Introducing the New 'New Warriors' - The classic team reunites to mentor a new generation of heroes!

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Did you think it was done? Because it’s fucking not!

“Til Tok and Reddit and Instagram!”
Obviously all these incredibly shitty ideas were conceived when the coronavirus wasn't a thing. Why they feel the need to force out all this garbage at a time when a lot of shops are likely going to shut down is baffling. It's like they are going out of their way to try and kill the industry.

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God, it's like Ron Toye budded. They're pod people.
I was thinking Dan Olsen myself.

Lol he isn't even a technopath. The website say he can look up anything on the Internet, that's it he uses Google. With so many people criticizing this & coming up with better ideas than ACTUAL MARVEL WRITERS it could be reworked into a semi decent book after the original New Warriors tell these kids they have shitty clothes, powers, & codenames.
He can look up the most horrific, soul-scarring porn on the internet imaginable, and has been able to ever since he was a child. He could find child porn videos starring his classmates and other kids he knew. He can be watching diapered men in fursuits masturbate while a dog anally rapes a baby, and no one will ever know. Spoiler alert: he is never not doing this.

I really hope there's different "Internet gas" can you imagine he gets exposed to /pol/ gas and just becomes an unapologetic racist?
What sort of internet gas turns you into a furry? They could expose him to that and do a crossover with Ghost Rider called "Yiff in Hell!"

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🖩🍸🔫 :) :) :) 😷
The other ones steal attention from how dumb "Screentime" is (ignoring the gas). A rebellious teen persona based on figuring out how to get around the Wi-Fi router's settings, with a power that can be replicated by a brain implant within a decade... or just using a smartphone. Although it would be worth it if he was shown being radicalized by 4chan and porn.