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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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So...who's this DukeOfNimonia person? Well, it's a long story. Grab a glass of your favorite libation and settle down.

My history begins with the Hal Turner message board, back in the year 2000. I remember hearing about 9/11 on that board. In 2002, something called NIMBusters came along. I got on board and started posting. We had some colorful characters back in the day - ZZDiesel, Vonbluvens, SLEDGEHAMMER88, DeLorean, BigBoa, and Gabrielle. Then Stan (the admin) had a stroke and gave NIMBusters to MickeyTTT at Hate and Flame. When MickeyTTT pulled the plug, I established Nimbusters III on (Much respect to @Null for allowing us on your server.)

My nickname was used by a guy named TimeLORD till he got sick of the madness and quit Nimbusters. I claimed the nick for myself. This was in 2014.

I'm currently active on the *chans, F2BBS, F3BBS, CampIdiot, and Discord. I used to be active on EncycDramat, but that's only good for shitposting now. The admins just can't get their act together.

Who I am, personally...just another autist living in the backwoods. I'll readily admit to that. I'm actually pretty boring, tbh.

Well, that's enough for now. I look forward to participating more.
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Damnit Hedrack!
Guess I may as well do one of these.

Originally came here a few years ago for updates regarding certain post 2016 Election furry related drama, after having the thought of "This person must have a ED article about them, right?" Then discovering this site after my intuition was proved wrong and employing Google search.

Though now, I pretty much just lurk Articles and Happenings while occasionally crossing back over to Animal Control and beyond. Decided to finally make an account, like so many others after Null hid the Off Topic Board in December.

As for me personalty? I'm just a boring autistic nobody on the Internets.
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