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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Deviant Boogie-Woogie Crustacean
Hello everybody, long time lurker here, finally decided to set up an account so I could join in the conversation.
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Belligerent Faggot
I've seen Kiwifarms linked here and there, never paid much mind to it, thought the layout was fucking disgusting for a while but here we are.

I'm pretty tame, I think, relative to some of the people on here. I honestly just wanted a place where I can get away from the over sensitive gatekeepy communities I belong to, and have an actual Thought for once.


"You're wet."
True & Honest Fan
I've been a lurker for a while around late 2019, then decided to make an account around December. I've discovered Kiwi Farms through a couple of lolcows.
I'm usually active on a couple of threads, other than that, I just lurk.
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What is this?

A little ravioli
I've had this account for a while when I watched an old horrorcow. I also have another account and I forgot the password. I decided to become active to lurk at artcow forums and give my two cents in since I also do art.

Call me Lucas if you have to call me anything, and I typically play Animal Crossing. If any other Kiwi is playing, I could give out my switch code!

Dick Faggotson

Is looking to expand his license.
Hey hey people. Drawfag here.
Been lurking on and off for very short periods over the last three or so years. 9ch was like the gates of Heaven banging open and I've had a lot of fun there already in the few hours it's been online.
Judging by the bug report thread in there, jersh seems like a swell guy so I thought why not swing by and make myself available for drawfag-related requests on the main website for mod and fellow farmer alike. Might get to reading the massive threads too one day.
Have a good one.

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