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Hi, I first came here because of the Hartley Hooligans. I finally made an account because I felt it was only polite after doing so much anonymous lurking.
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Cynically Insane
I've been lurking for a month. I suspect I am not your typical Kiwi Farmer. I am a CanAm dual presently living in Canukistan, a middle aged mom, was a 2gen feminist, (sorry, I had no fucking idea we would end up troony loony), and hated middle eastern culture since I first encountered it at my job in the early 90s.

When Brenton Tarrant shot up the mosque I found Kiwi Farms while looking to archive the video and manifesto. I expected a bunch of degenerate shitposters similar to /pol. What I found is a bastion of free speech and some fairly broad opinions. I got hooked into the Susan Scholfield Cabana saga and read all 700 fucking pages. Bravo Farmers. It is very likely that without you Jani and Bodhi would still be zombies. Touched by your compassion for the innocent, excited by your protection of free expression and developing an interest in lolcows I decided to stick around. When a news event happens I find myself coming here first so I can get a more inclusive discussion. Dissenting opinions matter to me even if they are wrong and I have no problem admitting when you are wrong.

I hope to contribute to the community is a positive way and am amenable to constructive feedback.


Lord commander of the tard wranglers watch
I've been lurking for about A month now, originally came here after I binge watched all the videos on the youtube channel(RIP) and now I've fallen down the lolcow rabbit hole.
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Been lurking forever and a day, but the whole Vic Mignogna debacle finally pushed me to make an account.

I'm still gonna mostly lurk, though.
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Fat Tub of Lard
I've been lurking here for a while. I was initially drawn in from the CWCki, and I've been lurking on a few threads, mostly animation-related lolcows like John K. and Mr. Enter because I'm a cartoon-loving sperg, but the Vic Mignogna lolsuit is what led me to make an account to give some insights (albeit anonymously; I'm trying to avoid getting trampled by REEEEEtards on my main social media accounts).
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I've never seen naruto
Heyo. Long time lurker and faggot, as the rest. I finished the Shoefield thread a week ago and I've been struggling to find shit to do since.
Figured I might as well join if I'm gonna be on this webpage so much.
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purple blob
Hello, I've been lurking a while and now I'm part of kiwi farms. Began with Luna and Sammie, stayed for the Hartley Goblins and now working through Tess Holliday.
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I lurked this place for many years but i finally decided to make an account.
If you want something interesting from me is that i can show the best lolcows of Dagoland and taco continent.


Why be beautiful when you can be intimidating
I am a muslim dude who has been following jerry peet ever since joshscorcher released "response to bhaalspawn". Josh claimed to his audience that jerry was respectable, but after seeing his content on tumblr he quite clearly is selfish and has not been beaten enough as a child (And deserved the flak he got). Over the years I have grown to hate this man as he has a warmongering attitude towards people who oppose the LGBT degenerates and literally (Yes I am not being hyperbolic) treats cartoons as serious as warfare or poverty. I can also bear witness that he has written "stockholm" an MLP fanfic where 80% is child-rape.

Because of all this I can not understand why josh is still friends with jerry, it culminated with josh releasing "response to lily peet" and the rest is well recorded in the jerry peet 400 page kiwifarms thread.

Rick Pratt

Whiny poet
Hi,I started lurking back in 2017,I'm more active on the PULL (Pretty Ugly Little Liar) forums, but knew of Chris chan in 2014,I started lurking the Einshine and Benthelooney threads and a few other lolcow threads,as some of those people were people I used to watch the youtube videos of, I'm not really the usual person to browse this type of site, but considering I had some similar opinions on the people there were threads of, I used to be on the site Google+ where some drama would take place and the fact I used to watch some centrist "Skeptic" videos,I think this site would an interesting place to explore,it's not that different from PULL or Encylopedia Dramatica, the latter site was one of my introductions to the 1980s sitcom The Young Ones, one of my favourite shows of all time,I have based my account name and picture off one of the characters, Rick Pratt, a whiny wannabe poet,I relate to that character a lot.


Who are you to wave your finger?
I am an antifa supersoldier, sent by my superiors to infiltrate this site. I would very much appreciate if you sent me your real name and address through DMs, so I can report you to your local authorities! Looking forward to becoming friends with you!

Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
I had been avoiding this for a while but ok, whatever, let's do this. I've lurked for a bit, mostly keeping tabs on a handful of cows/groups for both staying informed and being amused/vindicated at times. Despite its apparent reputation for shit-flinging and autism I actually do like the A&H section a lot as a kind of news aggregator and comment section.


Weeb Wars' Gorilla Warfare Commando
Hey I'm A2P. I'm a spergy grifter from the Stepmania community, and I love shitposting above all else.
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