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There's a guy who stabbed 2 women in Pittsburgh, one of them was a Muslim wearing a hijab. They caught a suspect and it's a black guy. This news won't go very far since it don't fit the narrative.

Double Stabbing: One Killed, Another Injured In Downtown Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two women were stabbed, one fatally, right in front of a police officer late Thursday morning in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh.
The incident was reported around 11:40 a.m. at 6th and Smithfield Streets, at a Port Authority bus shelter. The scene is not far from a Rite Aid, Burlington Coat Factory and the entrance to the Duquesne Club.

According to witnesses, a least one of the victims may have been wearing a hijab, a garment worn by Muslim women.
The name of the woman killed has not been released.

According to Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, a Zone 1 police officer was patrolling the area when he noticed a woman sleeping under a bus shelter.
The officer turned his patrol car around to check on the woman.
Chief Schubert says as the officer was talking with her, the suspect came around his back and struck the woman with a knife. The suspect then turned around and stabbed a second woman.

Male Idiot

Loli Hitler

There have been several cases of animal abuse in Hungary's rural bumfuck areas and it is generating an outrage that politics could not manage. Warning, graphic content. Also there is apparently at least one skinhead (though not assuredly right wing) group going around and intimidating animal abusers.

The rich peasant woman is apparently known for treating person or animal alike harshly, and is not loved in the village. She is now under protective custody and 1% of the entire population signed a petition for harsh punishment and more comprehensive anti brutality police action.

Her defense is apparently "I punished my horse the same way and it lived." Which propably alludes that her car is shit.
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What'll it be, boys?

There have been several cases of animal abuse in Hungary's rural bumfuck areas and it is generating an outrage that politics could not manage. Warning, graphic content. Also there is apparently at least one skinhead (though not assuredly right wing) group going around and intimidating animal abusers.

The rich peasant woman is apparently known for treating person or animal alike harshly, and is not loved in the village. She is now under protective custody and 1% of the entire population signed a petition for harsh punishment and more comprehensive anti brutality police action.

Her defense is apparently "I punished my horse the same way and it lived." Which propably alludes that her car is shit.
Shitty as she is, Hungary is still more normal than the West.
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NASHVILLE – Early this morning offender Cyntoia Denise Brown was released from the Tennessee Prison for Women. Former Governor Bill Haslam commuted the sentence of Brown on January 7, 2019. Per the commutation, Brown has now been released to parole supervision. As part of this commutation, there are several conditions that must be met including:

• Compliance with an approved release plan,
• Maintain employment or educational enrollment once placed on parole,
• Participate in regular counseling sessions, and
• Maintain a regular commitment to community service.

On the night of August 6, 2004, 16-year-old Brown met 43-year-old Johnny Michael Allen in the parking lot of a Sonic Drive-In on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville, Tennessee. Allen was a real estate broker and a United States Army veteran. Based on what Brown told investigators, Allen asked her if she was hungry and if she was homeless. Brown answered yes to both questions and accepted Allen’s offer to take her to his house. Brown and Allen ordered dinner and Allen drove the pair to his home. At a later hearing, Brown testified that she agreed to have sex with Allen for $150, but claimed that they never actually engaged in sexual intercourse. At some point during the encounter Brown shot Allen in the back of the head using her .40-caliber handgun. She then left the house in Allen’s Ford F-150 in possession of Allen’s wallet, containing $172, and two of his firearms. Brown left the truck at a Wal-Mart parking lot and flagged down an SUV for a ride home. Police later found Brown at the nearby Intown Suites.

Brown maintains she feared for her life during their encounter.
Countdown to reoffense begins! But first a Gofundme to fuel her upcoming drug binge.

Despite having Rihanna and Kardashians on her side, she only managed to scrounge up $28k?

