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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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cryptid seeker
I've been lurking for way too goddamn long (about 4-5 years now?? golly, time flies), so I figured I'd finally join the party.

Hey all. I'm new.
Not sure how I got here, but I like the layout. (I'm more used to the same old forum layouts of old - this has a fresher format)
I used to be in the Army but now I'm a contractor.
I make YouTube vids - but I'll not spam them here or anything.
I'm just looking for interesting conversation, which this place seems to have.
Hope to chat with you soon!

Hello I have made a few posts here and there but haven't come to this thread. I don't much care for discussions centered around those lolcow folks, I just stay in the off-topic mostly but I'll lurk anywhere. If you have a steam account add me if you like and we can play tf2 or garry's mod or just talk or whatever


Sodden and Shameful
Ay lads, been lurking for a while. Thought I'd sign up. Got a keen interest in Chris-chan, DSP and genuinely think some degenerates within numerous other fandoms and online communities ought to be named and shamed. Catch you all around.

Hello people!
I've been lurking and all that, which is a good recommendation to follow, to know what them big do's and them don't's be.
I have no other plans then to be a rule abiding farmer.

That Ho Over Here

Oil me up, butternut.
Hi I'm an exceptional thot who's been lurking forever and I love these boards.

A libtard/munchie/male feminist I know found out I browse for giggles, screeched at me like a banshee and promptly accused basically everyone here of heinous shit.

So naturally I made an account.

Edit: he's dating my bff so I'm stuck with him but I have a sneaky suspicion he lurks here, I can't wait for the inevitable fireworks.

I am an ex-SJW refugee from the crazy parts of the internet, who took the form of a humblr cumsock and moved here where I can watch the world burn in peace. Cumsocks are highly flammable, you see.

Humblr was an actual typo btw, and I chose not to correct it because it's fucking perfect in the context of that sentence.
LOOL, can I fuck your wife? My dick is 19 inches long

Hey y’all, hope alls well on this spring evening. I’m a infectious disease and sociology double major , I love Johnny Thunders and moreso I love books more than anything else. This website always reminded me of Henrey Mayhews “ London Labor & the London Poor”. In that we can look at case studies ( if you will) of the oddities of life as Mayhew did in the 1850s-60s.

I’ve been lurking on here too long, felt that I needed to finally join. As my sordid heart and curious mind already had planned. Looking forward to many good discourses and tard cum to commence.

*edit , Mayhew not Mathew
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