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I wonder if it chaps her ass that she's no longer the prize pig at the fair. With all the attention Amy's been getting, the Slatons getting their own network show, her haydur nation is moving on without her. Her scorched Earth approach to her subreddit and reaction channels seems to have backfired a bit on her.

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In my opinion, she's throwing away her last opportunity to produce relevant content. Imagine a do-over if you will; an Amberlynn without the baggage of years of lies, inconsistency & all the nonsense she brought her viewers. Yeah, me either but play along here...

She could position herself as a long term deathfat who, because of her weight, has never been able to easily do or do at all; what most people take for granted.

She could start by giving her Goal Weight & if over a few years that changes a bit, no biggie; you have to allow for life & medical circumstances. She'd then give an outline of her eating plan - calorie limits, what she'd be eating & perhaps more importantly, what she wouldn't be allowing herself. She could explain how slowly & safely over time, she plans to increase her physical activity to try to "fix" what's not beyond repair in her body. She'd then do a non-rigged weigh in & we all know how easily that can be done; do it in a set outfit that she'd always use for weigh ins. Tell viewers her first small goals; say from 550 to 525, then to 500.

As she reaches those goals, set the next ones & share with viewers the positive changes the steady weight loss is producing. "I was able to get in the shower without scraping my stomach!". Getting in & out of the car is becoming easier." The amount of weight she needs to lose can also have some down sides, loose skin being the one that quickly comes to mind. It also has the potential to change your relationships, how she views herself & how others in her life view her.

Over time, she could demonstrate the things she's able to start doing that she couldn't contemplate previously. That to me, is the sort of stuff that would be a good example, would be inspirational - from the visual dire warning that you don't want to get to her size or if you are, need to do something about it, to showing as the weight is lost, the new horizons now visible & the opportunities gradually opening up to you & be inference, anyone losing serious weight.

She wouldn't have to rip open & barf out her soul for people to see the varied implications of losing serious weight & in time, were she to prove successful, she'd gain a lot of REAL clout & online traction. All it would take is a bit of imagination, real planning & honest follow through.

And if any of that happens, I'll eat my stop watch.

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I wonder if it chaps her ass that she's no longer the prize pig at the fair. With all the attention Amy's been getting, the Slatons getting their own network show, her haydur nation is moving on without her. Her scorched Earth approach to her subreddit and reaction channels seems to have backfired a bit on her.
i'd imagine her ass is chapped enough from the shitty wiping jobs and lack of regular showers.

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I've been trying to come up with something to say about this all day and honestly, I just can't be bothered. Just show us your FUCKING LAYGS so we can bid your bedbound corpse a goodbye, you're fucking boring.
Total yawn factory, and she's losing subs and cash by the day.
She really should just start flailing those 1 lb dumbbells again. Or peel the wrappers off them laygs.


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Is she still churning out this same old one trick pony to rope back in her viewers? We have Amy Ramadan over here beating her kids with a wooden spoon, Chantal fighting with reaction channels and moving in her enabler ex boyfriend and Charlie Gold herself being doxxed and exposed so it’s gonna take more than her usual fake promise of weigh ins to keep anyone interested in her.

She’s gotten stale and boring very fast.

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She seems to have taken the few tricks, angles, whatever she has in her arsenal & is frantically juggling them, desperately hoping to come up with new combinations that will reel the viewers back in. She refuses to acknowledge, maybe even to herself, that she long ago shot her credibility wad & nobody save a few asspatters & Ambabies are prepared to take her word for anything.

She can try to turn herself inside out as much as she wants but will not be able to escape a few facts: People want to see a credible, verifiable weigh in - very easily done; no excuses. Nobody with half a brain is expecting a "perfect weight loss journey" - those don't exist but people want honesty, especially if they're struggling with weight themselves.

She does nothing well - everything we've seen from her is half assed, half hearted at best. She gloms on to something "other YouTubers" are doing, then finds fun ways to screw them up. Again, she has no education, no credible adult life experience, no interesting or intriguing insights into anything & thus, nothing to offer. YouTube is full of fascinating people with really good content to offer - there's something for general viewers & niche viewers at every click of a mouse. She's got squat.

Earlier, I suggested a way she could turn a prolonged weight loss 'journey' into something more interesting, by sharing changes within herself & those around her in regards to her. She could also give us "The Chronicles Of A Messed Up Adult Trying to Learn To Adult" - Lord only knows there are plenty of people out there who fit that description who don't have a clue how to start changing their lives.

With either road, if she emphasized that good therapy is crucial, that there are going to be ups & downs, I think her channel would see legit growth.

I think she's too narcissistic for that. She'd have to admit she's a long way from having a few, never mind all the answers. People eventually get tired of even the most appalling train wrecks & what's "in" this year is out quickly. Her views are dropping, not necessarily hard but showing a steady decrease. The current "weight loss" train wrecks may be seeing a brief surge in interest but honestly how much whining & excuse making are people prepared to listen to? The train wrecks better be banking $$$ because they're on their way down.