Internet cancer


True & Honest Fan
Apr 21, 2015
You wouldn't.

You not heading over their is still the reason why you don't see that many SJWs. They're everywhere. You just have to know where to look.


In-Terror-G8tor Playboi
Jan 31, 2015
To me a SJW is just an Edgelord by any other name.
Internet cancer is the homogeneity of opinion, attitude, and action.

When you encounter the same thing over and over again:
The internet itself starts to feel more like a impenetrable glowing brick wall of autism than a interactive virtual space.
My Facebook is a dead zone - a self-filling stamp collection of little demagogues - left - right - don't let them touch.

A lesser example for me: Let's Plays are a type of cancer on YouTube.
1. Because their output exceeds original content creators.
2. Your riding on somebody's coat-tails with pretensions of self-importance.
3. LPs are an ad (barring some exceptions of course).

What is deemed cancer can totally be subjective - not all LPs are done by screaming man-children - but think of the poor servers and the number of videos they upload to it.

Advise dog type memes, or for that matter reaction images are short-hand. I had a professor who had a melodramatic way of saying you "castrate yourself when you learn a language" - because you loose the potential to convey yourself differently. Some tiny crazy truth in that, but when it comes to net cancer we're talking bulk - a desert of what has already been said. Does a rage comic convey anything but sameness?

Originality is the only cure to net cancer - and I'm not talking about claiming special snowflake status, or crawling in my skin as an answer.
Originality isn't about peddling your ego, fetish, faith, or politics.