There's a lot of misinformation in this thread. Here's the appeal document.
Let's go through it.
Erin Dutton, the records custodian for Davidson County's 911 call center, testified regarding a 911 call that was placed at 7:19 p.m. on August 7, 2004. A recording of the call was played for the jury. The caller provided the operator with the address 2728 Mossdale Drive; when the operator asked "what's going on over there[,] ma'am," the caller replied "homicide." The operator attempted to ask the caller additional questions, but the caller hung up before responding to them.
The caller is unidentified but it sounds like Ms. Brown herself placed the call. Who else would know there was a homicide rather than just a shot fired?
Detective Scott Carter with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department testified that he was sent to the Mossdale Drive residence on August 7, 2004, when he was still a patrol officer. He received no response when he knocked on the front door but he was able to open the house's garage door. He and his sergeant, Dhana Jones, who also arrived on the scene, went into the house. Upon entering a bedroom Detective Carter saw the victim, later identified as Johnny Allen, lying in a large pool of blood on the bed. Detective Carter said that the victim was lying "face down on the bed .. . his face was facing toward[] the wall" and that the victim's hands were beneath his face, his fingers "kind of partially interlocked." He said that some of the blood dripped onto the floor, forming a small pool. The officers called paramedics, who responded to the scene and checked the victim for a pulse, finding none. He said that the paramedics gave no other medical attention to the victim.
According to the police witness, the victim's hands were beneath his face. This contradicts Ms. Brown's statement that he was reaching for something.
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Detective Charles Robinson testified that he and his partner, Detective Derry Baltimore,1 arrived at the victim's residence shortly after 11:00 p.m. on August 7, 2004. Around 1:20 the morning of August 8, the detectives left the crime scene and went to a convenience store, where they met with Samuel Humphrey and Humphrey's father. After talking with Humphrey, the detectives went to the Walmart on Hamilton Church Pike, where they found the victim's truck in the parking lot. The detectives and several patrol officers then went to room 302 of the InTown Suites, located on Murfreesboro Road near the Walmart, where they believed the defendant was staying. The officers knocked on the door and shouted "police." A short time later, a man, whom Detective Robinson said was later identified as Gary McGlothen, opened the door. The officer pulled McGlothen out the door, at which point the defendant ran out the door, shouting that "Cut," as she called McGlothen, "had nothing to do with this.2 I'll tell you-all everything."
How did police figure out who the shooter was and where to find her? What did Mr. Humphrey say?
Regardless, Brown seemed to be expecting the police.
Detective Robinson then asked the defendant if any weapons were in the room. The defendant pointed the detectives to a closet, in which officers found a rifle and a shotgun. Detective Robinson found a notepad on which a handwritten three-page note entitled "new personality profile" had been written. He took the notepad and guns into evidence. He also looked through a handbag in the room to see if any weapons were inside. The detective found no weapon in the handbag but did find $172 in cash and a set of keys, including a key bearing a Ford emblem. He returned to the Walmart parking lot and used the Ford key to open the victim's truck. He then returned to the motel before returning to the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center, where Detectives Robinson and Baltimore interviewed the defendant, who had been taken into custody at the motel.
She's confirmed as stealing his truck and still had the keys. What's with the "personality profile"?
The detectives' interview of the defendant was recorded on videotape, and this recording was played for the jury at trial. At the beginning of the interview, the defendant gave her name as "Cyntoia Denise Mitchell" and her date of birth as January 29, 1985. Based on this information, the detectives had the defendant arraigned as an adult; however, once it was learned that she was actually sixteen years old, she was transferred to juvenile court.
She lied about her age. Why?
The defendant told police that at around 11:00 the night of Friday, August 6, she was walking near a Sonic Drive-In when the victim, a man whom the defendant had never met, pulled alongside her in a white Ford F-150 truck and asked her if she was hungry. The defendant then got into the victim's truck, and the two went to the drive-in. While the victim and the defendant waited for their food to arrive, the victim told the defendant that she did not need to be "stayin' on the streets" and, assuring the defendant that "he was a safe person," asked the defendant to spend the night at his house, to which the defendant agreed.
She went to the victim's house willingly.
The defendant told the detectives that once she and the victim arrived at the victim's house, the victim showed her several guns, including two rifles. The defendant claimed that the victim also told her that he "was in the Army and that he was a sharp shooter or something like that." Eventually, the defendant and the victim got into bed together, with the victim on the left side of the bed and the defendant the right side. The defendant attempted to go to sleep, but the victim got up several times every five to ten minutes, going to the bathroom or to an adjacent bedroom. She also said that the victim touched her and whispered to her. The defendant said that she then saw the victim reaching underneath the bed, which led the defendant to believe that the victim was reaching for a gun. The defendant, fearing for her life, reached into her handbag, which was on a night stand to the right of the bed. She pulled out a .40 caliber handgun, which she had bought "from somewhere off the street" approximately three weeks before this incident, and shot the victim.
Did they even have sex? It isn't mentioned. She also had an illegal firearm.
The defendant told the detectives that after shooting the victim, she grabbed the keys to the victim's truck, as well as two of the victim's guns, which she intended to pawn. She left the victim's house at 1:42 a.m. and drove his truck to the Walmart parking lot. She then got a ride from a "black guy in a black truck," who took her to the InTown Suites. The defendant denied Detective Baltimore's suggestion that the driver "trailed her" to the Walmart before taking her back to the motel. The defendant said that another man, whom she knew only as "Rick," then took her from the motel back to the Walmart, where she placed the 911 call on the victim's cellular telephone—a claim which the police later verified. This person then took her back to the motel.
So now we know she confirmed that she robbed the victim, and that she was the one who placed the 911 call. Why?

