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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Giant Kozaky
Been lurking for about a year regularly after listening to Null on streams. Made me nostalgic about my teenage years on the chans/ED/irc.
Finally got bored enough to go through with creating an account.
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Detective Scrotes
Sup. I'm both a newfag and an agedfag (pushing 40.) I have a PdD in Psychology and work as a professor at a small religious university. I'm a lefty but goddamn I'm sick of identity politics and victim culture. I've lurked here for a long time. The leet haxxors incident pissed my AssBurgers ass off, so I started an account.

I'm a degenerate.
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Heyo everyone. I might be new to kiwi farms but I'm not some internet novice. Internet drama and stirring the pot for shits and giggles is my passion.

YTV In the 90s
I used to read ED and some other incarnation of the farms years ago when Chris was still very active. Life was fun and full of promise, and always easy to laugh. Now I try to preserve the past and collect old things from childhood. I'm a fan of YTV's old programming and would love a complete archive of old recordings commercials and all. If you like old media, then we probably have something in common.
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AJ 312

Hi everyone, I think this describes me best,

I am on a noble quest to stop homos from eating da poo poo
I'm here because I have been browsing a lot of this forum quite regularly for about 18 months now. I frequently look at Beauty Parlor, Tumblr, Games and Multimedia. I am quite left leaning, an out and proud faggot but a huge defender of free speech, laughing at morons and attention seekers. I hope to stick around!
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Pirate King
I've known about this site for years but started lurking regularly after becoming a fan of Josh's streams. I've actually never joined or posted in any forums before unless you count 4chan but I would like to contribute to the discourse here. Sadly, I am a gamer and weaboo so if I do something autistic or break any unspoken rules then please let me know. My main interests on here are youtubers and exceptional individuals in the vain of ChrisChan, Segacamp, and JustinRPG, basically just weirdos.
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Isaac Cox
Ayo wuz krakin s'yoboi with the big D comin' at chu lettin y'all know I'm deep in this shitpostin' game son.

Been lurking for years and figured I might as well join one of the last remaining places I can speak my mind and make fun of the mentally exceptional.
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