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What's life without laughter? This site gives so much laughter to all sorts of makes and models of people that I felt it was time I made a account here and join in on the fun. Lurked for ages though. I'll talk anything with anyone, it's all whatever to me and if I don't know it, hell I'll consider it a learning experience!

I've been on here a month and somehow overlooked this. I just need something to do in my downtime when I don't feel like being productive so I may as well be an autist on here.

Tacky Old Broad
Ok, as a recovering knee-jerk liberal, I always scowled at "the evil bullies" of KF showing up in google results.
Then Onision fucked up his yard. So I tiptoed in. Then I heard about Droolface Russell. And I came back. Now La Zorra...fuck y'all, ya got me.
I may not post often, but I will be here laughing and jeering along.


Whoops, I'm a few weeks late in making this post. Uh, I like spider girls. Not actual spiders, but driders and the like. Since everyone on the internet seems to embrace their fetishes I figured I'd just pick one and roll with it. Keep me posted on Happenings; I don't trust most other forms of "social media". I will say though I never thought I'd be using a forum board again ever since my old 'Zetaforums' days. Surprisingly this forum is well-maintained; I'm impressed.

D min7

Hello there.

This is one of the only websites I've lurked for months on end, but never thought of making an account. Eventually, I just thought, "Eh, fuck it," and decided to register. The more I lurked this site, the more it intrigued me, especially with the people and subjects covered here. I may not be as much into lolcow culture as many other people on this site, but I figure the more I use this site, it might just grow onto me.

I don't know how much I'll post, though hopefully I can still be somewhat active here. It seems like this is a good place to just kick back and have a little fun, so I might as well do that too.



Live. Or don’t.
Spent the last part of eight months lurking. First came here to look at some stuff about the hooligans, but ended up staying. Finally made an account yesterday.
Use to be super sensitive and would bitch and moan about “internet bullies” but this website taught me how to actually laugh at shit, even if it was considered offensive.
Idk how to use forums, I never did prior to this, so I’m bullshitting as I go. But yeah, hello!

Your Average Soyboy

I've been lurking this site for a couple of months now after hearing about the whole KickVic movement from a friend of mine who told me about how much of a monster this Vic guy was, so I did some digging and found this place which has completely changed my perspective on the whole thing. And now that I'm somewhat caught up on that drama, it seems like I have plenty of lolcow drama to look at while I consume my various Soy products.

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