During the interview, the defendant denied that she was a prostitute, denied having sex with the victim, and insisted that the victim, who was nude when found by police, was not nude when he got into the bed with her. Rather, she said that she went from "place to place" in an attempt to find people who would provide her with food and shelter. Thus, she felt comfortable sleeping in the same bed as the victim. She added that she shot the victim because people had beaten and raped her in the past and was "takin' no chances" in the future. When asked why she did not leave when the victim began acting suspiciously, she replied, "you just don't think like that in the heat of the moment. You think like that after the fact." The defendant said that the gun she used was her own; she denied that she used one of the victim's guns, which the victim's girlfriend had reported missing, to kill the victim. She also acknowledged that she never saw a gun in the victim's hand and that the victim did not try to rape her. At the end of the interview, the defendant said that the man found inside her motel room at the time of her arrest was a person whom she had met in the motel parking lot shortly before the police arrived.
So, she confirms that they didn't have sex, that he didn't try to rape her, that she saw no gun, and she states that killed him simply because people have beaten and raped her in the past. Also, how did he become nude if he wasn't earlier? Is she implying she removed his clothes?
Detective Robinson said that once he and Detective Baltimore learned that the defendant was a juvenile, they brought her to juvenile court for booking. During that process, the defendant asked Detective Baltimore for paper so that she could write something. The detectives provided the defendant with paper; she then wrote this note:
I am not guilty, the reason what happened is sketchy is because I am in fear. I know it's my story against theirs and too much is pointing at me. What I need is reassurance from a lawyer in order to ensure my protection. I didn't committ [sic] this crime, I don't have the heart to.
The defendant's note also encouraged the police to search a vehicle outside room 328 linking two men named Sam and Rick to the crime. Detective Robinson said that he did interview Richard Reed, "Rick" in the defendant's note, and that he searched Reed's car, finding a real estate contract bearing the victim's printed name and signature.
She's now claiming that these other men killed the victim and she took the fall. What happened with them? How did Reed get that contract?
Detective Robinson said that while the defendant insisted that she had "dropped" the gun she used to kill the victim, and that the gun could have been at the victim's house, the police never recovered the gun.
We learn the murder weapon is missing. What happened to the gun?
Detective Robinson acknowledged that through his investigation, he confirmed as true some of the things that the defendant said during the interview. Particularly, the police confirmed the defendant's information regarding the caliber of weapon used, the fact that the defendant did not know the victim before the day of the shooting, the fact that the victim picked up the defendant in his truck and took her to Sonic, and that the defendant made the 911 call reporting the victim's death. However, the detective said that the defendant's version of events, in which she did not plan to kill the victim and the shooting happened in a "split second," was not consistent with the evidence at the crime scene, particularly the position of the victim's body and hands, which led the police to conclude that the victim was asleep when he was shot. Detective Robinson said that the police did not perform a trajectory test because such a test "wouldn't be appropriate" in situations such as this one, where the bullet passed through the victim's skull and deflected.
The police say the victim was asleep at the time of the murder, or at least prone, and they believe she planned to kill him.
