Introducing the New 'New Warriors' - The classic team reunites to mentor a new generation of heroes!


A Dubious Disc indeed.
They’re hyper aware of modern culture and optics, and they see their Super Heroics as “a post-ironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying.” They're probably streaming this.
> They're hyper aware of modern culture and optics
Unfortunately, a character is only as smart or aware as their writer, and these people are godawfully tone-deaf.

That definition of their super-heroics is an amazing mix of pettiness, pretentiousness, and bloodlust. Bullying? Bullying? Bullying is generally not a superhero-level job - certainly not one combated with superhero-level violence. If they'd said 'injustice', I'd just call them shit for trying to be literal snowflakes on the act of fighting crime and protecting people, but this just makes them sound like pretentious thugs. The fuck does post-ironic mean?

And they livestream their heroics. Because that couldn't cause them... any number of hundreds of problems, from having a super-clear access point, to giving people a lot of their mannerisms and the like, but hey! If you want to make your first NB character, a group already strongly believed to just be attention whores, to literally put their entire group at risk by attention whoring online constantly, Then be my guest!

It's like the author's head vaguely knows what's supposed to be inspiring, but his heart knows that this is all bullshit, and it's leaking out into the front-facing facts of their personality.


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It pretty obvious that they are doing this in a cheap attempt at creating controversy but the problem is that is not the first time they do this and it always ends the same comic doesn't sell a shit, it gets canned and we are back to square one: How we sell more comics? Of course Marvel is so re.tarded that the idea of making something good never crosses their minds so instead we get this only that not even the idiots that usually eat this shit are tired of it too.


Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!
He should get his powers from taco's and walls should be his cryptonite and we shall name him la cucaracha

A stunning and brave celebration of Mexican culture
He was waiting for day labor in the parking lot of Home Depot when TacoFoot, the mexican God of landscaping, chose him to carry on the holy mission of waking people up trying to sleep in on Saturday morning


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Holy shit OP, I thought you made up those superhero names to be funny. I can't wait to see that fat Indian bitch in action. I really hope she gets a device like Baron Harkonnen used to levitate in the book and Lynch film. The future of scooty puff jrs. I can't wait to see how this train-wreck unfolds.