Introducing the New 'New Warriors' - The classic team reunites to mentor a new generation of heroes!

Marissa Moira
And trailblazer... I’ll skip the lowest-hanging fruit here, what kind of god gives a magic backpack that you pull random things from? Gary fucking Gygax? Not to mention she doesn’t consider herself a superhero, yet she has a superhero name, outfit, and POWERS GRANTED BY GOD? Forget superhero, it’ll be a miracle if she doesn’t develop a messiah complex!
Bruh look at the size of her, it's clear that she already has a mayonnaise complex.

Also it's real clear who Snowflake and Safespace are supposed to be, they just race swapped the OG's of Diversity Heroes.

So Retard Cyclops, Dollar store Ace and Gary, Crow: City of Angels II, and Back Fat Backpack Gordita make up this entire fucking team and somehow it's not a joke? Where the fuck is my new Great Lakes Avengers? Those guys deserve recognition!
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Slimy Time

Read 'em and weep
Safespace is your "stereotypical jock"... What jock wears tight shorts and has rainbow pink hair? - the ability is also the worst aspect of forcefield powers.

Cool applications of forcefield powers:
  • Using them as platforms
  • Surround your fist and punch people
  • Sandwich them between two force fields
  • Shrinking forcefield to amputate limbs or force them to curl up into a ball.
Worst aspects of forcefield powers - Forcefield is a shield can only block attacks.

Honestly if this was a parody/self aware comic, it would be fine. Unfortunately we are meant to take them seriously.
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Fireman Sam

Sam is the hero next door
FUCK the art style actually annoys me. I don't know why, it's just so morbidly bad. And holy shit the fat black lady looks like a racial stereotype if I've ever seen one.
This is just a sorry attempt... No, they're not even trying at this point. Does anyone relevant even watch/read this sort of garbage now? I'm quite certain no one is looking forward to me.
You could put this shit alongside any tumblrina OC donut steel feminist character and they would be all but identical, similar shit you could say with Steven Universe. I've come to associate this particular art style and aesthetic (if you can even call it that) as Tumblr scribbling.
That's what I'm calling it now, It's a tumblr scribble.