Richard Reed testified that he and Samuel Humphrey were roommates at the InTown Suites where the defendant was arrested for "three or four months," including early August 2004. He said that at around 5:00 on the afternoon of August 7, 2004, the defendant knocked on his door and asked him for a ride to the Walmart, which he said was about a three-minute drive. The defendant also told Reed that she had put some keys in the back of his car, which he said was fairly easy to do, given that his car's back window had been "busted out." Reed drove the defendant to the Walmart parking lot, where she used a key to unlock a white Ford F-150 truck. She then took a cellular phone out of the truck and put it in her purse. The defendant asked Reed for jumper cables, which he did not have. Reed and the defendant then returned to the motel.
So, it sounds as if she drove the truck to the Wal Mart, it broke down, and she then walked to the motel and tried to get Reed to jump it. But why? Did she intend to keep the truck? Drive it to a different location?
Reed said that the defendant told him that she had "shot somebody in the head for fifty thousand dollars and some guns." The defendant asked him for a ride to the victim's house to "help her clean it out," but Reed declined the offer. Reed did not believe the defendant's claims about killing a man, but once he and Humphrey saw a televised news report about the shooting, Humphrey went to the defendant's room to ask her about the shooting. After Humphrey returned from the defendant's room, he and Reed left their room and went to separate locations. On August 8, Reed spoke with Detectives Robinson and Baltimore at his motel room. On cross-examination, Reed acknowledged that he told the detectives, "I was so drunk yesterday, what time did I wake up? Uh, it was probably about 4:30, 5:00, in the afternoon." Reed said that he had worked at a bar from 6:30 or 7:00 the evening of August 7 until 3:30 the morning of August 8 and that he drank alcohol on the job. On redirect examination, Reed said that he gave police permission to search his car and that the police found a folder containing realtor papers under the front passenger seat. He said that he had never seen the folder before the police found it.
According to Reed, Brown said she killed the victim to rob him. We also know that she put the keys in his car earlier due to the broken window, so it's possible she put the folder there as well. But why? To frame him? If so, why ask him for help with robbing the house?
Randall Jordan testified that at around 2:00 the morning of August 7, he drove into the parking lot of the Hamilton Church Pike Walmart in a dark 1999 Ford Expedition when the defendant stopped him. Jordan said that he asked the defendant, who "looked like a child" to him, what was wrong. The defendant asked if Jordan could take her home, which he agreed to do. Jordan asked the defendant why she was out "at this time of morning," which she did not answer. Jordan brought the defendant back to the InTown Suites. Jordan said that during the time the defendant was in his car, the defendant said nothing and appeared "blank. . . . [Y]ou [could] tell something was wrong but . . . I didn't know what it was."
OK, so she got a ride from Wal Mart to Reed's room by Jordan.
Kathy Franz testified that on August 14, 2004, she worked as a nurse at a facility4 at which she encountered the defendant. Franz said that one day, the defendant asked her to use the telephone. Franz told the defendant that she could not use the telephone, at which point the defendant grabbed her by the hair and by the face; after that, the two women struggled and "both wound up [on] the floor." According to Franz, the defendant told her, "I'm going to do you like I did him, but I'm not going to shoot you once in the back of the head. I'm going to shoot you three times and listen while your blood splatters on the wall." Eventually, four or five of the facility's staff physically restrained the defendant. Another of the facility's employees, Sheila Campbell, witnessed this episode and testified about it at trial. The substance of Campbell's testimony largely mirrored that of Franz's, although Campbell added that the defendant asked permission to phone her mother before the incident and that the incident left Franz with bruises and abrasions.
So Brown assaulted and threatened to kill a nurse over not being able to use a phone. She doesn't sound like an innocent victim and speaks volumes about her character.

