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break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made

Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy

Baby born with 4 legs and 3 hands after two triplets become conjoined in womb
The little girl was born in Rajasthan, India, with an extra set of legs and hands covering her entire chest and abdomen

A woman has given birth to a girl with four legs and three hands.
Doctors believe the girl was originally part of a set of triplets, two of whom became conjoined. She was delivered alongside a healthy baby brother.

Mum Raju, 24, gave birth in a government-run hospital in Tonk in Rajasthan, India, late on Friday night.
The little girl was born with an extra set of legs and hands covering her entire chest and abdomen.
Doctors believe the child will be able to have her extra limbs removed though surgery.
Dr Rohitesh Meena, the surgeon who delivered the babies, said: "Raju gave birth naturally to the twins at around 2.46 am.

"The male child is normal but the female is a case of confined twins.
"She had minor breathing issue. We put her on oxygen support and her vitals are stable now.
"We will refer her to an advanced hospital in Jaipur for further treatment and paediatric surgery."

"The mother and the male child are stable."
Raju and her husband, Badhulal Gurjar, a daily wage labour, were expecting their first child.
The poor, illiterate parents had not gone for an ultrasound and were unaware she was carrying twins.
"They had not gone for ultrasound. They were distressed after the birth of the baby girl," added Dr Meena.

break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
why the fuck does this shit always happen in india? I know, I know, poverty. but it seems like when people are born with extra parts in the west it's simple shit like an extra heart or an abnormal amount of fingers.
Because not only is it a third world hellscape full of incest dating back hundreds of years, but they also bath in shitwater.

Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy
why the fuck does this shit always happen in india? I know, I know, poverty. but it seems like when people are born with extra parts in the west it's simple shit like an extra heart or an abnormal amount of fingers.
Idk really, there's probably lots of reasons. A huge population being one, loadsa kids born each year, so a higher chance of having a spaz baby I suppose.

Then there's the Ganges that people bathe in, shit in & put dead bodies in. Incest, maybe lots of unsafe chemicals being used too, street shitting, I bet the list of reasons is endless.

Inflatable Julay

stop posting grandpa

There Are Trillions Of Reasons Not To Cleanse Your Colon

Humans are really lucky to have so many internal "self-cleaning ovens." Dr. Jen Gunter, obstetrician-gynecologist and author of The Vagina Bible, has vociferously emphasized that all things related to vaginal cleansing, jade egging, steaming, spraying or deodorizing are completely unnecessary and potentially dangerous, as the vagina is what she refers to as a 'self-cleaning' oven. The bacteria present in normal vaginal flora (yes, there are supposed to be bacteria there) keep it in balance, help protect it from infections, and keep the pH where it's supposed to be. The other super powerful self-cleaning oven we have is our colon. The colon certainly has a different set of bacterial flora to keep things in balance than the vagina (or the mouth, skin, or the nose, for that matter), but the flora are there for good reason. Now also known as the intestinal microbiome, this population of trillions of bacteria helps keep the gut in check by helping with metabolism and preventing infections. What comprises a healthy intestinal microbiome has been the subject of much research in recent years. Some studies have shown that the more diverse species of bacteria present, the healthier the individual will be, especially when it comes to the elderly. Other studies have suggested that certain bacteria more robustly colonized in the gut can be associated with obesity. Diet and prior and current use of antibiotics also have an impact on the bacterial population in the gut.



One thing we do know-- these bacteria are necessary. Unless they are part of an acute infection such as bacterial gastroenteritis (due to food poisoning or contaminated water such as the recently trendy waste of money known as "raw water"), having a hefty load of bacteria colonizing your colon is a good thing. It helps keep the bad ones out, helps with metabolism, and even helps with one's immune system. And yes, the bacteria in the colon help flush out the so-called toxins to which we are exposed every day. They are why your colon is a self-cleaning oven. You do not need a colon cleanse to do this. Remember, colon bacteria are good. Colon cleansing is simply an artificial (see, it's not 'natural') means of ridding the colon of just about everything, and carries more risks than benefits. Unless you are prepping for a colonoscopy or lower gastrointestinal tract surgery, which may include drinking materials to clean you out and (in rare cases) using an enema, colon cleansing for the sake of detoxification is utter nonsense. Here's why:

  • These cleanses often involve several gallons of water, with other sundries such as herbs or coffee, flushed into the colon via a tube in the rectum. The concept is to flush out the toxins. Doesn't work that way, and there have even been some deaths reported from using coffee colon enemas.
  • There is no evidence that colon cleansing improves health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, or immune issues.
  • There are real risks, including rectal and colon perforation, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and infection
  • Once you eat your next meal after your cleanse, all of those "toxins" come back to the colon. The bacteria take a bit longer to repopulate, but again, these bacteria are the good ones.

