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One of my favorite MT video's
Why are hippies/things/troons obsessed with pretty stones?
I am not sure, to be honest i do not hang around troons. All my friends are born naturals. As for myself i am not into rocks so much i am more into glass art.

Now as for rocks well i need to get some river rocks. I plan to do a bit of landscaping using them to construct a wall and patio.

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I've seen plenty of crystal stalls in my time (my hometown was really into all that), and to me Tommie's wares look very lacklustre. I'm ignoring the rough pieces intended for people to work on themselves, that's not an uncommon thing to sell. Maybe it's the camera, but this looks like a nice bright day. The fact it's such a sad chaotic mess of a display is a given, of course. But nothing here shouts 'serious collector' to me.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Trannies and their rocks, let me tell you...
has Tommy seen Steven Universe?
Probably not The only kids shows tom loves can only be found on the dark web. They are highly illegal and Tom loves them due to his perverse want to rape an 8 year old.

As for toms gravel well no one will ever know what drives a trender to such level of idiocy.

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There's off-brand Gwyneth Paltrow and then there's this...

Rotting in a dumpster for 20 years after being rejected from a dollar store Gwyneth Paltrow.

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