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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Whoops, I'm a few weeks late in making this post. Uh, I like spider girls. Not actual spiders, but driders and the like. Since everyone on the internet seems to embrace their fetishes I figured I'd just pick one and roll with it. Keep me posted on Happenings; I don't trust most other forms of "social media". I will say though I never thought I'd be using a forum board again ever since my old 'Zetaforums' days. Surprisingly this forum is well-maintained; I'm impressed.

D min7
Hello there.

This is one of the only websites I've lurked for months on end, but never thought of making an account. Eventually, I just thought, "Eh, fuck it," and decided to register. The more I lurked this site, the more it intrigued me, especially with the people and subjects covered here. I may not be as much into lolcow culture as many other people on this site, but I figure the more I use this site, it might just grow onto me.

I don't know how much I'll post, though hopefully I can still be somewhat active here. It seems like this is a good place to just kick back and have a little fun, so I might as well do that too.



Live. Or don’t.
Spent the last part of eight months lurking. First came here to look at some stuff about the hooligans, but ended up staying. Finally made an account yesterday.
Use to be super sensitive and would bitch and moan about “internet bullies” but this website taught me how to actually laugh at shit, even if it was considered offensive.
Idk how to use forums, I never did prior to this, so I’m bullshitting as I go. But yeah, hello!

Your Average Soyboy

Soy Vey

I've been lurking this site for a couple of months now after hearing about the whole KickVic movement from a friend of mine who told me about how much of a monster this Vic guy was, so I did some digging and found this place which has completely changed my perspective on the whole thing. And now that I'm somewhat caught up on that drama, it seems like I have plenty of lolcow drama to look at while I consume my various Soy products.


Putting the fun in funeral.
True & Honest Fan
Hello again Kiwis. It's Nekromantik. Hard drive died and kiwi farms was the only website I couldn't get my password back on. I rise again.
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Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa
Hello again Kiwis. It's Nekromantik. Hard drive died and kiwi farms was the only website I couldn't get my password back on. I rise again.
Ouch, I hate it when that happens. You should buy one of those password notebooks. Write that shit down in a hard copy.

UH 157

Hi, i came here because i heard that your leader called the New Zeelish government a faggot!

I don't understand how to react to posts. How the fuck? Am i too shitty to be allowed?
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Lurked for too damn long.

Came at the recommendation from watching the 'Weeb Wars' thread.

May disagree with some of what's said (though to be honest my mind has been changed with some of the 'logic' shown) but I enjoy a spirited discussion.

Name's Gaat. I don't 'really' pledge loyalty to anyone. May be a dumbass on a lot of things but I will change if information's spelled out to me. And I'm also a goddamn Dragon Age / Personal / Fallout sperg.

Hello, I've been lurking occasionally around here since last year just to follow CWC's antics and stayed to read about internet drama.


Unholy Gunt Of Apathy

I've been lurking Lolcow-related shit for the last 10 months or so and started watching the archived streams Josh has done. I'm just a massive sped who has become apathetic towards political convictions and ideologies. I just enjoy viewing the idiocy and moronic nature of people regardless of their background or beliefs.


Galar Purge Survivor
I guess to make a proper introduction, I initially came here and lurked when the ProJared comedy/drama show started. Then not a week later I got kicked out of one of my old Discord haunts for committing the unspeakable crime of being annoyed at identity politics that flooded the entire place so I went "Fuck it might as well" and joined here. Have been liking the rides this place offers so far.


Useless Lesbian
Hello, I'm.....well, Valentine. I lurk a lot in forums like Lolcow, PULL, and this one. The humour in here seemed up my alley, so I joined in.

alright might as well come in here and say hello.

hello! call me harb or... whatever you like, really. i've only visited this place a few times, but made an account to comment on a specific thread. not sure i'll be all that active but we'll see. i'm mostly here for the drama surrounding people i know/have followed online--since you guys do a lot of digging i couldn't be assed to do myself.

i'm an artist/creator by hobby, currently work as a video game QA tester. there are definitely things i've seen around here i don't agree with (mildly as well as strongly) but that's never stopped me from at least lurking in a community and talking with people you disagree can be good for exercising mental muscles.

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