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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Wet and Fresh
Ay lads, been lurking for a while. Thought I'd sign up. Got a keen interest in Chris-chan, DSP and genuinely think some degenerates within numerous other fandoms and online communities ought to be named and shamed. Catch you all around.
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You know shit's exciting, when you pucker up
Hello people!
I've been lurking and all that, which is a good recommendation to follow, to know what them big do's and them don't's be.
I have no other plans then to be a rule abiding farmer.
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That Ho Over Here

Oil me up, butternut.
Hi I'm an exceptional thot who's been lurking forever and I love these boards.

A libtard/munchie/male feminist I know found out I browse for giggles, screeched at me like a banshee and promptly accused basically everyone here of heinous shit.

So naturally I made an account.

Edit: he's dating my bff so I'm stuck with him but I have a sneaky suspicion he lurks here, I can't wait for the inevitable fireworks.

I am an ex-SJW refugee from the crazy parts of the internet, who took the form of a humblr cumsock and moved here where I can watch the world burn in peace. Cumsocks are highly flammable, you see.

Humblr was an actual typo btw, and I chose not to correct it because it's fucking perfect in the context of that sentence.
LOOL, can I fuck your wife? My dick is 19 inches long


Some Velvet Morning When I’m Straight...
Hey y’all, hope alls well on this spring evening. I’m a infectious disease and sociology double major , I love Johnny Thunders and moreso I love books more than anything else. This website always reminded me of Henrey Mayhews “ London Labor & the London Poor”. In that we can look at case studies ( if you will) of the oddities of life as Mayhew did in the 1850s-60s.

I’ve been lurking on here too long, felt that I needed to finally join. As my sordid heart and curious mind already had planned. Looking forward to many good discourses and milk to commence.

*edit , Mayhew not Mathew
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