Damn, just imagine, we only want so little from her, like to get a scale and step on it, but she won’t even do that.

I agree that her ad revenue is on the decline, if she thinks she can get away with doing fuck all for as long as she keeps uploading, she is going to be highly disappointed. People will get fed up with this shit because it’s so redundant, and the more she’s like ‘I’m keeping my personal life off of YouTube’ the more it will continue to decline. I think she forgot the ‘you’ in youtube.

She’s awfully boring, good thing we now have a deathfat section for more cows who will gladly feed us tard cum.


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She can tare her clothes with the industrial scale, which will give her the same readout as if she stepped on it naked and make sure she gets her weigh in correct to the exact precious ounce.

But, you know, effort isn't really our gorl's thing.

The way she's holding on to "muh highest weight EVAR is 572.4" like it's a goddamn security blanket is sad. Is there really anyone who believes she didn't get higher than that last summer?

One video a week? The laziness is astounding. I hope this crap affects her income.
I don't know if she'll stick with that, simply because her fat sister cows are putting out videos more frequently and she will get jealous when they start getting all the attention. She's clickbaiting these weigh in Wednesdays only because she's seen other Youtubers doing it and she wants to be part of it, after all.


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the cherry berry girl said that she doesn't buy into the amber manipulating the scale/lying about her weigh-ins fan theories, because amber doing that would only be hurting herself and wouldn't effect us.
Oh yeah, because amber would NEVER hurt herself. That's literally all she does. She would rather come up with some bullshit math and use broken scales to see "progress" than to actually put in the effort to lose weight.

Ok so how long before she stops weiging in again, I give it 5mins.
That implies she started weighing in again. She did no such thing.

I didn't watch the video, I can't be bothered to sit through her rambling nonsense. If I'm wrong, correct me. She said 519? (fuck your decimal, gorl) but wasn't that her premiered video weight that she wanted all of the asspats for? So in 2 months this bitch hasn't lost anything? If you believed her numbers, she'd be under 500 (although I don't buy that for a second). Granted, she won't admit she hit 600 elbees so I guess this is her mental gymnastics.


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I totally believe Big Al could gain 3 pounds in a's not yer scale, Fatass.
Love that she watched Haramadanadingdong's video and lifted Stupid Amy's stupid blatherings the Stupid Sweepstakes these two are neck and neck (gunt and gunt?).

By the like/dislike ratio it looks like most people aren't buying what Al's selling.
Yer OVER Amber. Better find a real job. :optimistic:

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I give her 2 weigh ins and then will blame her viewers as she is not getting the asspats she was hoping for and will screech about how "you asked for this" then she will get the sadbrains and not upload.
Just like we ruined Optavia for her...

It's so unfortunate that all of AL's problems are caused by strangers on the internet.


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Gorls, she ain't gonna do the weekly weigh in. She says it, therefore it's the same thing to her as actually doing it. If she couldn't be fucked to do it in this video (probably because she was a rètard and couldn't figure out how to manipulate the scale well enough), she's not going to do it in a future video unless her ad revenue seriously drops.

Go back to mookbongs and show your layyyyygs, gorl. This non-cow behaviour ain't what your subscribers or followers want.

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I find myself just scrolling through now, to see if she at least stands.

Nope. More sitting. More empty platitudes. SHOCKER. 😏

So, we're back to weighing in on a scale that she admits has a TARE function. She promises there will be no deception involved. Seems legit.

Who actually believes she gets naked to weigh in, or that she's weighing in multiple times a day, or that she's weighing in at all?

She's just gonna do whatever the fuck she wants anyway.

I hope she lives long enough to see the money run out. It's actually impressive she's still collecting a paycheck for this garbage content.

This is just bullshit.

"I'm going to do weigh-in Wednesdays, guys!"

*Proceeds to provide no proof of actually weighing in by reading her supposed weight from a piece of paper*

Yeah, because THAT'S what people wanted when they voted on your poll, Amber... They wanted you to make up a weight and read it to them. NO ONE wanted to see you step on the scale, I'm SURE....

This bitch is unbelievable.


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This is just a desperate and transparent attempt to keep subscribers. They will tune in to listen to at least 10 minutes of rambling lies for some sort of weigh-in that will be suspicious as hell at first, then she will find a stupid reason why she can't weigh in, which nobody will believe. Then she will throw a fit on social media because no one ever believes her. This is probably her last year on YT unless she really does something positive. Which she won't.