Shayla Bryant testified that in November 2004, while in jail, the defendant spoke to her and two other inmates, Lashonda Williamson and Sheila Washington, about the victim's death. The defendant told Bryant about the charges she was facing, and Bryant overheard a conversation between the defendant and Williamson in which the defendant "basically said this guy that she was talking to used to send her out to prostitute. And she was mad at him. And the man tried to rape her, so she shot him." Bryant told the defendant that she did not believe the defendant's account because the story "just seemed too perfect." Bryant testified that the defendant then "started laughing." Through notes, the defendant "basically said she shot the man just to see how it feel to kill somebody." Bryant said that the defendant appeared "as jolly as she wanted to be" while discussing the victim's death. Bryant added, "it didn't look like she had any remorse. She didn't cry. . . . She was just there."
Here's the first incident where she claims rape, but she also says she killed him for fun.
Dr. McMaster testified that the victim had no defensive wounds. She then explained lividity, or livor mortis, the settling of blood in a person's body after the person's death. Dr. McMaster said that the type of lividity present in this victim, "fixed" lividity, occurred "somewhere around twelve to twenty-four hours or longer" after a person's death. She said that based upon the lividity patterns present in this victim, the victim "was lying on his right side for some period of time after his death." She also said that the victim's wound was "an immediately fatal wound." She added, "Because of the nature of the wound, I would not expect [the victim] to have any type of voluntary movement or to be able to move his extremities or his body in any way" after being shot. Thus, Dr. McMaster said that in her professional opinion, the victim's hands were clasped at the time of his death, as they were in the crime scene photographs taken by police after the incident.
The forensic pathologist testified that the victim was in the same position with his hands under his head as when he was found as he had been when he was shot.
Kevin Carroll, an internal affairs investigator with the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, testified that all inmate telephone calls from the county's jails are recorded, and that his review of the records of those calls indicated that the defendant placed a call on October 29, 2005. The defendant's maternal grandmother and adoptive mother, Ellenette Washington, testified that she received this call. During Washington's testimony, a recording of the conversation was introduced into evidence; during the conversation, the defendant told Washington that "I killed somebody. . .. I executed him." On cross-examination, Washington acknowledged that she had visited the defendant in jail "just about every weekend" since the defendant was arrested and that the defendant had told her consistently that she shot the victim because she was afraid that the victim would rape her or otherwise hurt her.
Another incidence of her claim that she feared rape.
The defendant's other witness, Sandra Liggett, testified that she met the victim at a restaurant in February 2004. Liggett began attending the same church as the victim, and the two also exchanged e-mails and telephone calls. In March 2004, the two agreed to attend a movie together. The victim picked up Liggett at her friend's residence as planned, but instead of going to a movie theater, the victim asked Liggett if he could show her his house. Liggett, knowing the victim was a realtor and believing that he was a "nice guy," agreed. The victim showed her several rooms in his house before leading her into his bedroom. The victim told her that "he wanted to get something out of the way first," then he kissed her. Liggett told the victim, "this is wrong. I don't want to do this." The victim gave Liggett a "hard stare," which she described as "scary." She asked the victim to bring her to her car, at which point the victim kissed her again and began pulling off Liggett's clothes. Eventually, the victim and Liggett had sexual intercourse. Although she did not welcome the victim's advances, Liggett "just decided that it was best to do it" because she was "too scared to fight him." Liggett then asked the victim to return her to her car, which he did.
So, this is a woman who had been raped by the victim before. I wonder how Brown (or her attorney) found her. It certainly shows a lot about his character. However, Brown would have had no way of knowing this at the time of the shooting.
Jennifer Martin, a juvenile justice case manager with the Department of Children's Services, testified that she supervised the defendant from January 2002 through March 2003, when the defendant was placed at DCS's Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. Martin acknowledged that Woodland Hills is a "secure youth development center" and said that children placed at the facility attended a "fully accredited high school." She said that the defendant "had been tested and determined gifted, so she was in the gifted program." Martin said that after the defendant completed her placement at Woodland Hills, she was released to the custody of her adoptive mother, initially on a thirty-day home pass and then on a "permanent" basis, during which time DCS still maintained "intensive supervision" over her.
Martin said that the defendant had no problems following directions during her placement at Woodland Hills. Martin said that the defendant "is a very smart girl." She noted, however, that the defendant "had numerous fights," including one in which she threw a chair across a room and others in which she assaulted both workers and fellow students. Martin further described the defendant as "very manipulative . . . . If she doesn't like what she's being asked to do, she'll choose [not] to do it."
More evidence of Brown's violent character. Now we learn that she's also manipulative.
Dr. Bernet said that he diagnosed the defendant with borderline personality disorder. He described the effects of this disorder as follows:
[It] is a mental condition that affects on an ongoing basis and on a pervasive basis how a person thinks about reality and how a person relates to other people. Individuals who have this condition . . . have very unstable, very intense, but unstable relationships with other people, meaning they go from one extreme to the other. They might glorify or idealize a person, but, on the other hand, they demonize a person . . . or go from loving to hating people. And they form very maladaptive relationships, which I think is something [the defendant has] done over the years. .. . [T]he other feature of borderline personality disorder is . . . some kind of a mood instability where people have violent mood swings and they go back and forth . . . in terms of their affect. Actually, I think that's illustrated by her anger/calm. It's probably a reflection of her borderline personality problem.
So, she's diagnosed as a violent person who can instantly turn on people.
Dr. Bernet also testified that there "were times when she claimed that her adoptive father abused her and other times when she said he did not." He acknowledged that in his report, he wrote that the defendant had admitted to fabricating allegations that her father had abused her because she was upset over her father's accidentally killing her dog. He said that the defendant also recanted these previous allegations because such allegations potentially would interfere with her leaving DCS custody and being placed with her adoptive mother.
Here we see more evidence that she's been known to lie before.

