Trashfire Internet Bloodsports Aftermath - The neverending Mexican drama of wannabe e-celebs and their detractors

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Sep 21, 2018
So user @_ThePieman_ has made a 3 hour long video about the major players in IBS giving an abridged summary of their involvement and downfall. Except for Ralph of course who takes up nearly an hour and a half of the video
"Zoom [(pedophile, liar)] posting his dox in Kiwi Farms and Metokur getting subsequently harassed obviously didn't help much either."

This guy is a retard. Terrible first impression. One of many lazy creators who just hastily hashes together the threads here to an uncritical audience. He also neglects the weatherman, coronavirus arcs and allegations of guntguarding.

So sick of retards making YouTube documentaries and getting info wrong because they weren't there for whatever happened and don't bother to research properly to make up for it. People like this make something as chock-full of lolcows as IBS a total slog to hear about.

Jim wasn't really harassed about his doxing IIRC. It was maybe a month or so after the "Goodbye Carl" stream. He admitted it was real on stream pretty unceremoniously after it was confirmed. I think his stream got DDoS'd a couple of times and that was it, though I might be thinking of a different stream he did from around the same time.

All it takes is clicking on a link on the first page of Jim's thread to find out that it definitely wasn't pedophile/liar Corey Barnhill who confirmed the name, which had been around for years. Where did Pieman even get this from? It's not like this is new information between November and now.

Also, the disclaimer on the video was incredibly gay. Did he scroll up and read the rules on any of these threads?

IBS was so fun while it happened. The simple joy of watching people sperg at each other over dumb shit was great. It's almost insulting to hear about the retards who participated in it from content creators lazier than the superberry collectors ever were.

Glad I couldn't help

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Aug 29, 2018
When do you think IBS started and when it did ended, if it did? What was it's 'Golden Age'?

I would put the start of IBS at the RageAfterStorm controversy and its end at the Warski's "Aim Aim Aim" autism. Is this right, or am I missing something?

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Jan 13, 2022
When do you think IBS started and when it did ended, if it did? What was it's 'Golden Age'?

I would put the start of IBS at the RageAfterStorm controversy and its end at the Warski's "Aim Aim Aim" autism. Is this right, or am I missing something?
I think those 2 happenings make for very logical beginning and end points for sure.. I guess you could also kinda argue that the last, choking, dying husk from the IBS "community" would be the killstream, and Jim finally, gently going in on Ralph on the boulder stream probably puts a bullet in the IBS corpse. It was good while it lasted, but it's long overdue imo.


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Sep 27, 2021
The OP forgot about Nick Fuentes, he was a major political player on Bloodsports too, at least from what I remember


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Aug 28, 2019
When do you think IBS started and when it did ended, if it did? What was it's 'Golden Age'?
I'm not going off of any research I've conducted but as someone who was there, the whole thing seems to have blown up after the Sargon vs Richard Spencer debate. It was one of the most watched streams on YT when it was airing, everyone saw it and the future IBS streamers wanted to replicate it because watching political spergs go at it with barely any moderation was funny.

It's downfall was extremely gradual but I'd say some key events that helped it along were Andy and JF separating, Baked turning on his audience, and Donga's dead air along with Metokur not showing up on IBS streams anymore. All of these things split audiences and lessened general interest. There was this stream where Andy lit his nipples on fire while a bunch of people were screaming "tranny" and "nigger" at each other, it probably died around that time because at that point, it stopped being true IBS with guests and shit and just turned into gay discord drama. Like, you were supposed to bring on 2 guests to fight it out, not fight with other hosts and guests yourself or host rooms full of screaming discord faggots. They lost track of what originally made this shit special because they wanted more limelight than the guests. The fact that it didn't work shows that they were shit hosts and can't put on a good show on their own.

The "Golden Age" was probably shortly after the whole thing started and it was fresh and had focus. At the time, even a retard like BakedAlaska was capable of putting together a really good stream. I actually think his Tariq Nasneed vs Jared Taylor debate was the best thing to even come out of IBS. There were even some more obscure IBS streams like Backyard Bloodsports which apparently had a pretty loyal following though I've never watched it myself. It was the most fun when it was flourishing and the Golden Age probably died shortly before Jim stopped showing up on any IBS streams. I feel like Jim is a surrogate for the audience since he's also an audience member himself, he keeps up with everyone and will drop it if it stops being fun.
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