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Similar to my other thread, but the photos gotta be from before 1930. After 1930 people became 'normal' and I don't want normal.

I want Great-Great Grandpa Batman.

So dig through your bookmarked /r/OldSchoolCool and Cracked articles and weird shit you've found while perusing Victorian erotica and give it to me.

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Believe these were taken in WWII, though unsure about the specifics and details that go beyond that.

This one's not exactly "old-timey," yet i do find it quite a peculiar shot to say the least:

edit: and no, the pun was initially not intended
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Friend sent me this. She saw it in Myer - a department store - in Canberra, 'Straylia. I expressed doubt and she said it was also on a reddit Canberra - so its genuine. I wonder if she is trying to tell me something?
Shit ... just necroed this thread



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Photos from sideshow acts seems like cheating, but you just don't see that around any more.
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