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Amber not being able to keep her lies straight, again! She bought the talking scale because she couldn't fit her fat feet onto the car parts scale anymore. Now, she's trying the blame the viewers for wanting the talking scale because they said she was lying and tare-ing the scale. Of course, that was said and it's still being said, but that is not why Amber decided to stop using the car parts scale and order the talking one.
Now I feel like a crazy person.

edit: not even an actual weigh in, this bitch.


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Oh thank god she's giving us a history lesson about her fucking scales. :story:

I give her 3 weeks before she drops the whole thing.
That's 2 weeks too much credit.

edit: not even an actual weigh in, this bitch.
I take that back. That's 3 weeks too much credit.

Conclusion: Nothingburger. Shekel grab. If you don't like Amber-logic and listening to her talk in circles, you won't like this one. Nothing of substance, plenty of platitudes and empty promises and "if it works for me". Lots of "I want to...." much like her first video of 2020.
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Instead of a word salad, a numbers salad. I'm confused - she ends up, (I think - it's late & she fried the rest of my brain), with 52.6 or 52.6;whatever; total lost after ups, downs & Ambermath. BUT... wasn't she claiming that same total loss at the end of January?

She'll stop doing weekly weigh ins "if they don't work for her". If by that, she means help her lose weight, then I can save her the trouble of thinking that through. It doesn't. What works is eating less... period.

Therapy Amber; THERAPY. You don't, you can't; get back to a normal emotional/mental state you never had. A therapist can help you adjust & accommodate your thoughts, words, feelings & behaviours but that, done properly, is absolutely fine. But it can't be done alone & a total weight loss needed of that magnitude for her, will need therapy to help her break it down to manageable increments she can work towards & accomplish.

None of that will stick without therapy - I can guarantee it with her.
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She is just playing with words.

She wasn't sick for months, she was sick on and off for months!

Its totally a different thing!
I think the only illness that curbed her eating was the tonsillitis, which only lasted a couple weeks. She's enough of a trooper that I'm confident she could power through and eat through anything that didn't cause her actual pain in getting the food down her throat.


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Apparently she wasn't sick, you guys.
She doesn't think she was NOW, because she doesn't want that to be why she lost weight. She's using Amberlogic and because she thinks "well I has a few days here and there where I wasn't sick so I wasn't sick for months".
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The amount of numbers she throws at us in this one made my head spin. She does that intentionally to make it seem more impressive and to confuse the shit out of her audience. Oh, and to pad out time. She literally said nothing in this video and often she said nothing multiple times. She pretty much said "I have to know my weight down to the ounce. It's sort of obsessive but whatever." and then about 30 seconds later she said "I have to know my weight down to the ounce, as you guys know. It's a little obsessive but whatever." She can't even remember what she said 30 seconds prior, of course she can't remember she was sick for months.