The State also sought to admit a document entitled "New Personality Profile," which was handwritten on three pages and discovered in the defendant's motel room upon her arrest. The first two pages of the document read: * Serious outlook on life * Stay on toes in every situation * Analyze character to define type (mojo) * Recognize the cruelty of the game; life isn't gravy outside of home; be expecting of any & everyone, we're all human, therefore prone to get upset & flip out * Show no weaknesses, f— what happens in this world, its constantly changing, if you stay stuck on a focal point in your life, you'll fall behind the population, remain at least 5 steps ahead of those who surround you. Never stray from your motive. IT's all about making it. * IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, invent new approaches, move on from there. No time to waste backtracking. * Turn your strife into strive, make advancements in your life. Get money, f— everything else; keep 1, maybe a few sources of pleasure in life. Aside from that STRICTLY BUSINESS. Everything else is bullsh—ing, (falling off/behind) * Induce seriousness, don't be a bitch or sensational, but when you have to, straighten whoever. Stand your grounds, don't let nobody push you down, their reaction will be to move ahead of you (no-no) * Stand firm in a quality belief, don't be fooled to change it unless it suits YOU. Don't let anybody live your life for you. You are your own person; don't cheat yourself in life. * Mold your negative happenings into strength. Induce home (military) mentality. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE. The world is breaking down its people, fight back, perservere [sic], and stand tall. * Low-key. I don't need too many people too much about me. F—everybody, but f— with a few. We all get on shiest [sic] from time to time. * Get with the program, f— the past, wake up to the present. * This is all a fight; the war never broadcast in order to alert the people, the war on our own fellow Americans. How can we go against another country when we're battling among ourselves. Love is hard to find babygirl, think of it as a gift from God, when He's ready it'll come. Trying to find it will only lead you to getting let down. It's a jungle, be the owl, looking down over it all, observing the other breeds, keeping you on top. 10 steps ahead.
This document is basically her justifying killing for money.

