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Intros are gay. Hi I'm new. Been lurking for a little over a year. I love you all long time, but especially Lord and savior Joshua Moon. His murderous rape fantasies make my knickers damp.
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WW 635

Intros are gay. Hi I'm new. Been lurking for a little over a year. I love you all long time, but especially Lord and savior Joshua Moon. His murderous rape fantasies make my knickers damp.
Get a name change

Been lurking for a good while and this place started to be more and more fun, so I finally decided to get past the point of no return.

Been lurking for several months. Had a lot of laughs on account of this site and its perspectives. Also nice to be able to say what I really think without moralfags.
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Hey there. Been a lurker for years, but the PurpleKecleon thread is what drew me in for real. Will still probably mostly lurk but I might share LOLcow stuff if I feel like it.
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Playstation 2 Sommelier
I'm Erb. I do a series on YouTube where I try to review every ps2 game. Im here for the Lolsuit and the Vic stuff.


Edible by Some, Loved by Others
Howdy, y'all can call me Godfried. Or faggot, whichever rolls off the tongue easier. I grew up with a lot of autistic/mental relatives and acquaintances so sperg is kind of a second language for me. Here to be entertained, maybe do a bit of digging if/when I find time.
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Came here on Christchurch day and not knowing the way of the farms thought the thread would be pulled/deleted at any moment so glutton read while it was' still around'. Have since developed a morbid addiction/affection to the place. Had only planned to lurk but wondered if there was a special registered users section. Ha.

Anyway, thank you dedicated farmers for your bovine husbandry. Whilst I appreciate your work I admit to having some nostalgia to the time I didn't know what a babyfur was. Swings and roundabouts.
Hi, I knew about this place for a few years but didn't bother with it until now. I am very optimistic but can be very brutally honest to those I care about. I am friendly and like making friends. Can be stubborn at times. ,Oh I like cute things

Ped Xing

!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
I've been using KF as my news site for a year or so. I registered because those little dog avatars are fucking adorable and I want one. Whose dick may I suck?

. . . To get a dog avatar

Son of Odin
I've been lurking here ever since this place was called CWCki Forums and remember the time before Jace Conners was known to be an actor. I decided to finally join after Christchurch when your site owner BTFO that faggot cop wanting to jail people outside of his own jurisdicition for sharing a video.
Hi all.

I've been lurking here for a while but when someone on reddit said this was a terrible place I figured it must be decent so I finally joined up.

I don't really care for "lolcows" unless real life related and not persistent. People who continously make themselves look bad elicit my limited sympathies instead.

Stil I like the off-topic forums here and ya'll seem to be my kind of crowd.

So Greetings and Salutations to everyone.

Alex Poulos

Not the Celtic Rebel
Hi there, I've been aware of this site since years but only started regularly lurking here since the Christchurch mass shooting. It's a good thing that this place isn't only for lulz and learning about freaks but also discussing other topics. You guys finally convinced to use a VPN. By the way, my alias and my avatar are a salute to one special individual who is also known as "Alex the Celtic Rebel". I listened to this guy's show from its beginning until to the point where he put his content behind a paywall. In tinfoil hat circles he caused some butthurt by claiming that almost every celebrity (male and female alike) in the entertainment industry bended over and took it up the ass to get forward careerwise. He also had some beef with Kyle Hunt from Renegade Broadcasting. I would be surprised if there weren't anybody here who knew him. Anyway, here I am and let's see how well we get along together.
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*faint staby sounds*
I've lurked for a while and and created an account, but never used it. Then I lost the password. So now I'm creating another account which hopefully I might actually use. Maybe. If I don't forget the password...