Internet threats - Rape/Death threats: a growing menace?

Save Goober

True & Honest Fan
Oct 10, 2014
So, we often encounter people like Wu mentioning internet threats, buying dogs and "forced" to leave their houses. In a recent conversation with some friends, they made it clear they find internet rape/death threats pretty scary.

Personally, I don't. I cannot think of a single instance where an internet death threat actually turned into anything. Browsing the internet homicide wiki page, all the homicides seem to be by normal psychos who just decided to use Craigslist/chat rooms as a way of finding victims, or people who already knew each other and simply utilized the internet for the murder in some way.

Is this actually something to be concerned about? I can't think of a time I've been specifically threatened with rape/death, not that it hasn't happened, I honestly don't think I would find it notable if it had.


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
I think it depends on the situation, in all honesty. While there is good reason to be worried, as there's always a chance they may try to act upon it no matter the barrier. Most of the threats I've personally seen feel more like asshurt crybabies over some cartoon or people trolling the shit out of someone (whether or not it's justifiable varies).

Frankly, I wouldn't be too worried unless the person is a proven psychopath. Otherwise, just sit back, relax and watch the shitstorm.

JU 199

we know better because we know more about how trolls behave but outside its different. Someone who doesn't know so much might be quite scared when a few people start tweeting death threats. Sure it might nearly always be bullshit but 'normie' doesn't know that.

Charles Morgenstern

Rhodesian Scholar
Aug 10, 2016
There was that keyboard warrior that drove from Virginia to Texas back in '05. He burned down a trailer after he'd been called a nerd and taunted with altered photos. It stands to reason that a retarded slap-fight of that nature had death-threats thrown around, and the one keyboard warrior actually did something about it.

That is the only example that comes to mind though.

Major Asshole
May 22, 2016
I can perfectly understand why someone would be distressed if they got an unsolicited rape/violence/death threat over Twitter. Scary stuff, I know. There is also the real possibility that they could act on it, like in the incident @Charles Morgenstern mentioned.

But the thing is, 99.9% of time, they will just be talking out of their arse. They are doing it for attention. They are trying to bait you into a reaction, something many Twitter feminists like BriWu just aren't getting through their heads (what exists of them, anyway.) It's not Twitter's responsibility to squash the little shithead with the default egg profile-picture who keeps saying 'ur a faget'; you have to take matters into your own hands.

The old Internet cliché bears repeating to much of the Twittersphere: Don't Feed the Trolls.


gnome related slander
Aug 7, 2016
Very true. They just make things worse for themselves when they keep going on about it on social media. That's like drawing a huge bullseye on yourself. Congratulations, now you've told every troll (or genuine crazy person) how to really get to you.

If you think a death or rape threat is actually credible contact the people/authorities who can help you (police, twitter, facebook, etc.), take precautions (alarm system, mace, etc.), inform your friends, family, workplace and shut up otherwise.