There you have it. In my opinion, this girl killed a man to rob him and later made up the rape story. She may have actually felt threatened due to her borderline personality disorder, but that was entirely in her head. The victim's position at the time of the murder was not threatening.

However, her behavior afterwords was baffling. Why did she rob him then call the police? Literally the only reason she was caught was because of her own actions. Why keep lying, changing her story, and leaking information that led to her conviction? She's clearly not acting rationally. At the end of the day, she tied her own rope.

We're also left with some questions like what happened to the gun.

In my opinion, she should stay in prison. She killed a man in cold blood, and her likelihood of recidivism if released is very high given her pattern of violent behavior. The story she's spinning now is another manipulation on her part.

If you don't believe me, read it yourself and decide.

Additional information that fills in some of the blanks can be found here.

"I'm going to do you like I did him, but I'm not going to shoot you once in the back of the head. I'm going to shoot you three times and listen while your blood splatters on the wall."

'Cold-blooded psycho bitch gets sentence commuted because halfbraind celebrities whine' - yeah, no way this will backfire.
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break these cuffs

The weak should fear the strong
Debate in Kenyan Parliament suspended due to someone farting.

>not posting the bbc pidgin version

Kenya Homa bay: Mess wey smell bad-bad make lawmakers begin accuse each oda
|One bad smell scata tins for Kenya regional assembly afta lawmakers begin point each oda finger.

"Honourable Speaker, one of us don mess and I know who do am," Julius Gaya tell Homa Bay county assembly.

But di member wey e accuse say do am ansa say, "No be me do am. I no fit do dat kain tin in front of my colleagues."

Nah so di assembly Speaker, Edwin Kakachi, tell members make dem comot go outside, take break from di chamber.

According to tori, di Speaker also ask officials to bring air freshener, to clear di air.

"Kari all di flavour wey una find for any office whether nah vanilla or strawberry come. "We nor fit dey siddon for environment wey dey smell bad-bad.'

Dem continue di debate afta di smell reduce before dem fit gada any spray come.


Only ask
Locals in Severodvinsk, Russia told to take iodine tablets and stay indoors after explosion at military site. Radiation levels have been detected. Note: more than likely not a nuclear blast, radiation levels would rise way more if it was. Depending on what exploded, it's normal for radiation levels to go up

Look at that fuckin mushroom!

Official word is a rocket engine accident ... Radiation levels jumped to 20x the regular amount according to this article. A statement about the heighten radiation levels on the city's website was deleted.



Never amount to anything! And they were right.
Does anyone know her name before she transitioned?

This is in the article:

The platform has hosted violent or sexually explicit videos made to look like content for children (such as Peppa Pig animations), while one of its biggest stars, Logan Paul, once posted a video in which he posed next to a man who had killed himself. Elsewhere on the site, conspiracy theories proliferate. Researchers claim it is a place where far-right commentators, white supremacists and men’s rights activists have radicalised legions of young white men. Politicians are circling, concerned about how powerful tech companies have become and talking about breaking up the biggest.

No mention of the fuck load of Muslim terrorist, jihadist and Muslim authored anti-semitic propaganda and lectures that are still there and on why it is every virgin seeker's duty to kill everyone else. But lots on white people, as if they are the only problem.

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