael Knowles
Michael Knowles is an occasional guest on Fox News programs and author of Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide -- a completely blank 266-page book that sold 60,000 copies in less than a week and became a top-selling book on Amazon. Like Walsh, Knowles opposes reproductive rights and trans acceptance, and he is arguably the most vocal supporter of the Trump administration among the four Daily Wire podcast hosts.
Anti-abortion extremism:
Knowles declared that abortion is similar to what he described as child sacrifice in witchcraft, saying that Americans “sacrifice our babies” to “hyper-individualism,” “total freedom of choice, and freedom from obligation,” and concluding, “It’s the same exact thing.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 2/26/19]
Knowles asked why former President Barack Obama isn’t considered also white, saying, “His mother is white, he was raised largely by a white family, if not exclusively.” Knowles also claimed that Obama’s education and political career demonstrate that he “is like the most privileged guy ever.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 3/12/19]
Knowles claimed, “A lot of Democrats these days don’t like Jews. They have antipathy for Jews, and they have a racial preference for Arabs.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 5/14/19]
Knowles said the “leftist culture in America that hates itself, that hates the West, that hates our tradition, that hates our system of self-government” wants people to support immigration so immigrants “can come here and erase our own culture.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 5/23/19]
Knowles claimed that birtherism was not a racist movement and people thought Obama isn’t an American because he “doesn’t speak like an American. He doesn’t speak in the sort of ideas that are traditionally American ideas.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 6/04/19]
Knowles said the left is seeking to “flood this country” with undocumented immigrants to “radically change American culture” while “the right wants to ... maintain the integrity of our nation.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 6/18/19]
Knowles claimed, “There is a lot more evidence that Ilhan Omar has sympathies for Al Qaeda than there is that Donald Trump is a racial bigot.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 7/25/19]
Anti-LGBTQ extremism:
Knowles lamented that our “mentally insane society” “indulged and encouraged” trans people. [The Michael Knowles Show, 1/16/19]
Knowles argued that “in hot-button issues like transgenderism … you could face social consequences if you speak obvious truths,” but “no one gains when you indulge delusion. No one gains when you indulge in fantasy. That’s a false compassion.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 4/04/19]
Knowles said that if “gay people really just wanted to be tolerated by society and accepted by society, why would they choose” pride for their motto when it is “the worst sin of all,” further claiming, “The left has a much bigger agenda than sexual tolerance. Sex is just a way in.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 6/03/19]
Knowles asserted that “we need a definition of marriage” and claimed, “Marriage is between a man and a woman. No amount of social engineering is going to change that. And I think it’s ultimately an act of political cowardice for us to back away and say … we don’t want to fight that fight.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 6/20/19]
Knowles claimed that the “logical conclusion” of the sexual revolution is that “we’re going to normalize pedophilia.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 6/24/19]
Knowles said that in supporting trans people, the left is making “a power grab for ontological control -- the control, the power, to redefine reality itself.” [The Michael Knowles Show, 8/1/19]
Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh is a former blogger who has embraced the label “theocratic fascist.” He uses his podcast to consistently push a regressive form of Catholicism that opposes the legality of same-sex marriage and trans rights. Walsh frequently rails on what he describes as the evils of abortion rights and recently helped organize an anti-choice rally in Pittsburgh.
Walsh has claimed he did not learn “a single thing” from the #MeToo movement and that most men learned nothing from it “because we already knew that.” Walsh went on to minimize the movement by limiting its message to just “don’t rape.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 1/15/19]
Walsh asserted that “one of the things that got lost in the #MeToo hysteria” was that “women have their own advantages” and many women manipulate men with their sexuality for “career advancements.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 1/16/19]
Walsh claimed that “insecurity is what drives” feminists and that they are “insecure about the fact that they themselves are not men.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 3/6/19]
Walsh complained that because of #MeToo “hysteria,” a lot of “chivalrous and good men” are now “afraid” to “help another person, especially a woman, because they don’t want to be accused of anything.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 5/9/19]
Walsh said the “defining factor” for sexism, harrasment, assault, and rape “is how the woman feels about it.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 6/12/19]
Walsh claimed the only “everyday” oppression that feminists living in “urban centers” may face is manspreading and being complimented at work. [The Matt Walsh Show, 7/25/19]
Walsh pointed to an overly “feminine influence” on boys as a potential contributing cause for mass shooters. [The Matt Walsh Show, 8/6/19]
Anti-abortion extremism:
Walsh characterized abortion rights supporters as people who “support giving lethal injection to infants,” saying, “You are a sick and perverted person if you support that.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 1/23/19]
Walsh said Planned Parenthood is “a rapist’s best friend.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 5/15/19]
Walsh called abortion providers “hitm[e]n” and “assassins.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 5/23/19]
Walsh called Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “Jew-hating.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 2/12/19]
After criticism erupted against John Wayne for an unearthed interview he gave to Playboy in 1971 in which he said, “I believe in white supremacy,” Walsh claimed that the controversy is part of a coordinated effort to deny white men the ability “to look back in history and admire or enjoy the work of other white males. … Our heroes must be culturally approved.” [The Washington Post, 2/20/19; The Matt Walsh Show, 2/20/19]
Walsh said that unlike previous immigrants, current immigrants to the U.S. are “not building the country because it’s already built,” and they are “Balkanizing” the country. [The Matt Walsh Show, 4/05/19]
Walsh stated of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), “There is no evidence at all that she is loyal to America.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 5/06/19]
Anti-LGBTQ extremism:
Walsh said dressing in drag is “female blackface” and drag shows are “essentially female minstrel shows.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 2/14/19]
Walsh stated that if marriage “is going to have any purpose whatsoever, then it must be a union between a man and a woman.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 3/01/19]
Walsh asserted that if there is trans acceptance in society, “Western civilization is over.” [The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special, 3/31/19]
Walsh said that not referring to trans or gender nonbinary people by the appropriate gender pronouns “is a hill to die on” because “I’m not going to lie for you, and that is just a lie and I won’t participate in it.” [The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special, 3/31/19]
Walsh ranted against “gay adoption,” falsely saying children adopted by same-sex couples are at a “disadvantage” because they have “certain emotional, psychological needs” that will not be met by same-sex parents. [The Matt Walsh Show, 4/18/19]
Walsh claimed that “people are so desperate to be included … in the supposedly oppressed LGBT category that they are making up labels that make no sense, just so they can be included. It’s become a very sought-after club to be in.” Walsh stated that the LGBTQ community “is not an oppressed group” but is a “privileged group.” [The Matt Walsh Show, 6/03/19]

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The Kiwi Farms is constantly attacked by insane people and very expensive to run. It would not be here without community support.

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