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Hi i am basically new here. Despite what some men say i do not have anal canal with a man named Trent. I'm sometimes portrayed by those that know me as an Aussie wielding a sawed off shot gun but it's all stories so don't worry it's not like i'm about to barrage and massacre a mosque or anything.
Looking for a new place to post at the moment and this joint looks alright.


Oh shit! Its Mr Magenta hella on this forum!! This is the main Australian right here! The story we heard about you wielding a shotgun and blasting Shivers in the face is hells true! He made you hella jealous and now needs facial reconstructive surgery since you blasted him in the face! Hella sup on this forum!

Hella sup Mr Magenta. I’m glad your back and posting on this forum. Even tho you registered to this forum in 2017 just because I did after following me here from the shroomery you never really posted. You only have 5 posts as of today. However, why are you now banned on the shroomery? I simply don’t understand.

Men simply don't understand these facts. Why would a man Mr Magenta be banned from It simply does not make sense. Maybe Trent's homosexual lover got jealous over Mr. Magenta slamming cock into the anus of Trent and offered an admin on a blowjob to ban a man Mr. Magenta. After all Trent has child now.

You better be careful Shivs. We all know how Stealth1vampire slams his cock into the anus of a man named Trent. "Simply is why" as Mr. Magenta rushes into the room with a sawed off shotgun. "Trent is mine!" Screams Mr Magenta and blasts any man currently penetrating Trent with a sawed off shotgun directly in the forehead. Shivers could be in danger yes yourself could be in line of fire. Many men are jealous of Trent. This is no environment for child.

Mr Magenta is hella sup in here! Hella sup!!


Enjoying the virus?
Ni hao, kiwis. I came to look at the Wuhan thread since current events isn't accessible to outsiders anymore. I'm here for the cows and Community Watch, too. I wouldn't call myself an extremely longtime lurker, but the farms caught my attention a while ago.
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Demon King

Cynical Ruminator
New to the site, not new to the idea. I've heard about you guys for years, but I was drawn in by my desire to contribute. I have always had a fascination with joining weird and obscure communities to get to know, and understand their mindsets. I have been doing this for nearly 14 years. I think we will get along.

an kamel
I joined for war, meth, death,
rotting flesh of the oppressed,
lolcow obsessed, i protest don't test, be mah guessst 'n not on ur behesstt 'n shiet

Captain Communism

I had to live in a paper bag
Ahoj Teepee Harmsmen:

I'm somewhat new to this Lovely but sometimes Unusual Site. It's quite a shame that Jewtubefags and Twatterfags think that we're Imps and Demons from Doom.

Anyways, I will make all kinds of useless videos and images for you to Devour, and Rip and tear.


spencer reid

not spencer reid
hi kiwis!

Been lurking for a while now, originally came for yaniv but started looking at other lolcows too. Put off making an account but just decided to go for it while I could think of a username (I am the fake spencer reids).
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has a mental capacity of a boulder
I joined this site because the stuff i read is interesting.

I'm not here for like -> haha ballz ecks dee lelzzzz
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Travis Touchdown Cumsock

What an absolute travesty.
I am an ex-SJW refugee from the crazy parts of the internet, who took the form of a humblr cumsock and moved here where I can watch the world burn in peace. Cumsocks are highly flammable, you see.

Humblr was an actual typo btw, and I chose not to correct it because it's fucking perfect in the context of that sentence.
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Former lurker here,decided to create an account after the articles and happenings became restricted to users and because of shitposting tendencies.


cryptid seeker
I've been lurking for way too goddamn long (about 4-5 years now?? golly, time flies), so I figured I'd finally join the party.

Hey all. I'm new.
Not sure how I got here, but I like the layout. (I'm more used to the same old forum layouts of old - this has a fresher format)
I used to be in the Army but now I'm a contractor.
I make YouTube vids - but I'll not spam them here or anything.
I'm just looking for interesting conversation, which this place seems to have.
Hope to chat with you soon!
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Hello I have made a few posts here and there but haven't come to this thread. I don't much care for discussions centered around those lolcow folks, I just stay in the off-topic mostly but I'll lurk anywhere. If you have a steam account add me if you like and we can play tf2 or garry's mod or just talk or whatever

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