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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Hi I've been around ED for a while and I like IRC a lot. Always heard about this place but never bothered to sign up until I wanted to share a potential lolcow I found. Big fan of Gothic King Cobra and Chris-Chan.

Kriggle 'em

The club penguin Dojo theme on loop
Hey, new to the site after being aware of its existence and lurking for a couple of months.

I'm in! Fuck my spam folder holding my confirmation hostage for a fucking full 8 hours.
Hello, I am Hamburger.
Same, it took me 6 and i nearly thought it was straight up incorrect.

Salutations, heard about this here virtual pixel page from some interesting bloke while we was serving in the u-tub.

I'm lying about on me arse as it is, so might as well take a stroll through a well curated human zoo.

Japanese Jesus
Hello everyone, long time lurker, I finally decided to create an account because why the fuck not. I want to have this if I feel like shitposting.
So let's crack a cool one open.

Crystal Golem

Just a Bughouse Fable that came true.
Hello! I actually first learned of you guys through hate searching dobson but I soon found myself thinking "Is that me?" to far too many posts. I guess that says something about me.


Brap Brap, Motherfucker
Hi, Um.

OWS -> ElevatorGate -> TiA -> GG -> Trump -> Now.

In that order, basically.


>Joshua Moon

Literally, Who? Go Fuck Yourselves. I'm outta here.


Detective Scrotes
Sup. I'm both a newfag and an agedfag (pushing 40.) I have a PdD in Psychology and work as a professor at a small religious university. I'm a lefty but goddamn I'm sick of identity politics and victim culture. I've lurked here for a long time. The leet haxxors incident pissed my AssBurgers ass off, so I started an account.

I'm a degenerate.

Heyo everyone. I might be new to kiwi farms but I'm not some internet novice. Internet drama and stirring the pot for shits and giggles is my passion.