The colonic microbiome has become so hot that there has been much research on how boosting it or altering it directly may play a role in treatment of certain illnesses. It may even be a means of better understanding and managing obesity. Stool from a healthy donor is now being transferred to those with certain illnesses-- either inserted directly to the colon, or taken as a (coated) pill. This is known as a fecal transplant. While many would cringe at this idea, the concept is to provide a healthy set of gut bacteria to someone whose flora isn't what it should be. This first became recognized in treating individuals suffering from a diarrheal illness caused by overgrowth of the bacteria Clostridium difficile, or "C. diff." This miserable infection is often seen in hospitalized patients, but is also out in the community, often due to bacterial imbalance after taking antibiotics. In many cases, C. diff can be treated successfully with a different type of antibiotic that targets this bacteria, but in some cases (up to 30% of patients with C. diff), the infection will recur. There has been promising work in using fecal transplantation to help clear C. diff in those with persistent disease.

Clostridium difficile bacteria, computer illustration.

Clostridium difficile bacteria, computer illustration.

More recently, individuals with obesity and lean individuals are being assessed to see if their gut microbiomes differ, and whether or not these differences could contribute to causes of obesity. Indeed, obese individuals have been found to have different gut flora than leaner subjects. This altered microbiome can impact insulin metabolism, and metabolic rate overall. In turn, altering this microbiome via fecal transplant may enable those with obesity to improve metabolic function and eventually lose weight. A multi-center clinical trial, published in July 2019, evaluated whether fecal transplant via oral capsules from lean individuals to obese individuals would impact weight over a several month period. While the early findings did not show any weight changes in study subjects, the early results showed that the process was safe, and that the gut flora in obese individuals was successfully altered to closely match that of lean individuals.

While "eating sh*t" may not be your cup of tea, the science behind it is emerging, and will likely lead to some useful results. But in the meantime, drink coffee, drink water, and feel free to drink herbal tea. Just keep them out of your rear. Eating poop with good bacteria is already being shown to be better than cleaning your colon "artificially."


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break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
If you need a scientist to tell you shouldn't shove things up your shithole, you're a degenerate.

Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy
Burglar 'made victim choose between being raped or having sex with her own son'
Joshua Henderson, 33, allegedly presented the woman with the sickening ultimatum after posing as a construction worker and breaking into her flat

A burglar raped a woman after giving her the option of being either sexually assaulted, murdered or forced to have sex with her own son, police in the US say.
Joshua Henderson, 33, allegedly carried out the sickening attack at the woman's flat in Queens, New York, after posing as a construction worker last Monday.

Henderson, wearing a high-viz jacket, pretended to be carrying out repairs at the top of the building, the New York Daily News reported.

But he then allegedly broke into the woman' apartment by climbing through a window at around 6pm on September 16.
It is understood he tied up the woman's 25-year-old son by convincing them he had a gun before raiding the property for jewelry and cash.
Instead of leaving, he demanded the victim choose between being murdered, smothered with a pillow or being forced to have sex with her son.

The woman chose to be raped by her attacker as her son was left tied up inside the bathroom.
Henderson then sprayed the woman with soapy water in a desperate attempt to destroy DNA evidence of his appalling crime.
Investigators say CCTV footage shows Henderson entering the building with construction attire and say the victim has picked the alleged perpetrator out of a police line-up.

Henderson, a father of three, has numerous convictions for burglary and is now a prime suspect in several unsolved rape cases.
But Henderson's wife says that she does not believe that her husband carried out the attack and says that DNA evidence will eventually clear her husband of the crime.

She told the Daily News: "He’s a loving, caring man. He’d give you his last.
"The DNA is going to prove he didn’t do this.
"I’m telling you the DNA is going to prove he didn’t do anything."
He dindu nothin'

Distant Stare

Fuck California

"[UPDATE: Barnett has apparently removed the tweet, which featured a photo of trash bins filled with books. This also means the Paul Gorski tweet to which she responded has been removed. Gorski, a Social Justice Warrior pedagogue appears to have deleted his Twitter account. His tweet saying that the literary canon “is white supremacy” prompted the affirmative tweet from Barnett. — RD] "

"This woman is the head of “English Language Arts” for the public schools in Washington Township, NJ. That’s right: the head of the English department for public schools in this town celebrates throwing books into the Dumpster. She’s a self-described “servant leader,” and apparently a Christian. Who throws unwoke books into the Dumpster so all the geniuses in her school (and they’re all geniuses) won’t be tainted by what’s in the pages"

She teaches at Washington Township Public School District

Distant Stare

Fuck California
Donate the books? Recycle them? Are they even aware of book censorship?
They dont care

And this is how someone should lose their job, but she won't due to bullshit. Feel free to prove me wrong.
Her superintendent

Joseph N. Bollendorf


SEWELL, NJ 08080

PHONE: 8565896644

"Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence good" - Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

The period of tolerance has come to pass. Now we are to be silenced.

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