Introducing the New 'New Warriors' - The classic team reunites to mentor a new generation of heroes!

You know what I love? Parody that is so genius, only because it's completely lacking self-awareness.

This would be an amazing ironic comic, poking fun at modern day identity politics, with literally nothing changed.

The nearest thing that rivals it is Chris' comic counterpart literally painting who he really is through his actions, despite all physical claims to the contrary.
Like, seriously, here's your trophy for rivaling CWC in terms of autism.

That being said, I wonder if Chris would actually love this or not.

It's shit like this that makes this actually viable as one of the greatest parodies of the decade, about the decade. (I almost thought it was real at first too)
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Did you think it was done? Because it’s fucking not!

“Til Tok and Reddit and Instagram!”
Obviously all these incredibly shitty ideas were conceived when the coronavirus wasn't a thing. Why they feel the need to force out all this garbage at a time when a lot of shops are likely going to shut down is baffling. It's like they are going out of their way to try and kill the industry.

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God, it's like Ron Toye budded. They're pod people.
I was thinking Dan Olsen myself.

Lol he isn't even a technopath. The website say he can look up anything on the Internet, that's it he uses Google. With so many people criticizing this & coming up with better ideas than ACTUAL MARVEL WRITERS it could be reworked into a semi decent book after the original New Warriors tell these kids they have shitty clothes, powers, & codenames.
He can look up the most horrific, soul-scarring porn on the internet imaginable, and has been able to ever since he was a child. He could find child porn videos starring his classmates and other kids he knew. He can be watching diapered men in fursuits masturbate while a dog anally rapes a baby, and no one will ever know. Spoiler alert: he is never not doing this.

I really hope there's different "Internet gas" can you imagine he gets exposed to /pol/ gas and just becomes an unapologetic racist?
What sort of internet gas turns you into a furry? They could expose him to that and do a crossover with Ghost Rider called "Yiff in Hell!"