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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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PO 909

Hey, I'm kind of new here. I've actually been lurking this site on and off since at least 2015, and the thread about the current Funimation drama made me create an account here!

Hi I've been around ED for a while and I like IRC a lot. Always heard about this place but never bothered to sign up until I wanted to share a potential lolcow I found. Big fan of Gothic King Cobra and Chris-Chan.

Kriggle 'em

The club penguin Dojo theme on loop
Hey, new to the site after being aware of its existence and lurking for a couple of months.

I'm in! Fuck my spam folder holding my confirmation hostage for a fucking full 8 hours.
Hello, I am Hamburger.
Same, it took me 6 and i nearly thought it was straight up incorrect.

Salutations, heard about this here virtual pixel page from some interesting bloke while we was serving in the u-tub.

I'm lying about on me arse as it is, so might as well take a stroll through a well curated human zoo.

Japanese Jesus
Hello everyone, long time lurker, I finally decided to create an account because why the fuck not. I want to have this if I feel like shitposting.
So let's crack a cool one open.

Crystal Golem

Time to get that lens
Hello! I actually first learned of you guys through hate searching dobson but I soon found myself thinking "Is that me?" to far too many posts. I guess that says something about me.


Brap Brap, Motherfucker
Hi, Um.

OWS -> ElevatorGate -> TiA -> GG -> Trump -> Now.

In that order, basically.


>Joshua Moon

Literally, Who? Go Fuck Yourselves. I'm outta here.

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